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Chapter 64: The Jade Beauty Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations


Zhou Zhenghong was now completely shocked.

He never doubted Gu Nings ability of stone gambling.

After knowing she had her own skills, he even thought more highly of her.

But what shocked him more was that Gu Ning was willing to let him take over the company.

He could even have 20% shares.

Why would she trust him so much

There was nothing better than being trusted for your own ability and character! Undoubtedly, Zhou Zhenghong made up his mind.

He actually valued a hard-working life over wealth.

He wanted to live his life.

Without hesitation, Zhou Zhenghong stood up, looking at Gu Ning.

He said, “Miss Gu, Im willing to follow you and Ill never betray you!”

At the same time, Zhou Zhenghong made up his mind to run a greatly profitable business with Gu Ning.

The temporary location of the company was in City G.

Gu Ning planned to establish the headquarters of her company in the capital city when she went to university.

The capital city was where she felt familiar and was going to stay.

The brand was named the Jade Beauty, and her company was called the Jade Beauty Jewelry Company.

Its major business was jade.

As for other kinds of jewelry like gold, silver and so forth.

Gu Ning planned to involve them in the future, not now.

Since Gu Ning only had jade of great quality in her hands, she decided to make and sell high-end products.

A piece of jewelry made of medium-high-level jade cost at least hundreds of thousands of yuan.

If it was made of high-level jade, it would cost millions of yuan or more.

Although there werent many buyers, it was very profitable if one piece was sold.

Zhou Zhenghong was in charge of finding factories and shops in City G.

He also needed to hire staff and buy machines.

He knew better than Gu Ning concerning those things.

Thus Gu Ning didnt interfere.

Zhou Zhenghong decided to use his previous designers and carvers.

The boss of Zhoufu Jewelry had changed, and those workers who had followed him had all left.

Because Zhou Zhenghong was known for his kindness, his old staff maintained a good relationship with him.

After he had gone bankrupt, they had also helped him.

Although their design and carvings werent the top-level, they werent worse than the third-line masters.

They only needed a platform to practice and develop.

The companys initial registration capital was a hundred million yuan, and more would be added later.

For the jewelry industry, the registered capital of a hundred million yuan wasnt too much.

It was still relatively little, because it required a lot of money to buy raw materials, but Gu Ning didnt need to do that.

She already had the supplies now, and they were worth six hundred or seven hundred million yuan in total.

Therefore, in terms of total funds, she had around seven hundred million yuan in assets, which was a big business.

After that, Gu Ning would continue to get jade with her Jade Eyes.

There was no need for her to use money to buy jade supplies.

Gu Ning now had more than two hundred million yuan in cash.

She invested a hundred million yuan in jewelry, and still had more than a hundred million yuan with her.

She planned to cut out two high-level jade, and sell them to Zhao Yuefeng and Master Fu separately.

In that way, she would have around seventy million yuan more in cash.

Gu Ning asked Zhou Zhenghong to help her buy a well-decorated apartment near the downtown of City G.

When she came to City G in the future, she needed a place to live.

She could not always stay at the hotel.

“Oh, boss, weve sold the jade of the hibiscus type, and the money…” Zhou Zhenghong reminded Gu Ning.

Gu Nings share was about nine million.

“Use the nine million to buy me an apartment, and to cover some expense for the company,” Gu Ning said.

She wouldnt give nine million to others out of the blue.

“Sure,” Zhou Zhenghong answered.

After the meal, Gu Ning told Zhou Zhenghong she wanted to cut out more raw materials.

Gu Ning had already cut out several jade today.

She didnt want to do it again in the public.

She had no intention to cause a sensation.

Zhou Zhenghong told her they could rent a machine as well as a private room from the raw materials shop.

Accordingly, Gu Ning and Zhou Zhenghong walked to a raw materials shop.

It was around 1 pm.

On their way, Gu Ning called Zhao Yuefeng and Master Fu separately.

She asked for their location, and told them she wanted to sell high-level jade.

Zhao Yuefeng wasnt in the street of stone gambling, but he remained in the street of antiques, while Master Fu had already gone back home, but when he heard it was a high-level jade, he immediately said he would come soon.

It took time to cut a stone.

Gu Ning let Zhao Yuefeng wait for her call.

As for Master Fu, Gu Ning told him to come slowly.

She planned to cut out three raw materials, and it would take around half an hour.

She told Master Fu to arrive around 3.30 pm.

Gu Ning intentionally to let Zhao Yuefeng and Master Fu come at different times.

She was afraid they would like the same piece of jade, and she wanted to avoid an argument.

Although Zhao Yuefeng was the first buyer, which was a little unfair to Master Fu, Gu Ning thought it would be fine given both would be high-level jade.

When they arrived at a raw materials shop, they rented a machine in a private room to cut out their raw materials.

Gu Ning firstly picked up one in the size of half a football, then two others which were as small as an apple.

They all had high-level jade inside.

One of the small ones had the red jade which Gu Ning almost missed.

This red jade, Gu Ning decided to make jewelry with it to send Gu Man and Gu Qing as gifts.

Gu Ning drew lines on the big one first, then gave it to Zhou Zhenghong to cut.

Meanwhile, Gu Ning rubbed the raw material with the red jade inside.

Although Zhou Zhenghong already believed Gu Ning that she had special skills to choose a raw material, he was still excited when the green showed.

When the jade was fully cut out, he became more thrilled.

Seeing that, Gu Ning just smiled a little.

While Zhou Zhenghong had cut out an emerald, Gu Nings raw material showed color too.

Zhou Zhenghong had a glance, taking in a long breath.

He swallowed with great force.

His voice was even trembling.

“Is it, is it red jade”

“Yes,” Gu Ning replied calmly.

Having the answer, Zhou Zhenghong almost bit his tongue.

He was in great shock.

The jade in Zhou Zhenghongs hand was as big as two adult palms.

He was amazed when he found out the type of the jade.

“This-this is the high-level glass type.”

It was half transparent, so it was a high-level jade, no a top-level one.

Meanwhile, Gu Nings red jade widely showed too.

It was shiny red with smooth texture and great transparency.

It was the high-level cockscomb red.

Zhou Zhenghong was hit by one shock after another.

He couldnt get his mind back all of a sudden.

“Rub the last one please.” Gu Ning was running out of time.

So she had to remind Zhou Zhenghong.

Zhou Zhenghong immediately had his mind back, and rubbed the last raw material quickly.

Although he knew there would be jade in it, he was still excited to see the green show.


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