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Chapter 630 Morning Exercise

Leng Shaotings hand touched every inch of her skin, which made her feel aroused.

When he penetrated her at the end, she felt quite satisfied.

At the same time, he also sensed a mysterious power in her body from somewhere deep, and his body mixed with hers into one.

The next morning, Jiang Ruiqin still got up early and went out to run.

He didnt run long, but stayed still at one place, because he was afraid that he would miss Gu Ning.

If he was waiting for her at a certain place, he could see Gu Ning if she passed by.

However, Gu Ning was still absent this morning.

Jiang Ruiqin was more disappointed than ever now.

Didnt she say that she runs in the morning every day Why has she been absent for two days Did she encounter any trouble, or is she avoiding me Jiang Ruiqin thought to himself.

Jiang Ruiqin couldnt figure it out, and went back home feeling sad.

Tang Qingyang was preparing breakfast when Jiang Ruiqin came home with obvious disappointment again.

“What happened Why do you look so upset again You didnt see her today” he asked.

“Mm,” Jiang Ruiqin said, throwing himself onto the sofa, staring at the ceiling with an absent look on his face.

“I just thought that you like her, but it seems like youre in love now,” Tang Qingyang said.

Jiang Ruiqins mood was completely affected by Gu Ning now.

“Yeah.” Jiang Ruiqin didnt deny it.

Actually, he never thought that he would fall in love with a girl at the first sight and now he was falling even deeper when he was missing her.

However, it wasnt his fault anyway.

Gu Ning was so outstanding and attractive.

She must have countless admirers.

Tang Qingyang walked to Jiang Ruiqin and encouraged him.

“Tell her if you love her! She will never know it if you dont say it aloud.”

“We have just met twice.

I dont want her to think Im easy,” Jiang Ruiqin said.

“Youre right.” Tang Qingyang agreed, but he felt worried seeing his close friend being so upset.

Compared to other men today, Jiang Ruiqin was really a reliable, good young man, so Tang Qingyang, as his close brother, didnt want him to be hurt by a woman again.

Jiang Ruiqin had been hurt by a woman in love, but it had happened a long time ago, and he had already moved on now.

True love was only for the right person.

Gu Ning woke up at 7 am.

Once she opened her eyes, Leng Shaotings stunning, sleeping face appeared in her sight, and she was deeply attracted to it.

Leng Shaotings tanned skin looked very sexy in the sunshine.

His flawless face was as beautiful as a statue.

Maybe he wasnt the most handsome man in the world, but he definitely was the most attractive one in her eyes, and she was willing to do everything for him.

All of a sudden, Leng Shaoting opened his eyes, and wore an evil smile.

Gu Ning was a little scared, but still couldnt move her eyes away from his smile.

Seeing that, Leng Shaoting was quite satisfied, and wore a broader smile, which stunned Gu Ning.

“Do you enjoy looking at me” Leng Shaoting asked in his husky voice.

“Yeah,” Gu Ning said listening to her heart.

“Go on,” Leng Shaoting said.

“Why dont you kiss me”

Gu Ning, however, stopped looking at him and was about to leave the bed.

Nevertheless, Leng Shaoting pulled her back and pressed on her body without hesitation.

“What are you doing” Gu Ning looked at him, feeling nervous.

“Lets do some morning exercise,” Leng Shaoting said with a serious face.

“No, my store is going to open today, and I must be there this morning.” Gu Ning struggled to get rid of his control.

“I know, so It wont take long,” Leng Shaoting said, and kissed her to close her mouth.

Gu Ning couldnt resist it, and started to enjoy his kissing and touching.

The foreplay only lasted for a short time today before Leng Shaoting penetrated her.

After a dozen minutes, Leng Shaoting stopped.

He hugged Gu Ning while taking a shower today.

He knew that she would be busy today, so he wouldnt “exercise” again with her.

After putting on fresh clothes, they left the house together.

It was almost 9:30 am when they arrived.

A while later, Xu Jinchen came with flowers to congratulate Gu Ning.

“Congratulations!” Xu Jinchen said to Gu Ning.

“Thank you so much!” Gu Ning took the flowers from him.

Afterwards, Xin Bei also came with flowers.

Seeing several extremely handsome sexy men standing at the door, many women stopped walking.

“Wow, theyre so handsome!”

“Look at their bodies!”

“Are they models”

“They must be!”

“They could be actors too!”

“If they were actors, countless women would be stunned by them.”

They discussed and took many pictures of them.

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