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Chapter 651 Two Stunning Men

Gu Ning didnt know that another video about her went viral again, but she didnt care about it either.

Leng Shaoting and Gu Ning set off from the house around 10 am, and they arrived at the hotel when it was almost 12 pm because of the sudden attack.

“What took you so long” Cao Wenxin asked.

She wasnt complaining, but was worried about them.

Cao Wenxin thought that they must have encountered a traffic jam, but they were late by nearly an hour.

“Something happened on our way,” Gu Ning said, but didnt explain further.

Cao Wenxin also stopped asking, since they were there now.

Their plane was about to take off at 1:50 pm, so they had to finish their lunch in a hurry and leave for the airport.

They didnt have much time, so they sped up eating and finished their lunch before 12:30 pm.

Although they still had enough time to go to the airport, and normally it only took around half an hour to get there, they still needed to be quick in case they would be caught in traffic jams.

The car Leng Shaoting drove to the airport belonged to Shengshi Group, so he directly parked it in the parking lot, and his subordinates would come and drive it back.

Their group consisted of four good-looking young men and women, so they attracted a lot of attention once they walked inside.

Before they were aboard, Xin Bei received Xu Jinchens call, and Xu Jinchen asked him where he was right now.

Xin Bei told Xu Jinchen that he was at the airport now and was going to fly to City B along with Leng Shaoting.

Hearing that, Xu Jinchen was displeased.

“Why didnt you tell me that youre going to City B”.

“If you want to go there, just fly there.

Were about to board,” Xin Bei said.

He was thinking of Cao Wenxin all the time now, and totally forgot his close brother.

It turned out that Leng Shaoting wasnt the only one who valued his girlfriend above his close brothers.

“Oh, Si Ming is also in City B now, right” Xin Bei remembered that Si Ming went to meet Qiu Yuxin in City B once he had fulfilled his task.

It seemed that they all valued their girlfriends above their close brothers.

Xu Jinchen felt very hurt all of a sudden.

His close brothers all had a girlfriend now, while he was still single.

He felt that he was the odd man out, and hesitated to join them in City B.

“Go there or not, it depends on you.

I gotta go now.

Were going aboard,” Xin Bei said and hung up.

He didnt care whether Xu Jinchen joined them.

Xin Bei didnt tell Xu Jinchen why they were flying to City B.

If Xu Jinchen knew that they went there to attend the opening ceremony of Gu Nings store, he would, of course, join them.

In the end, Xu Jinchen still decided to fly to City B.

Therefore, he booked the latest plane ticket, and the plane would take off at 3:10 pm.

Leng Shaoting and Xin Bei were two stunning men, and they were always the focus of peoples attention wherever they appeared.

Once they were aboard, two stewardesses noticed them.

The two stewardesses saw them walking into the cabin, and tried to find out which class they sat in.

Although Leng Shaoting and Xin Bei didnt sit in the First Class cabin, their outstanding appearances were attractive enough.

In addition, not every rich man preferred to sit in the First Class cabin, because many rich people tended to keep a low profile.

When every passenger was aboard, the two stewardesses started to talk about them.

“Look at them! Theyre so handsome and sexy, especially the one in black.”

“Indeed! I think the man in gray is a better choice, because the one in black seems so cold.”

“I love the one in black.”

“Why dont we try later to see which one is easier to pick up”

“Why not!”

The two stewardesses were quite confident about themselves, but unfortunately they chose the wrong men and they were doomed to be disappointed.

In fact, both of the two stewardesses were very pretty, with good body shapes, otherwise they wouldnt be so confident.

In normal cases, men would love to strike up a conversation with them even if they didnt take any action.

However, they met two unusual men on this plane today.

Before the plane started, flight attendants had to make sure that every passenger was wearing his or her safety belt, so the two stewardesses walked to Leng Shaoting and Xin Bei at this moment.

In the beginning, Leng Shaotings seat wasnt with Gu Ning but Xin Bei, so Gu Ning exchanged seats with Xin Bei and Xin Bei, of course, wouldnt disagree.

Both Leng Shaoting and Xin Bei sat on an aisle seat.

The two stewardesses just walked by them and gave them a glance at first, but didnt say anything.

The closer they walked to them, the more excited they were, because Leng Shaoting and Xin Bei were too handsome to be ignored.

The two stewardesses soon walked back with a pile of blankets in their hands.

Right at this moment, a passenger who sat on the window seat in the same row as Xin Bei needed a blanket, so the stewardess gave him one, and asked Xin Bei at the same time, “Sir, do you need a blanket”

“No, thanks.” Xin Bei was a gentleman, but didnt give the stewardess a glance at all, which disappointed her.

In order not to arouse any special attention, the stewardess also asked Cao Wenxin who sat next to Xin Bei, and Cao Wenxin declined too.

The other stewardess asked Leng Shaoting the same question, but she heard the same answer, and felt disappointed as well.

She asked Gu Ning later, but Gu Ning didnt need one either.

Although it seemed that the stewardess didnt treat Leng Shaoting differently, Gu Ning still noticed the touch of disappointment flash by her eyes when Leng Shaoting declined.

Why did the stewardess seem disappointed when Shaoting declined a blanket and didnt give her a glance at all Gu Ning thought to herself.

She believed that the stewardess must be attracted to Leng Shaoting.

She was with Leng Shaoting right now, but the stewardess still tried to strike up a conversation with him.

If she wasnt by his side, other women could be more proactive! Gu Ning was displeased, but didnt care much about it, because she knew Leng Shaoting very well.

The plane soon took off.

When it flew steadily in the air, the flight attendants began to hand out drinks.

Since Gu Ning already knew that the stewardess admired Leng Shaoting, she purposefully clasped his arm when she walked over and they seemed very close.

Therefore, the stewardess was quite upset when she saw that.

Although the stewardess was upset, she still did her job and asked them what they wanted to drink.

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