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Chapter 626 Colaine Is Open

“Youre simply jealous of Tongnuos achievements now, because you haters can never achieve anything!”

As long as Su Tongnuos loyal fans saw vicious comments, they would argue with them and forced those haters to shut their mouths.

Anyway, there was no star who was admired by everyone.

Even if an actor was very famous, or even became a household name, there would always be some people who disliked him or her very much.

No matter who worked in the entertainment industry, he or she must be prepared to be criticized or sworn at for no reason.

When the crew of Infinite Horror saw the ad of Su Tongnuo, they were all stunned too.

Bai Lin was quite envious and even a little jealous of Su Tongnuos success now, but she had no intention to scheme against her.

Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting came to the flagship store later.

It was divided into two spaces, and the pharmacy occupied three-quarters of the entire store, while the rest belonged to the skincare products.

The sign of the pharmacy was Colaine Pharmacy, while that of the skincare products store was Kouzi Skincare.

At the lower right corners of the two signs, the direct-sale store was marked.

Direct sales meant that this company directly sold its products at these two stores.

Colaine pharmacy was decorated in the same style as other pharmacies.

Kouzi Skincare, however, was decorated beautifully.

“Nice to see you, Miss Gu and Mr.

Leng!” Ning Changkai greeted them when Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting arrived.

Gu Ning had told Ning Changkai to call her Miss Gu outside of her company, so Ning Changkai followed her order.

Leng Shaoting had accompanied Gu Ning to acquire the medicine factory, so Ning Changkai naturally knew him.

“How is everything going now” Gu Ning asked.

Ning Changkai guided Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting walking around the store and said, “Most of the products have been placed on shelves.”

Several workers in the store were stunned by Gu Nings and Leng Shaotings appearance when they walked towards them.

Right at this moment, a young man suddenly rushed in carrying a woman on his back.

The womans face was pale and she seemed to be in great pain.

The man anxiously shouted, “Is there any medicine for dysmenorrhea My girlfriend is suffering from dysmenorrhea!”

The man was hanging out with his girlfriend, and his girlfriends period came all of a sudden.

His girlfriend always suffered from dysmenorrhea[1] on her period, and it hurt a lot every time.

“Yes!” The leader of the pharmacy was a woman, and she answered the moment she heard the mans call for help.

Although this pharmacy was going to open tomorrow, she wouldnt chase her potential customer away.

The man put his girlfriend down on the sofa.

Before long, the leader came back with a box of medicine.

“Take this, and shell be fine within minutes.”

It was quite effective if this medicine could come into effect within minutes, because normally it took dozens of minutes or even hours.

The man didnt ask further and opened it at once.

There were six small bottles the size of a finger in the box.

“Take a bottle a time,” the leader said.

The man opened a bottle and helped his girlfriend take it.

Once the liquid went into her mouth, she tasted some sweetness and it didnt taste terrible at all.

The cool liquid medicine flowed down her throat.

The moment the liquid medicine arrived at her stomach, her pain was gradually relieved, and the woman didnt feel much pain after only a minute.

“How is it” the man asked nervously.

“Its so good!” his girlfriend said.

“Wow, this medicine is so amazing.

I feel much better now after only one or two minutes! Honey, lets buy more of this!”

“No problem.” The man was relieved that his girlfriend seemed fine now.

“How much is this” he asked the leader.

“Sixty yuan,” the leader said.

“This medicine is aimed to reduce abdominal pain.

Not only dysmenorrhea, but its also effective for general stomach pain.”

“Please give me another five boxes of it!” The man didnt think that this medicine was expensive at all, although its price was twice a high as normal medicine.

The leader went to fetch five more boxes and the man went to pay for them at the counter.

At this moment, his girlfriend was able to walk on her own now.

Because she was carried in by her boyfriend, many people noticed them and were wondering what was happening.

When she walked out herself, everyone was surprised.

“Hey, miss, what happened to you just then Why can you walk out on your own now” an old woman asked her with curiosity.

The woman seemed a little embarrassed, but still answered, “Um, I always suffer from dysmenorrhea on my period.

My boyfriend and I just walked by this pharmacy, so we went in and bought a box of medicine.

The medicine is so effective and I feel much better now.”

“Really” Hearing that, everyone was astonished.

“If so, I must buy some for my daughter too!” another woman said and walked into the pharmacy.

“Oh, I should also buy some for my daughter-in-law!” another old woman said and stepped into the pharmacy.

“Are there other effective medicines in the store” a man asked.

“Lets go inside and check it ourselves!” another man said, and walked in the pharmacy too.

Other people around noticed them walking to the pharmacy one by one, and they got curious too.

Once it started, more and more people followed others walking inside out of curiosity.

In addition, many of them acquired a lot of medicines at a time.

Anyway, it wasnt a bad thing to prepare some effective medicines at home.

Since this pharmacy was already established, people believed that the medicines in it were all qualified and safe.

Although the medicines in this pharmacy were more expensive than those in other pharmacies, many people believed that their prices were higher for a reason.

(1) Very painful menstrual cramps.

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