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Chapter 601 A Spy

They knew Shen Ruiyins personality to some extent, and it was impossible that someone could grab a photo studio away from her, because she would argue loudly if it really happened.

Of course, they didnt know that Shen Ruiyin remained quiet not because she hadnt heard of it yet, but because she was the one who had posted it on the Internet.

In addition, there were many photo studios and photographers in Tanghuang Entertainment, so there was no need for others to grab them away from Shen Ruiyin.

Therefore, it was obvious that someone posted on the Internet on purpose.

However, even though they knew that it wasnt Su Tongnuos fault, they wouldnt say anything, because they werent sure whether it was a publicity stunt.

After all, a publicity stunt was something an actress needed, so they wouldnt side with anyone for now, in case they might ruin its effect.

Members of Fei Nans photographic team all thought that it was very ridiculous when they read the hot topic on Weibo, because the truth was completely different from it.

A member wanted to clear Su Tongnuos name, but she couldnt smear Shen Ruiyin, because she wasnt sure who did it yet.

In that case, it was better if she was neutral.

“Everyone, calm down and think twice.

It is a photo studio in the building of Tanghuang Entertainment.

Do you think an actress from another company could easily get in it and use it without the permission of Tanghuang Entertainment”

Once that comment was out, many people realized that it hit the point.

It was a photo studio in the building of Tanghuang Entertainment anyway.

Without the permission of Tanghuang Entertainment, nobody was able to get in or even use it.

Shen Ruiyin was eager to smear Su Tongnuo, so she didnt think about it.

Of course, some people also believed that Su Tongnuo must have settled some dirty deals with the senior management of Tanghuang Entertainment, so that she was allowed to use the photo studio.

Nevertheless, some people also pointed out that it was a violation of rules in Tanghuang Entertainment if the senior management allowed an actress from another company to use their photo studio.

Some agreed on that, while some still didnt believe it.

The entertainment industry was a universally acknowledged dirty place, so it was hard for others to believe that Su Tongnuo was innocent.

As an actress signed by Fenghua Entertainment, Fenghua Entertainment of course paid attention to her movement.

The moment the scandal became a hot topic, Fenghua Entertainment noticed it, but its public relation department didnt take action right away.

An actress needed fame and attention the most.

Since someone was helping them gain publicity, they, of course, wouldnt stop it.

Although Su Tongnuo was amid criticisms now, she would leave a good impression on those onlookers once the truth was revealed.

Gu Ning didnt hear about it until Quan Mingkai called her a while later.

When she received Quan Mingkais call, she was dining with Su Tongnuo, Lin Xiaoxia, Yu Zi and Fei Nan in a private room.

Reading the hot topic, Gu Ning figured out who did it without guessing.

She knew that Shen Ruiyin would try to get revenge.

“Lady Ning, Ill arrange someone to help you clear Su Tongnuos name right now,” Quan Mingkai said feeling sorry about that.

Since Gu Ning already called Tang Yunfan her dad, Quan Mingkai addressed her differently now.

“I dont think its a good idea.” Gu Ning rejected.

“Su Tongnuo needs fame now, so let it be.”

“Do you need me to promote it” Quan Mingkai asked.

“Thanks, Uncle Quan, but we dont need to do that, because itll be too obvious and might end up causing bad effects,” Gu Ning said.

Since Gu Ning said so, Quan Mingkai didnt insist.

“Well, do we need to find out who did it”

Gu Ning thought for a while then said, “Not now.

Lets see how it develops.”

Gu Ning was curious about what Shen Ruiyin would do next.

If Shen Ruiyin stopped, she would give her a chance, otherwise she would pay her back.

When Gu Ning told Su Tongnuo her plan, Su Tongnuo wasnt worried at all and chose to believe Gu Ning.

This wasnt the first time that she had been amid criticisms, and Gu Ning had solved the crisis very well last time.

“Tongnuo, why arent you worried at all” Seeing Su Tongnuo being so relaxed, Yu Zi was concerned.

She thought that Su Tongnuo probably didnt know how dangerous the entertainment industry was.

Su Tongnuo smiled and said with confidence, “I dont think that there is anything to be worried about as long as my boss is here.”

Hearing that, Yu Zi turned to look at Gu Ning who seemed calm and confident too, then she realized that their boss wasnt a simple girl.

Therefore, she stopped being worried.

“Well.” Gu Ning suddenly opened her mouth again, but said to Fei Nan with a meaningful look.

“I think there is a spy in your team.”

It must be a spy who had leaked the photo of the photo studio.

Fei Nans expression changed at once.

“Ill find out,” he said coldly.

Fei Nan hated spies the most, and he wouldnt allow a spy to work in his team.

“Jesus, Jade Beauty Jewelry is one of the hottest topics on Weibo!”

Lin Xiaoxia said in surprise all of a sudden, and everyone turned to look at Gu Ning with confusion.

It wasnt easy to be a hot topic on Weibo after all, especially if it was about business.

Gu Ning was also surprised, but she had no idea what had happened.

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