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Chapter 590 The Death Penalty

“I don’t think that you’re a qualified international mercenary because your accent is so heavy.

Do you want to do ‘business’ here in the future or not” Mr.

Akino sneered.

Nobody would know that he was a foreigner from his standard local language.

“I was just kidding.

Do you have to take it so serious” The young man immediately used the standard local language.

“Do you think it’s the right time to joke now Do you think it’s easy to do business in this country If the Red Flame finds us, we’re doomed!” Mr.

Akino said with worry.

Hearing that, they all looked serious.

Although they would do anything for money, they knew how dangerous what they were doing now was.

Therefore, they also did their best to avoid the Red Flame.

However, they had already caught the Red Flame’s attention.

The group of them didn’t go to settle the deal at once but had a rest in a self-built house.

They would meet the buyer tomorrow before the trade.

This house was prepared by the buyer, in case they would be exposed if they stayed in a hotel.

Although they used fake ID cards and passports, they could never be too careful.

The international criminal police was chasing them.

Once they were caught, they would be sentenced to the death penalty.

That being the case, they already had the idea to retire after this deal and live a relaxed life on an island, which was also the reason why Bai Zhen wanted to get a bigger reward.

However, compared with life, money was nothing, so none of them were willing to risk their lives.

Leng Shaoting’s group didn’t follow them closely because they were international mercenaries, not normal criminals.

If Leng Shaoting followed them too closely they would discover him.

Since those criminals were already out, Leng Shaoting was confident to catch them this time.

City Teng was a small city and there weren’t many small roads, so it wasn’t difficult for Leng Shaoting to follow them.

When Gu Ning was home, it was only 9 pm, so she called Zhou Zhenghong and told him to be prepared.

She was going to deliver jade jewelry in City B.

“Tomorrow” Zhou Zhenghong was surprised.

“Boss, isn’t it too hurried We haven’t contacted the airline yet.

If we’re going to deliver the goods by plane, we must arrange it beforehand.”

“It’s fine.

We can use a private jet,” Gu Ning said.

“What A private jet” Zhou Zhenghong was astonished.

He was impressed by Gu Ning’s ability yet again.

Afterwards, Gu Ning asked Zhou Zhenghong whether he had arranged everything for his son because Zhou Zhenghong was the general manager of Jade Beauty Jewelry and he had to attend the opening ceremony in City B.

Zhou Zhenghong told her that he had hired a babysitter, and the babysitter would take care of his son.

Hearing that, Gu Ning relaxed.

After that, Gu Ning called Su Tongnuo and told her to come to City B tomorrow afternoon for the advertisement shooting.

Gu Ning had discussed it with Su Tongnuo and Lu Zhan when she had been to City D, SO Su Tongnuo would have a day off for the promotion of the jewelry brand.

“Can you write an advertisement copy” Gu Ning called Lu Xiao and asked.


A piece of cake,” Lu Xiao said.


I need an advertisement copy for jewelry, so please send it to me tomorrow,” Gu Ning said.

“No problem!” Lu Xiao didn’t feel that it was difficult for him to finish the task within a day, because he was an experienced marketer.

Since Leng Shaoting assigned him to manage this entertainment company, he had to be good at it.

Quan Mingkai arrived at the Tang family’s house around 9 pm too.

Although he heard that Tang Yunfan was already awake, he was still excited when he saw Tang Yunfan in person.

“Boss,” Quan Mingkai greeted him with great respect.

“What’s the latest news” Tang Yunfan asked.

“Tang Deming stopped contacting Cheng Zhongsheng and Wu Boyan, but we don’t know whether they teamed up or he gave up,” Quan Mingkai said worriedly.

If Tang Deming gave up it would be good news.

If not, it would be terrible news.

Besides, it would be easy to unseat Tang Deming alone, but they were afraid that there was an ambitious person behind Tang Deming’s back.

In addition, they had to keep running the company on the right track and stabilize the board of directors at the same time.

“If Cheng Zhongsheng and Wu Boyan don’t know that there is an ambitious person behind Tang Deming’s back, it’s impossible that they’d side with him because they know Tang Deming’s ability very well.

However, if they found out about the support behind Tang Deming, they would probably change their mind,” Tang Yunfan said.

“The point is that we have no idea who the ambitious person is, and I don’t think that it’s a good time to tell Cheng Zhongsheng and Wu Boyan the news that you’re already awake, in case they betray us,” Quan Mingkai said.

Tang Deming and his allies had taken action when Tang Yunfan had been unconscious.

Although they would stop if they heard that Tang Yunfan was awake, their ambition would never change.

Nobody was willing to live with a loose cannon.

“I think they’ll stop for a short time after the abduction failed, but they won’t be quiet for long,” Quan Mingkai said.

“Maybe they have other helpers here.”

Tang Yunfan had also had that thought so he stayed in his room all the time.

There were many domestic servants in the Tang family, and he wasn’t sure whether all of them were loyal to the Tang family.

The next morning, Gu Ning and Gu Man went to the Tang family’s house after breakfast as usual.

“Ningning, the private jet is ready, and you can set off at any time,” Tang Yunfan said to Gu Ning


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