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Chapter 654 Master Leng Finds Out More About Gu Ning

His grandson finally had a girlfriend, and he would never allow anyone to steal his grandsons girlfriend away.

Master Xu snorted with laughter.

“Shaoting is too cold, and he must know nothing about romance, right Girls all love romantic gentlemen, and nobody wants to face a cold face all day.

Itll be so boring and the girl could soon be bored.

Jinchen, on the other hand, is very different.

Hes easy-going and outgoing, and were often amused by him.

A girl can only be happy with such a man like Jinchen! A long-lasting relationship requires romance, surprises and happiness!”

The reason why Master Xu criticized Leng Shaoting and compliment Xu Jinchen was that he felt it was unfair that Leng Shaoting who was always wearing a cold face could have such an outstanding girlfriend, while his grandson, Xu Jinchen who was humorous and gentle, was still single.

However, Master Xus words alerted Master Leng.

Leng Shaoting indeed stayed aloof from others and even seldom smiled at his own grandpa.

Nobody was willing to look at a cold face all day!

Although Leng Shaoting had told Master Leng that he dated the girl for the purpose of getting married, Master Leng was afraid that the girl would get bored with his personality in the future.

Thinking of that, Master Leng was anxious.

He thought that he should remind his grandson to take good care of his future grand daughter-in-law in case someone else stole the girl away.

Without delay, Master Leng called Leng Shaoting, but Leng Shaotings phone was powered off at this moment.

Seeing Master Lengs reactions, everyone was amused.

Even though the others were all smiling at him, Master Leng still pretended to be calm.

All of a sudden, Master Leng remembered what Jiang Ruiqin had told him.

“Chen Bing, search Gu Nings name with your phone right now,” Master Leng said to his bodyguard.

Master Leng was the older generation, so he didnt really know how to use smartphones.

“Yes, sir!” Chen Bing answered, and searched Gu Nings name on the Internet at once.

“Leng, why are you searching Girl Gus name” Master Xu asked with confusion, because they only knew one girl whose name was Gu Ning who was the boss of Xiangyun Antique-store, but they didnt know that Leng Shaotings girlfriend was also named Gu Ning.

“Well find out with the result.” Master Leng didnt explain further to Master Xu, because he himself didnt know much about it yet.

Nonetheless, Jiang Ruiqin realized that Master Xu must know Gu Ning, but how come Master Leng knew nothing about her

Once Chen Bing clicked the search button, he was shocked by the results.

There were many pieces of news about Gu Ning, but the top entry included everything.

“Whats wrong” Master Leng asked with worries.

“Master Leng, please read it yourself!” Chen Bing clicked the top entry open and gave Master Leng his phone.

Master Leng took it at once, and Master Xu approached him to have a look too.

Jiang Zhengguo and the others were also curious, so they all took out their phones to search Gu Nings name on the Internet.

The Amazing National Goddess – Gu Ning

Gu Ning, an 18-year-old senior student in high school, has made a lot of achievements which are far beyond normal peoples abilities.

The clearest picture of Gu Ning was under the description.

When Master Leng and Master Xu saw the picture, both of them were astonished too.

And the following were pieces of news about Gu Ning that had gone viral on the Internet.

A car accident on a highway in City D.

A brave and powerful girl caught its wheel! (Pictures Attached).

In the capital, a man kidnapped a boy on an overpass.

A girl caught the man from behind.

(Video Attached]

In City G, migrant workers had severe conflicts with a land developer.

A girl alone beat a group of security officers down.

(Video Attached]

Big News: The Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee in City F, Yuan Jisong, was stabbed by a crazy man outside of the government center.

A young girl kicked the crazy man away in time and her partner caught the criminal.

[Photo Attached]

A girl saved a female fans life at the airport in City B.

(Pictures Attached]

A young girl beat a foreign woman down in City G.

Is it a grudge fight [Video Attached]

To clear the young girls name in the fight with a foreign woman.

[Video Attached]

After reading the news, not only Master Leng and Master Xu, but everyone else was also shocked.

“Wow, Girl Gu is so unbelievable!” Master Xu said in astonishment.

“Ha-ha, ha-ha, ha-ha!” Master Leng, however, burst into laughter right in the patient room.

Just when Master Xu seemed confused about the reason why Master Leng suddenly laughed out loud, Master Leng said, “Very well! No wonder my grandson likes her so much, my good grand daughter-in-law!”

This time, Master Leng omitted the “future” word, because he now quite approved of Gu Ning.

He also understood why Leng Shaotings young girlfriend could have so many real antiques, because she was the boss of Xiangyun Antique-store!

Gu Ning was able to send the rare Kings Green jade to him precisely because she owned a high-end jewelry store.

In addition, she was as good at fighting as the special forces.

Master Leng wondered whether she could beat Leng Shaoting in a fight.

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