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Chapter 66: An "Accident" Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations


“Girl, Ill pay thirty million yuan for this jade of the glass type.

How about that” Master Fu said.

“No problem,” Gu Ning answered.

It was a reasonable price.

For now, Gu Ning had around 270 million yuan with her.

“Ha-ha, I like your efficient way of making a deal.

Great, Ill transfer the money to you now.” Gu Nings efficiency left a good impression on Master Fu again.

He immediately made a call to transfer the money.

“Girl, if you dont mind, you can call me grandpa Fu.

If you need my support in the future, just let me know.

Ill spare no effort to help you,” Master Fu said.

He sincerely wanted to become friends with this young lady.

Master Fu was sophisticated.

He had a belief that Gu Ning was a promising teenager.

“Grandpa Fu, I do need your help now.” Gu Ning didnt hesitate to ask for help from Master Fu.

“Oh, what happened Tell me.” Master Fu was a little surprised and curious.

“Well, I plan to register a jewelry company, but I also know that this process is very troublesome.

So, do you have any acquaintances in the Industry and Commerce Bureau Could you please help me make the process smoother, faster Of course, Ill prepare all the required documents.” Since Master Fu was willing to help, Gu Ning naturally couldnt waste the chance.

Actually she decided to make full use of her network.

There was nothing wrong with it anyway.

“What Youre going to open a jewelry company” Knowing that, Master Fu was amazed.

This young girl was very ambitious.

She even had the nerve to open a jewelry company!

“Yes,” Gu Ning replied seriously.

“How much is the registered capital” Master Fu asked.

“The initial capital is a hundred million, which will be added to in the future,” Gu Ning said.

Master Fu took a long breath in.

Even though a hundred million wasnt much in the jewelry industry, it was a huge amount of money to a young girl.

This girl wasnt an ordinary teenager.

But, although Gu Ning was an extraordinarily smart girl, it was risky to start up a company.

Master Fu asked with uncertainty, “Are you sure youre going to open a jewelry company To start up a business needs more than just money.

You must have the ability to run it, with stable supplies.

Besides, youre a student now.

Do you have enough time to manage it”

Master Fu wasnt going to stop Gu Ning.

He was just worried that Gu Ning didnt fully understand the rules and might lose money.

Gu Ning knew Master Fu cared about her.

She replied with sincerity, “Grandpa Fu, Im fully prepared.

Moreover, I have professional staff to help me run the company.

There is nothing to worry about.”

Since Gu Ning was confident, Master Fu didnt want to let her down.

“Great, it is no big deal.

Ill help you with the registration.

Oh, how old are you now”

“Thanks, grandpa Fu.

Im already 18.

Im an adult,” Gu Ning said.

“But I still need to find a shop.

Ill contact you once I find the shop.”

“Sure, no problem.

Ill handle it,” Master Fu said delightedly.

“Thank you so much, grandpa Fu,” Gu Ning said.

Master Fu didnt stay much longer before he left.

After Master Fu was gone, Gu Ning left too.

She went to the street of antiques.

Gu Ning didnt want to collect antiques.

She simply wanted to take a chance.

Thus she didnt walk into stores, but looked around the small stands outside.

Although not every piece in the stores was authentic, the real one would be labeled with a price on it.

It was expensive.

After a while, Gu Ning felt disappointed.

She didnt see a single real antique yet.

She continued looking for a longer time.

Finally, she found an object with power at a small stand.

It was a wine cup.

Its power was very thick, which meant it must have a long history.

“Hey, how much is this” Gu Ning pointed at a wine cup.

Seeing Gu Ning was a young girl, the stand owner assumed she wouldnt buy it, so he replied perfunctorily, “Its from the Qianlong period.

ten thousand yuan.

An object from the Qianlong period.

How was it only worth ten thousand yuan It was worth at least five hundred thousand yuan.

Therefore, it must be a fake one in the stand owners eyes.

But this time, the stand owner was wrong.

This wine cup was an authentic one.

Gu Ning only wasnt sure which period it was from.

Since it was real, Gu Ning didnt care about the ten thousand yuan at all.

She immediately took out a pile of bills from her backpack for the stand owner.

The stand owner didnt expect this teenage girl would really buy it without bargaining.

He was surprised.

He had actually believed that this teenage girl wouldnt buy it, so he deliberately set such a high price.

Otherwise, this would only be sold at the price of several hundred yuan.

Was it a real one

The stand owner himself didnt believe there were any authentic antiques on his little stand.

It wasnt easy to get a real one after all.

This young girl must know nothing about it.

She merely liked it.

The stand owner was apparently happy to sell it at a high price.

He happily took the money in case the buyer would regret.

However, he didnt know he actually was the one who should regret.

The stand owner took the money, and Gu Ning got her wine cup.

The deal was done.

No one could regret.

Gu Ning put the wine cup into her backpack standing up.

Right at that moment.

Something broke under her feet.

There were a lot of broken china pieces.

A man shouted in pain, “Oh, **! My Green-bean glaze vase!”

After that, the young man glared at Gu Ning.

He yelled in anger, “Its you! You knocked my vase over on the ground.

Now its broken.

You have to pay me the money for it.”

Gu Ning immediately knew she encountered someone who intentionally caused an “accident”.

That wasnt unusual in the antique industry.

Someone would use a fake antique to deliberately cause an “accident”, and demanded compensation at the same price as a real antique.

Someone like that could easily succeed, because they always chose the weak ones to take advantage of.

And Gu Ning appeared to be a teenage girl, who must be easily scared.

Thus she became the target.

Nonetheless, no one was willing to help in case they got involved in the trouble.

But the man made a wrong decision.

Although Gu Ning was a teenage girl, she didnt allow anyone to bully her now.

“I did not touch your vase,” Gu Ning said calmly.

The man simply tried to trap her, but she truly didnt touch his vase.


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