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Chapter 595 Shao Feifei Attacks Gu Ning

“See Those who have sworn at the girl, dont you feel embarrassed now”

“Shouldnt those who have sworn at the girl apologize to the girl now”



Many people requested for those who had sworn at Gu Ning to apologize to her.

Although there were many haters on the Internet, most people were able to stay calm and wait for the truth.

After a short while, some of those who had sworn at Gu Ning apologized to her.

“Im sorry for my unkind comments on the girl.”

“Me too.”

“Whats going on recently How come so many girls who are good at kung fu have appeared all of a sudden”

“What So many What has happened”

“Tell us!”

“Tell us!”

Afterwards, an Internet user sent out several news links.

A car accident on a highway in City D.

A brave and powerful girl caught its wheel! [Pictures Attached).

In the capital, a man kidnapped a boy on a bridge.

A girl caught the man from his back.

(Video Attached]

In City G, migrant workers had severe conflict with a land developer.

A girl alone beat a group of security officers down.

(Video Attached]

Big News: The Secretary of Municipal Party Committee, Yuan Jisong, was stabbed by a crazy man at the outside of the Government Center.

A young girl kicked the crazy man away on time and her partner caught the criminal.

(Photo Attached]

A girl saved a female fans life at the airport.

[Pictures Attached]

Although the above news had all gone viral previously not everyone had read or heard of them before.

However, the girl in the pictures or videos became quite popular at once now.

“Jesus, shes so unbelievable! She must be a kung fu master! I wish she could teach me kung fu.”

“Wow, its so exciting.

Are those girls in the pictures and videos the same person”

“I have the same idea.”

“There is a picture of her face in the fifth piece of news! Shes a beauty!”


“She is a real goddess!”

“Does anyone know anything about her I want to know more about her!”

The news went abroad within seconds.

Unfortunately, Gu Ning wasnt a celebrity and didnt have a Weibo account.

Otherwise, the number of her followers would increase dramatically.

Right now, the mysterious girl in the above news became a hot topic on the Internet, which surprised everyone, including celebrities.

Many of the stars paid a lot to buy a hot topic, but this mysterious girl became popular without making an effort.

In addition, the mysterious girl became famous because she had helped many innocent people, so the majority of the Internet users admired her very much.

It couldnt be a publicity stunt, because nobody would risk his or her life to do that.

After the news went viral, Chu Peihan and the others finally heard what had happened to Gu Ning, and they were all mad at the foreign womans crazy behavior.

Chu Peihan immediately left a comment under the news.

“What the f*ck! How dare she attack my boss! If the foreign woman reads my comment, come to City F and meet me!”

Once Chu Peihans comment was sent out, everyone got to know that the mysterious girl came from City F.

And they started to @ Chu Peihan and asked for information about the mysterious girl.

“Hey, is the girl from City F Whats her name”

“Hey, do you have her number”

“Hey, please tell me more about her!”

Chu Peihan received a lot of private messages from a bunch of strangers within a minute, and she was shocked.

“Jesus, did I say something I shouldnt have”

“Theyre eager to find out more information about our boss, and you told them that you know our boss, and even told them that boss comes from City F.

They will, of course, ask you,” Hao Ran said.

It was very simple.

How come Chu Peihan couldnt figure it out

“Ill delete the comment right now!” Chu Peihan deleted her comment at once.

“Its useless, because they already know your account,” Mu Ke said.

“Well, I wont log in again,” Chu Peihan said airily.

From the beginning to the end, the problem was already solved before Gu Ning dealt with it herself.

However, when Shao Feifei read the news, she was shocked by Gu Nings outstanding ability, but she was more jealous of Gu Ning when everyone started to admire Gu Ning.

When a person got jealous, he or she would lose their reason.

Therefore, Shao Feifei applied for a new account and began to attack Gu Ning under the news.

“Everyone, dont be fooled by her appearance! This girl is named Gu Ning, and I study in the same school as her.

She fights a lot in our school, and is always absent from classes.

Half a year ago, she was still a poor girl, but now she has over a hundred million yuan in wealth.

Do you think its normal A hint: She plays around with all kinds of men every day.”

Once the comment was out, it threw a bomb into the crowd on the Internet.

“Really No way! How can she make over a hundred million yuan within half a year Its impossible.”

“She fights a lot in her school and is always absent from classes Shes a bad girl!”

“I dont believe that.”

“Is it real”

“If its true, its so disgusting.”

“I just thought that she is a goddess.

It turns out shes a bitch!”

“I feel disgusted.”

“I prefer to be silent before the truth comes out.”

“Me too.

Its just a comment left by a stranger.

Who knows whether its real or not.”

“I think its not true.”

“I dont believe it either.

Nobody would risk his or her life for a publicity stunt.”


All in all, a third of Internet users believed it, a third of Internet users stayed neutral, while a third of Internet users didnt believe it.

Either way, it affected Gu Nings reputation now.

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