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Chapter 633 The Woman Who Tries to Grab Leng Shaoting Away

However, when she noticed that Leng Shaoting was standing very close to Gu Ning and even had a girls backpack in his hand, her eyes turned malicious, staring at Gu


Gu Ning, of course, noticed the womans admiration for Leng Shaoting and the womans hatred towards her.

She knew clearly that the woman fell in love with Leng Shaoting.

Gu Ning was slightly displeased, but didnt say or do anything for now.

“Nice to meet you, Mrs.

Xu, Lord Xu and Miss Gu!” they greeted them.

They only knew Mrs.

Xu and Xu Jinchen, and just found out Gu Nings name.

Except Leng Shaoting who remained silent as usual, the others also greeted them politely.

Two of the women who came had boyfriends, while another two were single, so the single women wanted to attract Leng Shaoting and the other mens attention.

Although they wanted to do that, they didnt dare strike up a conversation with them, because they were afraid to embarrass themselves in public.

Instead, they would pretend to casually walk by them and approach them to see whether they would pay attention to them.

Unfortunately, none of the men gave them a glance.

When it was 10:10 am, the opening ceremony began.

Afterwards, the store was officially open.

There werent as many important figures at the opening ceremony in the capital as there were in City G.

Xu Jinchen and Leng Shaoting had planned to invite some members of the Xu family and Shengshi Group to attend it, but was declined by Gu Ning.

It was just a pharmacy and aimed at curing illnesses as well as rescuing people, so there was no need to do a publicity stunt.

Gu Ning decided to promote Kouzi at the right time.

With the help of several extremely handsome men, many girls were attracted to shop in the skincare products store too.

“Kouzi Ive never heard of this brand.

Is it effective” the woman who admired Leng Shaoting said with disdain.

“Why dont we have a try” another woman said.

Since the females all went to shop for skincare products, Leng Shaoting and the others didnt follow them, but went to sit in the lounge.

The woman who admired Leng Shaoting didnt have much interest in Gu Nings skincare products, and walked to Leng Shaoting later.

“Hi, may I have a seat here There are too many people over there and I need a rest,” she said politely, then sat down on a vacant seat.

“Oh, please allow me to introduce myself.

My names Di Runa.

Im Qinyins friend.”

“Nice to finally see you, Miss Di!” Xu Jinchen, who was always a gentleman, kindly greeted Di Runa.

However, Xin Bei and Leng Shaoting stayed silent and didnt give her a glance at all.

The Di family was a super-rich family in the capital too.

Although it wasnt among the richest families in the capital, it was a well-known family.

“Oh, Im surprised that you know me!” Di Runa didnt expect that Xu Jinchen would have heard of her, and felt flattered.

Although the Di family was a super-rich family in the capital, it was barely comparable with the Xu family.

The Xu family owned one hundred billion yuan in wealth, while the Di family only had less than fifty billion yuan.

There was a huge gap between them.

Nevertheless, Di Runa felt quite disappointed seeing that Leng Shaoting didnt even bother to give her a glance.

“Qinyin has mentioned your name many times,” Xu Jinchen said.

Di Runa smiled, then glanced at Leng Shaoting and Xin Bei.

“May I know these two gentlemens names”


Leng and Mr.

Xin,” Xu Jinchen said, but didnt tell Di Runa their full names.

In fact, Di Runa wanted to strike up a conversation with Leng Shaoting, but Leng Shaoting focused on the screen of his phone and didnt give Di Runa a glance.

Leng Shaoting wasnt addicted to mobile phones, but he just got to know something about Gu Ning from their previous talk, so he searched it on the Internet when he was free now.

He knew a little about what Gu Ning had done, but not clearly.

Although Gu Ning was fine now, he blamed himself for not having helped her by her side when she had been in danger.

Luckily, Gu Ning was safe.

Di Runa was eager to leave a good impression on Leng Shaoting, but she failed to seize a good chance to do that.

Actually, Di Runa was very suitable for Leng Shaoting according to her appearance and family background, but love wasnt a business deal.

At the other side in the store, women were looking around for skincare products.

A woman had worked overnight for many days, so she had heavy dark circles under her eyes.

She had used eye masks, but they were useless.

Even makeup couldnt cover her dark circles now.

Therefore, a saleswoman immediately took out a piece of Kouzi eye mask for the woman.

In order to convince everyone, the saleswoman took a picture of the dark circles beforehand.

The eye mask should be laid on the face for 10 minutes.

Afterwards, another woman said that she recently had some acne on her face, so the saleswoman told her to remove her makeup first, and apply a piece of Kouzi facial mask after taking a photo of her face.

The facial mask should be laid on the face for 10 minutes too.


Xu and Gu Anna, however, didnt try anything at all, but directly bought ten boxes of facial mask and a piece of every other skincare product.

Xu Qinyin, of course, wouldnt leave with empty hands.

In the pharmacy, a man said that he had knocked his knee on a corner of the table yesterday by accident, and there was a bruise around his knee now.

A salesman gave him the trial medicine in the store and applied it to his knee.

After a few minutes, half of the bruise faded away!

Someone who had a cold also recovered soon after taking the medicine of Colaine.

Seeing that, many people who hesitated to buy medicines here bought a lot without delay, especially cold medicines.

Colds was a very common illness, so almost everyone bought cold medicines.

Ten minutes later, the woman removed her eye mask, and her dark circles faded a lot, which was quite obvious compared to the photo she had taken.

Accordingly, the woman bought five boxes of eye masks without hesitation, because she always worked late.

Not only her, but many women in the store bought many eye masks as well.

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