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Chapter 656 Sexual Orientation

The branch of Jade Beauty Jewelry was located near the southern door, while the Charm flagship store was at the northern door, so it took around a dozen minutes to walk from Jade Beauty Jewelry to Charm.

After they parked the car in the underground parking lot near the southern door, they walked to the branch of Jade Beauty Jewelry.

The Jade Beauty Jewelry store in City B was much larger than that in City G, and it was decorated in a much more luxurious style.

City B was an international city after all, and there were many well-known, high-end jewelry brands here, so Jade Beauty Jewelry had to stay as luxurious as possible to attract potential customers attention.

Many women were doing window shopping outside of Jade Beauty Jewelry.

They were all stunned by the glory of the jade jewelry placed inside, but none of them could afford it.

Gu Ning and the others, however, walked inside without hesitation.

“Nice to see you, boss!” a saleswoman greeted Gu Ning with respect once she appeared.

Although it was the first time the staff working in the store had seen Gu Ning in real life, they had all seen her photos on the Internet beforehand.

Therefore, it was quite easy for them to recognize her.

Other staff also greeted Gu Ning with respect.

Hearing their voices, Zhou Zhenghong walked to them at once.

“Welcome, boss and Mr.


“How is everything going” Gu Ning asked.

“Its almost done,” Zhou Zhenghong said.

“Please look around as you like, I need to discuss something with Uncle Zhou,” Gu Ning said to her friends.

“Sure,” Cao Wenxin said, then went to look around at the jade jewelry in excitement.

Leng Shaoting and Xin Bei, however, werent interested, so they walked to sit in the lounge, and the manager of this store served two cups of tea to them.

The lounge in the store was also large, and it was around 10 square meters.

The rent per square meters in Fengshang Shopping Mall was very high, so the rent of a store the size of the lounge could cost over ten thousand yuan a month!

Zhou Zhenghong guided Gu Ning to walk around the store and reported on his work to her at the same time.

The opening ceremony would begin at 10 am tomorrow, and the runway show would be held around 12 pm at the banquet hall in Huangdeng Hotel.

As for the invitation letters, Zhou Zhenghong used to think that it would be difficult to hand them all out.

However, to his surprise, many either important or famous figures asked him for it, including many reporters, once the Tang family was involved.

The mysterious Miss Gu would appear at the runway show, so many people wanted to see her, given all the unbelievable things she had done and achieved.

After a while, Gu Ning and the others left for Charm to check on the gowns.

When they walked in the shopping mall, they were the focus of peoples attention as usual.

“Wow, the men are so handsome!” Most of the people were attracted to Leng Shaoting and Xin Bei at first.

“Indeed! Ive never seen such handsome men like them before!”

The majority of the shoppers were women, but some also recognized Gu Ning.

“Look! Is she Goddess Gu” A girl who was Gu Nings age was astonished and couldnt believe her eyes, so she asked her friend.

Her friend looked over, and was thrilled at once.

“She is! She is Goddess Gu! OMG, I didnt expect to encounter my idol today! Look at the man beside her! Hes so000 handsome! I must take pictures of them.”

Saying that, the other girl drew out her phone and took many photos of Gu Ning.

Gu Ning and the others, of course, heard their loud discussion, but Leng Shaoting and Xin Bei didnt react to those onlookers.

Cao Wenxin, on the other hand, was amused.

Other people around hadnt heard of Goddess Gu, but they all agreed that the group of them was truly good-looking.

Could any of them be stars If they were stars, why did they suddenly show up in a shopping mall without any assistants or bodyguards Either way, other people were also stunned by their appearances, so they took many pictures too.

The two girls however, were paying their full attention to Gu Ning, and didnt notice a marble on the ground.

One of them stepped on it and slipped backwards at short notice.

Right behind the girl was a large bonsai.

If she fell on it, she would knock her head.

It was so abrupt that the other girl beside her didnt react to pull her back in time.

Others around them were standing still in shock too.

Seeing that, Gu Ning dashed over, and caught the girls wrist just as she was about to fall on the bonsai and pulled her back.

The scene shocked everyone again.

A few seconds later, the crowd finally got their minds back.

Some acclaimed Gu Ning, and some even applauded.

What had happened was filmed by their phones as well.

“Qingqing, are you alright” The girls friend ran to her at once.

“Y-yeah…” The girls voice was still trembling and her face turned pale.

She then looked to Gu Ning with great admiration, and thanked her, “Thank you so much, Goddess Gu!”

“Goddess Gu, youre so amazing!” Another girl also looked at Gu Ning with deep admiration.

“My pleasure.

Be careful!” Gu Ning smiled, then turned around walking away.

However, the two girls were stunned by her beautiful smile.

“Oh, no, I doubt my sexual orientation now.

I think I just fell in love with Goddess Gus smile!” a girl said.

“Me too!” another girl said.

Gu Ning and the others hadnt walked very far yet and they heard the two girls talk again.

Gu Ning didnt know what to say.

Leng Shaoting, on the other hand, was displeased, because he wouldnt allow anyone else to admire or chase his girlfriend, even if they were girls.

Xin Bei felt that it was very funny because it was the first time that he had seen his boss get jealous just because of two young girls.

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