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Right at that moment, the worker made another cut.

Everyone held his or her breath, fixing their eyes on the machine.

However, there was no more green showing, instead there was white stone inside like what it was on the outside.

Everyone was disappointed at once.

There was only a thin layer of green.

“No, impossible.

This is impossible.” Li Zhenzhen couldnt accept the truth.

It was a jade of the old-pit ice type.

How could it have disappeared!

“Cut it again, again!” Li Zhenzhen shouted.

The worker continued, but there was only stone left.

Li Zhenzhen was struck dumb standing there.

She lost.

She lost the bet.

“Miss Li, you lose,” Gu Ning reminded her.

Hearing Gu Nings voice, Li Zhenzhen suddenly looked at her.

She didnt say a word, but her eyes were full of viciousness.

Gu Ning smiled lightly.

She didnt care and didnt want to urge Li Zhenzhen.

She moved her sight to her raw material which was being rubbed instead.

“Its green inside!”

An encouraging voice sounded.

There was a light shiny purple which showed, but the window was small, so the color wasnt very obvious.

After several rounds of rubbing, the color showed gradually.

It was light purple.

“Isnt-isnt this violet”

“What Impossible!”

Hearing violet, the crowd all rounded their eyes in shock.

“No, no, this cant be true…” Li Zhenzhen was losing her control over her emotions.

“Can it be just a thin layer”

“If it is violet, this young girl is so unbelievably lucky! She has two high-level jade out of three raw materials.”

Everyone looked to Gu Ning with great admiration.

Some felt envious too.

When the worker finished rubbing, and cleaned the jade with water, a shiny violet jade of the glass type came into everyones sight.

“Violet! It is violet! It is a violet jade of the glass type!” The workers hands were trembling quickly.

It was too much for his heart to bear.

He had cut out stones for half of his lifetime.

This was his first time to cut out two high-level jade consecutively, especially this violet.

Purple was the rarest color of jade, and glass was the rarest type of jade.

This jade was a very pure purple.

It was a highly elegant purple.

The light charming color was like the haze from the east, which was full of implicit beauty.

No one was more excited than the boss, who almost fainted, but he was thrilled not because of happiness, but because of regret.

He knew this new group of raw materials had a high green rate, but he didnt expect the rate would that high.

The number of raw materials which had been cut out today was merely around 10, but there were four of them that had jade, two even had high-level jade inside!

If he had cut them out himself, he would be super rich overnight!

But it was too late to do that.

He didnt have the nerve to cut out all his raw materials.

If there was no jade inside, he would lose every cent he had.

Although the violet jade of the glass type was ranked at the same high-level as the jade of the old-pit glass type, it was much more expensive because of its rarity.

Thus the bid began from thirty million yuan.

“Forty million yuan.”

“Fifty million yuan.”

“Seventy million yuan.”

At the end, the violet jade was sold out at the price of eighty million yuan.

The buyer was still Qin Yifan.

Li Zhenyu did want to compete for the violet jade, but he didnt have enough money for it.

The Li Family wasnt in the same level of wealth as the Qin Family after all.

Besides, the last bid was almost higher than the value of the violet jade.

Qin Yifan was truly from the super rich family.

He paid 130 million yuan for two jade within a day.

Actually, 130 million yuan was the highest price Qin Yifan could pay for the jade.

The Qin Family had hundreds of million in assets, and was ranked the fourth richest family in City F on the list.

The Qin Family was universally acknowledged as the second-line super rich family.

But the Qin Family was involved in many industries other than Yicui Jade-store.

Yicui Jade-store was merely inherited from the ancestors.

The Qin Family didnt want to close it and ran it as a sideline.

Thus, the Qin Family actually didnt have much cash on hand.

The 130 million yuan was the best Qin Yifan could do.

He didnt want to miss the high-level jade.

As for Gu Ning, Qin Yifan now more than just appreciated her.

He admired her greatly.

No matter if Gu Ning was only lucky, or if she truly had the ability, she could cut out great jade, which was everything in this industry.

They needed to sign the contract and transfer money.

“Oh, Miss Li lost the bet between us.

Please transfer the ten million yuan to me as well,” Gu Ning reminded.

Although she said it airily, Li Zhenzhen felt utterly displeased.

“Gu Ning, will you stop!” Li Zhenzhen scolded.

Her face changed because of anger, as if she had been treated unfairly.

“What Why should I stop You agreed on the bet.

Do you want to deny it” Gu Ning said.

“You…” She indeed wanted to deny it, but she cared about her reputation.

If she really denied it, her reputation would be ruined.

“Please allow me to transfer the money.” Although Li Zhenyu felt disappointed too, he had to follow the rules.

If there was any negative rumors that went abroad, his familys business would be affected too.

“Brother…” Li Zhenzhen unconsciously called her brother.

She didnt actually want to stop him.

She merely felt helpless.

But no matter what Li Zhenzhen had in her mind, it wasnt a good time for her to utter another word.

Thus the minute she opened her mouth, Li Zhenyu gave her a warning glance.

She shut her mouth at once.

Qin Yifan, at the same time, was like an outsider.

He had no intention to help Li Zhenyu and Li Zhenzhen.

Because he knew if Gu Ning had lost the game, they would do the same thing.

Thus, Qin Yifan preferred to be an outsider.

Before long, the contract had been signed and the money had been transferred.

“Gu Ning, youre so awesome! How can you cut out two jade among three raw materials! Did you really choose the raw materials by luck Do you have Jade Eyes” Qin Yifan was still excited.

He accidentally told the truth.

Although knowing Qin Yifan was joking, Gu Ning felt uneasy.

She smiled.

“Im always a lucky person.

Thats all.”

Qin Yifan looked at the left four raw materials in Gu Nings cart.

“Are there more emeralds in your raw materials”

“I have no idea,” Gu Ning replied casually.

“Oh, its almost 12 am.

Lets go have lunch together!” Qin Yifan invited.


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