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Chapter 645 There Is No Sign of Anything Happening Yet.

Gu Ning asked for Song Mannis and Xia Yichus addresses, then Leng Shaoting drove them back before they went to his house.

Once Gu Ning was gone, Jiang Ruiqin was very upset, but Tang Qingyang could do nothing about it.

“Lets go! Shes already been gone for a long while.” Tang Qingyang lightly knocked Jiang Ruiqins arm.

Jiang Ruiqin sighed, then turned around.

“Lets go have a drink!” He was in a bad mood now, and he wanted to drink beers.

“Lets go!” Since his close brother wanted to drink, Tang Qingyang, of course, wouldnt reject.

Cao Wenxin and Ai Xinyu along with Ai Xinyus friends were about to adjourn to a KTV club, but Cao Wenxin always wore an absent look because she was thinking of Xin Bei.

Ai Xinyu had noticed that during the meal, but didnt ask her because there were so many people around them.

Since they were already out now, Ai Xinyu asked Cao Wenxin, “Wenxin, are you alright”

“Yeah,” Cao Wenxin said.

“Really Im not dumb and youve been wearing this absent look for a long time!” Ai Xinyu rolled her eyes.

“Fine.” Cao Wenxin knew that she couldnt hide it from her good friend.

“I had a conflict with a woman today.

She used an ashtray to hit me, and one of my male friends protected me from being hit, but he was injured on his head, and now hes still in the hospital.”

“I think I should take care of him because he was injured for me, but todays your birthday after all, so he told me to come here.”

“What Why didnt you tell me If I had known, I wouldnt have forced you to come here!” Ai Xinyu was shocked and felt guilty.

“Go back to him! Ill be fine here.”

“But todays your birthday! I…” Actually, Cao Wenxin also wanted to visit Xin Bei in the hospital, but she thought that it would be unfair for Ai Xinyu.

She flew all the way here to attend Ai Xinyus birthday party afterall.

“Its fine.

Weve been good friends for years.

I wont mind.” Ai Xinyu was very considerate.

If she found out the truth, but still forbade Cao Wenxin from leaving, it would be very unkind.

“Well, then Ill go visit him.

Xinyu, Im sorry!” Cao Wenxin hesitated for a while, but still decided to leave.

“Its no big deal.

Just leave.

Dont forget to bring some food for him,” Ai Xinyu said and pushed Cao Wenxin outwards.

After that, Cao Wenxin excused herself and left.

She listened to Ai Xinyu and wanted to call Xin Bei to ask him what his favorite food was.

However, she realized that they hadnt exchanged phone numbers with each other, which upset her.

In the end, Cao Wenxin only bought some fruits to visit him.

When she got back to the hospital, Xu Jinchen was also in Xin Beis patient room.

Xin Bei felt bored after Cao Wenxin left, so he called Xu Jinchen to keep him company.

Xu Jinchen didnt know what had happened to Xin Bei until Xin Bei called him.

He was shocked and came to visit Xin Bei without delay.

When he saw Xin Bei, his first reaction was the same as Leng Shaotings.

“How could you be hit by an ashtray”

“It was a subconscious action!” Xin Bei said.

In fact, he could have pushed Cao Wenxin away, so neither of them would have been hit, but he hadnt thought further back then.

“Do you like her” Xu Jinchen asked, although he already knew the answer.

“Yes.” Xin Bei admitted it.

“Well, it seems another member of our team is going to have a girlfriend, but Im still single.” Xu Jinchen felt very sad all of a sudden.

Leng Shaoting, Si Ming and now Xin Bei had all met their girls, but his girl was nowhere to be found.

“There is no sign of anything happening yet!” Xin Bei wore a wry smile.

Although he liked Cao Wenxin, it wasnt easy for them to be together.

They still needed more time to get along with each other.

Xu Jinchens first love was in college, and he stayed single for a long time ever since, so he couldnt give any advice for his close brother now, but could only hope that Xin Bei would be happy.

When it was about 8 pm, Cao Wenxin arrived.

Xin Bei thought that Cao Wenxin wouldnt be back until 10 pm, so he was surprised to see her when it was just 8 pm.

“Hi, Mr.

Xu!” Cao Wenxin greeted Xu Jinchen.

“Hi, I came to visit Xin Bei after hearing what happened.

Since youre back, I think I better leave now,” Xu Jinchen said.

“Bye-bye.” Cao Wenxin didnt think further and walked Xu Jinchen out.

When Xu Jinchen walked out, he gave Xin Bei an encouraging look.

“Why did you come back so early” Xin Bei asked when Xu Jinchen was gone.

It wasnt because he didnt want her to be back earlier, but because he thought she needed to celebrate her friends birthday that night.

Was it because of him Thinking that, Xin Bei was cheered up.

“Um, I came here after dinner.

They went to drink, but I dont feel like drinking today, so I didnt go with them.

Oh, I wanted to buy some food for you, but I dont have your number so I didnt know what to buy,” Cao Wenxin said.

Hearing that, Xin Bei also realized that they hadnt exchanged phone numbers yet.

“If you dont mind, we can exchange numbers,” Xin Bei said politely, but he was very anxious.

“Sure!” Cao Wenxin said, and then they exchanged phone numbers.

When Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting were back in his house, Leng Shaoting pressed her against the bed at once.

However, Gu Nings phone rang when he just started kissing her.

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