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Chapter 662 Scheme Against Her Biological Older Brother

An angry Tang Weiyong hit the table with his hand with a loud sound.


Tang Xinrui held her breath in fear, but felt quite happy in her heart, because the more her older brother disappointed their father, the more likely it was that the Tang familys future would fall in her hands.

It wasnt her fault.

She had suffered a lot ever since she was a little girl, because their family valued boys above girls.

Her older brother became a spendthrift precisely because their parents had spoiled him rotten, and their father had no hope for her older brother precisely because he became a spendthrift.

As long as her older brother stopped causing trouble, their father would choose him to be the sole heir even though he knew nothing about business.

However, because she was a girl, she was always ignored, and lived in the shadow of her older brother.

Therefore, she ached to prove herself and win Tang Weiyongs affection and attention.

Tang Xinjie who was Tang Xinruis biological older brother had asked her for money many times.

She had given money to him if it wasnt a lot, to spoil him, but she wasnt willing to give him a million yuan this time.

In fact, she could afford it, but she aimed to let Tang Weiyong know how terrible his son was right now.

Although Tang Weiyong already had no hope for Tang Xinjie, it was necessary for Tang Xinrui to emphasize that.

“Ill transfer a million yuan to your card, and you can give it to him.

Warn him not to cause anymore trouble!” Tang Weiyong said.

“Sure,” Tang Xinrui said with a calm face, but thought that it was ridiculous and felt quite hurt.

She thought that it was ridiculous because Tang Weiyongs warning was meaningless.

She felt quite hurt because Tang Weiyong was still willing to give Tang Xinjie a million yuan to help him solve the problem, while she never had much allowance and even had to earn money for herself.

She knew that Tang Weiyong agreeing to let her inherit the Tang familys properties was something that would happen in the far future, and who knew what would happen In that case, she thought that she was just a useful tool in her fathers eyes.

Maybe because she had watched too many dramas, but she always wondered whether Tang Weiyong had a love child.

Tang Weiyong wasnt a loyal husband in marriage, and he had many mistresses.

If not, why didnt he tell Tang Xinjie to marry a woman and give birth to a boy to inherit his business

Tang Weiyong valued boys much higher than girls.

Was he really willing to let his daughter be the heiress If she didnt have friends in Country Y to help her keep a watch on Tang Xinjie, she would wonder whether Tang Xinjie was just pretending to be ignorant and troublesome.

Tang Weiyong transferred a million yuan to Tang Xinrui and she walked out.

“Dont cause anymore trouble.

A million yuan is all that I have now.

I cant help you the next time,” Tang Xinrui called Tang Xinjie and said.

“Stop trying to teach me a lesson.

Ill do whatever I want.

Its none of your business!” Tang Xinjie was arrogant as usual.

Tang Xinjie disliked his younger sister, but he always turned to her for money once he was running out of it, and turned his back on her the minute he got the money.

Tang Xinrui, obviously, wouldnt satisfy his unreasonable needs if she didnt have her own plan.

Five minutes later, Tang Xinruis phone rang, and it was a foreign number.

“Hi, Goddess Erin, Ive got the money,” a man said on the phone when Tang Xinrui answered it.

Erin was Tang Xinruis English name.

Her family had stayed in Country Y for over a dozen years.

Just half a year ago, she had finished her education and went home with her father to conduct the scheme they had prepared for for a long time.

They were afraid that Tang Xinjie might cause them trouble, so they didnt allow him to go home.

Actually, Tang Xinjie wasnt willing to go home either, because he lived a luxurious and dissipated life in Country Y along with his fair-weather friends.

Hearing that, Tang Xinrui wore a satisfied smile.


Please put the million yuan into the fund.”

“No problem, Goddess Erin, and Im looking forward to your arrival.

I miss the feeling of us having sex,” the man said with levity.

Tang Xinrui wasnt annoyed at all but just smiled.

“Im so sorry.

Ive been very busy recently.”

“Fine!” the man said.

“Well, wish you all the best.”

“Thanks,” Tang Xinrui said, then hung up with her eyes full of ambition.

The man was called Bowen.

He was a junior leader in the Mafia in Country Y, and was also Tang Xinruis friend, business partner, and lover.

Their business was drugs, and Tang Xinrui had made a lot of money from it.

Although she was a drug trafficker, she never took drugs herself.

It was a highly-risky business, but Country Y wasnt strict about it.

The reason why she became a drug trafficker was because her father never gave her enough money except for daily expenses.

Therefore, she abandoned her dignity and met Bowen.

However, she wasnt happy that she was involved in this illegal business.

Tang Weiyong, of course, knew nothing about it.

He just started to pay attention to her after he lost hope for Tang Xinjie.

Feng Xueqin had always wanted to hurt Gu Man, but Gu Man stayed in the Tang familys house all day, so she didnt have any chances.

During the past few days, she lived her life as usual.

She would shop with girlfriends, and make several booty calls.

At this moment, Feng Xueqin was dining with Wu Jinyi in a restaurant.

All of a sudden, Wu Jinyi heard people mentioning the opening ceremony of Jade Beauty Jewelry, so she asked Feng Xueqin, “Xueqin, I heard that Jade Beauty Jewelry is going to open in City B tomorrow.

Its a high-end jewelry brand.

Do you want to have a look”

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