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Chapter 652 Jiang Zhongyu Faints

Both Leng Shaoting and Gu Ning ordered a cup of coffee.

However, Xin Bei and Cao Wenxin werent a couple yet, but they liked each other, so it was a little embarrassing when they sat together.

“Sir, what do you want to drink Coffee, water, tea, or juice” The stewardess put on a beautiful smile.

Xin Bei raised his head, but not to look at the stewardess.

“Tea please,” he said giving a glance at the drinks on the cart.

“Sure, please wait a second,” the stewardess said, then went to prepare a cup of tea for Xin Bei.

“What do you want to drink” Xin Bei asked Cao Wenxin all of a sudden.

Seeing that, the stewardess was a little surprised that they knew each other and she wondered what their relationship was.

However, since Xin Bei wasnt alone, she wouldnt keep on striking up a conversation with him.

“Coffee please,” Cao Wenxin said.

After that, Xin Bei told the stewardess to prepare a cup of coffee for Cao Wenxin.

The stewardess stopped glancing at Xin Bei, and walked away later.

When the two stewardesses finally had a break, they talked about what they had been through, and both of them sighed with sadness.

“Why can other stewardesses easily meet a rich boyfriend on a plane, but its so hard for us!” one stewardess said.

“Exactly! Were not ugly or fat, and there are many rich men on a plane from the capital to City B, but none of them give us a glance, except those who are looking for a mistress or a one-night stand,” the other said feeling very sad.

“I think its probably because of our job.

Were always flying from one city to another, and barely have free time.

If any men want to have a girlfriend like us, they would have to tolerate our frequent absence.”

“What should we do Do we have to stay single and unmarried forever”

“Who knows!”

In the capital, Jiang Ruiqin was reading documents in his familys company.

All of a sudden, he received his fathers call and heard the bad news that his grandpa had fainted and was on the way to the Military General Hospital.

After hearing the news, Jiang Ruiqin left the company in a hurry.

The Jiang family also called Master Leng and Master Xu, because they were Jiang Zhongyus old close friends.

An aged man could be in great danger once he became sick.

When Master Leng heard this news, he went to the Military General Hospital at once, carrying a bottle of power crystals that Gu Ning had given him.

Leng Shaoting had told him that this medicine was very effective.

As long as the patient was still alive, a pill could save his or her life.

After all, this medicine had healed a person with heart disease, and a person whose legs had been damaged for a long time.

Although Master Leng thought that it was too unbelievable, he did become much healthier after taking only two pills.

Since his old friend was in danger now, he felt that he should share this magical medicine with Master Jiang, no matter if it was really useful or not.

When Jiang Ruiqin arrived, Jiang Zhongyu had already been sent into the examination room.

His father whose name was Jiang Zhengguo and his mother were also there, along with his uncle, Jiang Zhenghua and his aunt.

They all seemed worried.

“Why did grandpa suddenly faint” Jiang Ruiqin asked the moment he arrived.

“We didnt see any symptoms, your grandpa just passed out without any notice,” Jiang Zhengguo said, frowning.

Master Jiang was always healthy, and none of the Jiang family would have expected that he would faint all of a sudden.

“How long has grandpa been in there” Jiang Ruiqin asked again.

“Two or three minutes,” Jiang Zhengguo said.

After a while, Master Leng arrived and asked with anxiety, “What happened”

“We dont know the cause yet, because my father seemed fine and then just passed out the next second, much to our surprise,” Jiang Zhengguo said.

Master Leng took out the bottle of power crystals without delay, and gave it to Jiang Zhengguo.

“Go check your fathers condition right now.

No matter how he is, help him take a pill.

This medicine will melt once you put it into his mouth, so you dont need to be worried that he cant swallow it…”

Before Master Leng could finish, the door of the examination room was opened, and he ran forward at once.

“How is he now” Master Leng asked in a hurry.

The doctors who had conducted the examination of Jiang Zhongyu were all senior experts in the Military General Hospital, including the vice director.

When the vice director of the hospital saw Master Leng, he was surprised, and answered with great respect.

“Master Leng, Master Jiang has a cerebral thrombosis[1] and hes in great danger now.

We plan to carry out the surgery right away.”

“Zhengguo, Zhenghua, if you trust me, help your father take this pill first.

We can wait for a few minutes and I think that he will probably be in a better condition.” Master Leng looked at Jiang Zhengguo and Jiang Zhenghua.

Although Master Jiang was in great danger now, it took several minutes for the doctors to prepare for the surgery anyway.

“I trust you,” Jiang Zhengguo said.

Although he was still very worried, he believed that Master Leng wouldnt lie to him.

“Me too,” Jiang Zhenghua said.

Since Master Leng said that, the vice director didnt dare to stop him, but they continued to prepare for the surgery as planned.

Afterwards, Jiang Zhengguo took the medicine bottle and the group of them walked into the examination room.

Jiang Zhengguo took out a power crystal at once, and put it into Jiang Zhongyus mouth.

It did melt the second it was put inside.

Within two minutes, the cerebral arteries in Jiang Zhongyus head gradually became clear, and the blood began to flow too, which shocked the vice director who was observing the medical equipment.

“Wow, i-its…” The vice director didnt know what to say because of the great shock.

“What happened” Master Leng and the others asked with anxiety.

“The cerebral arteries are becoming clear, and the blood is beginning to flow,” the vice director took a deep breath and said in excitement.

“Is my father getting better” Jiang Zhenghua asked with uncertainty and anticipation.

“Yes! Its so unbelievable!” The vice director was amazed, because he had never seen this before.

“I think that there is no need to do the surgery, but Master Jiang still needs to stay in the hospital for a couple of days.”

[1] A cerebral thrombosis is the presence of a blood clot in the dural venous sinuses, which drain blood from the brain.

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