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Chapter 597 Beat Shao Feifei

Once Jade Beauty Jewelry became a hot topic again, it attracted a lot of attention from other jewelry companies, and they all believed that it was a strong competitor.

Therefore, more and more people started to pay attention to Jade Beauty Jewelry.

When many celebrities saw the posters of jade jewelry on the official website of Jade Beauty Jewelry, they were attracted too.

It was hard to buy valuable jade jewelry now, but there were all kinds of jade jewelry of different levels in Jade Beauty Jewelry store.

Some might prefer high-end fashion brands, while some might choose jewelry of high quality.

In fact, not all the products of high-end fashion brands were of good quality, and most people bought designer brands just for their fame.

That being the case, many people became potential buyers of Jade Beauty Jewelry.

Without a doubt, Gu Ning gained a great advantage after the news went viral, although there were still many people swearing at her on the Internet.

However, Gu Ning had no idea about it, because she was on the private jet flying back to City B.

Shao Feifei, on the other hand, was focusing on the progress of the news.

When most of the people were swearing at Gu Ning on the Internet, she gloated over her success, but she soon was scared and felt crazily jealous when she read the comments which criticized her.

How is it possible Gu Ning is the boss of Jade Beauty Jewelry


Fang went to the principals office, and the principal was discussing something with the dean of students.


Fang, may I help” the principal asked.

“Sir, someone is slandering Gu Ning on the Internet, and the news already went abroad,” Mr.

Fang said, then showed the news page to the principal.

“What” The principal was astonished, and took Mr.

Fangs phone at once.

The dean of students went over as well.

After reading the news and comments, they were all impressed by Gu Nings brave behavior and mad at the student who said that she was studying in the same school as Gu Ning.

“Broadcast a warning to the student who slandered Gu Ning.

Tell her to apologize at once or shell be expelled,” the principal ordered.

The principal did that not only for Gu Ning, but also for the reputation of their school.

“We have to post an official statement on our official website now to clear Gu Nings name.”

The dean of students went to make arrangements without delay.

After a while, the radio broadcast a notice, “Notice, notice! Whoever slandered Gu Ning on the Internet, please delete your comment and apologize to Gu Ning at once, or youll be expelled.”

Hearing that, everyone in the school was surprised.

Shao Feifei was really scared this time.

To her astonishment, their school found out what she had done and even broadcast a warning.

In the meantime, the rest of the students all took out their phones to check the hottest topic on the Internet.

The news went abroad in their school within a short time.

After reading the news, they were all shocked and impressed by Gu Nings good deeds, then began to defend Gu Ning and swore at the person who slandered her.

Although it all happened on the Internet, Shao Feifei still felt quite stressed.

Even though she was reluctant to delete her comment, she was left with no choice now.

Once she deleted her comment, other peoples criticisms on her disappeared too.

However, someone already took a screenshot of her comment, and posted it on the Internet, which caused more and more Internet users to start to swear at her.

After that, Shao Feifei posted her apologies to Gu Ning on the Internet.

“Gu Ning, Im so sorry for what Ive done.

I did it just because Im jealous of your beauty and your excellent performance in our school.

Please forgive me and dont sue me.”

Although Shao Feifei apologized, many Internet users had no intention to let her easily get away with it.

Chu Peihan was also dissatisfied, and said in their WeChat group.

Chu Peihan: I dont think her apology is enough!

Hao Ran: What can we do now Can you find out who did it

Mu Ke: It isnt easy.

Chu Peihan: I dont think its difficult.

I can turn to a hacker for help.

The Qing Gang could be so successful not only because they relied on their roughnecks, but because there were all kinds of skilled people in the gang.

It was easy for a hacker to find an IP address.

Without hesitation, Chu Peihan sent the apology on the Internet to a hacker and told him to find its IP as soon as possible.

Within five minutes, she got the result.

The person used a mobile phone to post the apology, and the hacker sent Chu Peihan the persons phone number, ID card, name and pictures in the phone.

Shao Feifei!

Chu Peihan was surprised and sent the result to their WeChat group.

Chu Peihan: Lets go beat her this afternoon! Wholl go with me

Hao Ran: Shao Feifei She dared to scheme against our boss again

Mu Ke: Although I hate Shao Feifei, I dont beat girls.

Qin Zixun: Me neither.

Peihan, I think you alone are enough, and well go with you to support you.

Chu Peihan: Great!

Chu Peihan knew that they werent willing to beat girls, and she wouldnt force them to do it.

Anyway, she was able to beat Shao Feifei down alone.

Li Yuanmin was a young man around 27 years old, and his major was Website Design.

He was the manager of the official website of Jade Beauty Jewelry.

When he noticed that the number of page views and comments increased rapidly, he was shocked, and thought that maybe there was something wrong with the system.

However, when he read the comments, he was more shocked than ever.

Without a doubt, Jade Beauty Jewelry became a household name now.

Li Yuanmin started to reply to those comments.

After 3-hours of flying, Gu Ning and Zhou Zhenghong arrived at the airport of City B at 5:30 pm.

They carried two 26-inch suitcases which were filled with jade jewelry with them.

“Boss, is the white Lamborghini yours” Zhou Zhenghong asked when they got off the private jet.

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