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Chapter 632 Fall in Love at First Glance

“Why dont you do something to prove it” Mrs.

Xu said to Xu Qinyin.

Xu Qinyin felt embarrassed and remained silent.

“Hey, darling, Im coming!” At this moment, Gu Anna dashed over, followed by three young women with fresh flowers.

“Hi, Aunt Xu!” Gu Anna greeted Mrs.


“Nice to see you, Anna,” Mrs.

Xu said with a gentle smile.

“I heard from Qinyin that Kouzi is a great brand, so I wont miss it.

I also came here with my friends!” Gu Anna said.

When the other three women saw those handsome young men in the store, they were all stunned.

They didnt get their mind back until Gu Anna mentioned them; they then greeted Mrs.

Xu at once, “Its so nice to meet you, Mrs.

Xu, Lord Xu!” They only knew Mrs.

Xu and Xu Jinchen, so they only greeted them.

Among these three women, two were born in normal rich families, while one was from a political family.

However, their families were still barely comparable with the Xu family, so they felt a little uneasy in front of Mrs.

Xu and Xu Jinchen.

“Nice to meet you.” Except Leng Shaoting, the others all greeted them.

Two young women kept giving Xu Jinchen and Xin Bei the eye, hoping they would pay attention to them.

The reason why they didnt make eyes at Leng Shaoting even though he was the most outstanding one among them was because there was a girl standing beside him, and they were obviously a couple.

If they dared to make eyes at him in front of his girlfriend, they would be criticized by others.

They loved handsome, strong young men, but they werent idiots.

Even though they didnt know Xin Beis background, he couldnt be an ordinary guy since he was standing with Xu Jinchen.

In addition, they somehow felt that Gu Ning looked quite familiar.

“Dont you think that the girl standing over there looks quite familiar” a woman said to her friends.

“Yes, but I cant remember where Ive seen her,” another woman said.

They had met so many people in the past, so it was reasonable that they suddenly forgot where they had seen a particular person.

Hearing their discussion, Gu Anna said, “Didnt you send me the most popular news Didnt you tell me you admire Goddess Gu Shes standing right there.” Gu Anna had precisely heard of Gu Ning from her friends.

“What” Hearing that, they were all surprised, and looked at Gu Ning at once.

Gu Ning and the others already heard their conversation, so they knew why they looked so astonished.

“What Goddess Gu” Mrs.

Xu asked with curiosity.

“Mom, Gu Ning is the girl who rescued Haoran.” Xu Qinyin explained.

“What Gu Ning did that” Mrs.

Xu was also shocked.

Gu Annas friends asked her without delay, “Anna, please help us ask Goddess Gu whether shes willing to take photos with us.” Although Gu Ning wasnt a star, she was a heroine.

“No problem,” Gu Anna said, then walked to Gu Ning.

In fact, she felt a little nervous because Leng Shaoting was standing right by Gu Nings side.

Gu Ning heard their conversation but remained quiet.

“Gu Ning, my friends want to take photos with you after they found out that you are Goddess Gu.

Are you willing to do it” Gu Anna asked.

Although Gu Ning was reluctant to do so, she would seem arrogant if she rejected, so she agreed.

With Gu Nings permission, they immediately walked to her with excitement, and Leng Shaoting also stepped away to leave them some space.

They didnt bother Gu Ning for too long, and only took two photos with Gu Ning together.

Afterwards, they posted the photos on their moments.

Woman A: Dont you think this beauty in black looks familiar Guess who she is!

Woman B: Finally met Goddess Gu in person!

Woman C: Goddess Gu is sooooo beautiful even without any make-up!

Once they posted the photos, many people left comments below.

Some of them recognized Gu Ning and asked them where they met her.

Some didnt and asked them who Goddess Gu was.

“Should we tell them” a woman asked.

“I think we better not.

Itll bother Goddess Gu.”

“I agree.” Therefore, they didnt reply to the comments.

After a short while, another four young women arrived; they were Xu Qinyins friends.

When they walked over, they noticed Gu Ning at first glance.

Three of them got excited, but one seemed jealous.

They also shared common friends with Gu Anna, so they already saw the photos.

Three of them admired Gu Ning, but one of them disliked her.

She hated Gu Nings beauty and ability, and even thought that she was better than Gu Ning.

When their sight moved away from Gu Ning, they saw several extremely handsome young men, and were all stunned.

When the woman who was jealous of Gu Ning noticed Leng Shaoting, her heart skipped a beat.

She had never seen such an extraordinarily attractive young man before.

She fell in love at first glance.

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