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Chapter 594 Gu Ning Is Cleared

Luckily, there were people with reason and sided with Gu Ning.

“Although we see the foreign woman being kicked in the video, its clear that the video isnt complete.

We dont know what happened before that, so we cant jump to the conclusion that its the girls fault.”


Its too arbitrary to draw a conclusion from such an incomplete video.

I believe the police will find out the truth, and we can criticize the girl if its really her fault then.”

“Exactly! Wont you feel ashamed if it turns out to be the womans fault”

“Although I think that this girl is a little violent, I have to admit that shes really good at kung fu.”

“Oh, she must be a kung fu master!”

After that, many Internet users began to discuss Gu Nings kung fu level.

“Hey, arent we criticizing the girl for her violent behavior”

“Come one, nobody knows the truth yet!”

Even so, many Internet users still kept swearing at Gu Ning and even @ (mentioned) the Public Security Bureau of City G and many departments of City Gs government in this hot topic.

Before long, the police were involved, but Gu Ning had just arrived at the factory and had no idea what was happening on the Internet.

Adam didnt surf the Internet, so he had no idea about it either.

After he found Aimee, he sent her to the hospital without delay.

“Why did you do that” Adam questioned Aimee.

“Situ treated her differently.

She seduced Situ!” Aimee was still mad.

“Its none of your business.

Situ dislikes you anyway,” Adam warned.

“Situ said that he hopes that you would stop trying to hurt Miss Gu, otherwise hell punish you.”

“What Hell punish me for that bitch” Aimee was in a rage, like Situ Ye had cheated on her.

Adam stared at Aimee, and coldly said, “Stop being so stupid.

Situ hasnt punished you yet just because youre a member of the Hill family.

If you dare to annoy Situ, the Hill family wont protect you.”

He was right.

Although Aimee was born in the Hill family, the Hill family didnt lack heirs or heiresses.

If Aimee dared to hurt the familys benefits, she would be abandoned without a doubt.

Aimees face turned pale at once in fear but she didnt give up her revenge on Gu Ning.

She just made up her mind not to be discovered.

In fact, she was digging her own grave.

The police checked the surveillance cameras later, and found out that Aimee was the one who had attacked Gu Ning in the first place, but the police needed more evidence to clear Gu Nings name.

After checking the number plate of the private car in the surveillance video, the police found that it belonged to the Huangdeng Hotel.

If the foreign woman had a close relationship with the Huangdeng Hotel, the police would have to stop investigating this case because the Huangdeng Hotel had the Tang familys support.

It wasnt shameful to avoid annoying the powerful, because that was how this society worked.

No matter how those Internet users criticized Gu Ning on the Internet, it was undeniable that the foreign woman had attacked Gu Ning in the first place.

When the hotel manager saw the surveillance video, he was scared because he was worried that Gu Ning might be hurt and he would lose his job.

Therefore, he called Quan Mingkai at once and reported it.

However, as a manager of the Huangdeng Hotel, he was able to deal with this accident.

The manager told the police that the young girl in the surveillance video was an important figure, and that the secretary of the chairman of Tanghuang Group had told them to receive her.

The police understood that Gu Ning wasnt an ordinary girl, so they stopped investigating.

When Quan Mingkai heard about it, he was surprised.

Even though Gu Ning was safe now, he was still worried and called Tang Yunfan without hesitation.

Tang Yunfan was annoyed when he heard about it and called Gu Ning at once.

“Dad, dont worry.

Im fine, dont forget that Im a kung fu master, ha-ha,” Gu Ning joked to allay Tang Yunfans annoyance.

Hearing that, Tang Yunfan remembered that Gu Ning had easily beaten Cao Wenxin, and she could protect herself well.

However, Tang Yunfan still felt guilty that Gu Ning had to protect herself all on her own throughout the past years.

Gu Ning added, “I broke the womans wrist and kicked her away with great force.

She wont be able to leave the hospital in the next few days.”

“She deserves it!” Tang Yunfan said.

After that, the police released the complete surveillance video on the Internet.

To Clear the Young Girls Name (Video Attached]

Once the news went out, it went viral again.

“Jesus! Its the woman who attacked the girl first!”

“The woman asked for it!”

“Put the woman in jail!”

“The girl is so awesome!”

“Indeed, she stayed calm and fought back on time.”

“I hate the woman now.”

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