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Chapter 655 Grandpa Sounds Different Today

Master Leng knew that Leng Shaoting was an ace soldier, but he didnt know the exact level of Leng Shaotings skills.

Gu Ning was only 18 years old, but she was already so excellent at fighting.

She must have received years of training ever since she was a little girl! Thinking of that, Master Lengs heart ached for her.

At the same time, Master Leng was suspicious about the reason why Gu Ning had practiced kung fu for so many years ever since she was a little girl.

What were the conditions that had made her suffer from an early age

Master Leng had a suspicion about Gu Nings background.

He was right.

In Gu Nings previous incarnation, she was an industrial spy as well as a killer, but now her soul was in a different body.

Anyway, Gu Ning was innocent in this incarnation.

Although Master Leng had a suspicion, he believed that Leng Shaoting could handle it well.

“What grand daughter-in-law” Master Xu hadnt figured it out yet.

“Didnt you read the second piece of news” Master Leng rolled his eyes at Master Xu, then slid the screen to show him.

In the capital, a man kidnapped a boy on an overpass.

A girl caught the man from his back.

(Video Attached] The girl in the news was precisely Gu Ning.

After reading it, it dawned on Master Xu that the boy in the news was Master Jiangs grandson, Jiang Haoyang, and the girl who had rescued him was Leng Shaotings girlfriend.

In that case, Leng Shaotings girlfriend was exactly the Gu Ning they had met before.

It was too shocking for Master Xu to get his mind back within a short time.

This young girl was indeed unbelievable!

Master Leng was thrilled to find out who his grand daughter-in-law was.

Afterwards, he remembered that his old close friend, Jiang Zhongyu, was still lying on the patient bed.

Luckily, Jiang Zhongyu was getting better now, so there was nothing to be worried about.

Around a dozen minutes later, Master Leng and Master Xu left together.

At this moment, Jiang Ruiqin knew that it was impossible that he could be with Gu Ning.

If Gu Nings boyfriend was someone else, he would try to compete for her.

However, Leng Shaoting was someone he didnt dare mess with.

In addition, he was unwilling to steal another mans girlfriend.

Besides, his grandpa was still lying on the patient bed now, so he wasnt in the mood to think about his own personal affairs.

When it was 4 pm, the plane landed at the airport in City B.

Leng Shaoting turned his phone on once he got off the plane, and saw a missed call from his grandpa, so he called back.

The minute Master Leng answered Leng Shaotings call, he said with sincerity, “Shaoting, an old friend of mine told me that a man with a cold face isnt popular among girls.

Girls all like romantic gentlemen, so you must learn how to be gentle and romantic, otherwise your girlfriend will be bored with your cold face in the future no matter how handsome you are! Dont let other humorous and romantic men steal your girlfriend away from you!”

Hearing that, Leng Shaoting was struck dumb for a second, because it wasnt his grandpas usual style of talking.

However, what his grandpa said alerted him.

He indeed had no idea how to be gentle and romantic, and he seldom smiled.

Although he trusted Gu Ning, he was still worried that she might leave him one day.

Thinking about that, Leng Shaoting looked at Gu Ning with mixed emotions.

He made up his mind to learn to be gentle, romantic and humorous; he would never allow any men to steal Gu Ning away from him.

Gu Ning was also surprised after hearing what Master Leng said.

It sounded like someone was going to steal her away right now.

Leng Shaoting wasnt as gentle or attentive as normal men, but he cared about her and valued her highly, which 90% of men couldnt do.

Even though Leng Shaoting wasnt romantic, she didnt mind and loved him as always.

Since she believed that he was her Mr.

Right, she would be loyal to him as long as he was loyal to her and never hurt her.

“Sure, I understand,” Leng Shaoting said, then hung up.

Afterwards, he held Gu Nings hand and clasped it, like he would lose her once he loosened his hand.

“Ningning, You are mine, and you can only be mine during this lifetime.”

Gu Ning was amused.

“Yes, of course.”

Hearing that, Leng Shaoting was cheered up.

Gu Ning also saw a missed call from Qiao Ya when she turned her phone on.

Qiao Ya had called her an hour ago, so she believed that they must have arrived.

Gu Ning then called Qiao Ya back.

She was right.

Qiao Ya and Gao Yi were now resting in the Huangdeng Hotel downtown as Gu Ning had told them to.

Gu Ning told her that she would meet them a while later in the hotel.

Cao Wenxins Land Rover was parked in the parking lot, so they went to the city center in it.

Gu Ning still had something else to deal with, so she didnt go to the Tang familys house right away, but called Gu Man and told her that she was safe.

Gu Ning planned to meet Zhou Zhenghong first to check the jewelry branch and see how everything was going with the opening ceremony which would be held tomorrow.

After that, she had to meet Yu Zi to see whether the gowns were well-prepared.

Gu Ning checked the work in person, not because she didnt trust Quan Mingkai or Zhou Zhenghong, but to set her mind at rest.

Gu Ning then called Zhou Zhenghong and asked him where he was right now.

Zhou Zhenghong was in the jewelry branch, so Gu Ning told Xin Bei its address and they drove straight to it.

Xin Bei was the driver, because he was already recovered.

However, he disliked Cao Wenxins car because it was bright red, which was too noticeable.

Xin Bei was a straight man, and he couldnt tolerate bright red.

Since there were two men in the car, they wouldnt bother the women to drive, and Xin Bei didnt dare let Leng Shaoting be the driver.

Although they were teammates, Leng Shaoting was in fact the leader in their team.

Even if Leng Shaoting never cared about that, they still had to behave according to the rules, so Xin Bei became the driver in the end.

The Tang family helped Gu Ning find a store right outside of the southern door of Fengshang Shopping Mall.

Fengshang Shopping Mall was very large and it wasnt a simple building.

It was a hundred and twenty thousand square-meter recreation center which consisted of 40% catering, 20% entertainment, and 40% retail apparel.

In City B, the majority of people chose to spend money at Fengshang Shopping Mall.

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