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Chapter 588 Tang Jiakai Feels Regretful

Tang Yunfan didn’t mind crying in front of his family.

Gu Man’s eyes were also wet with tears.

When Tang Yunfan calmed himself down, Gu Ning said, “Dad, my jewelry store is going to open in City B soon, and I need to go to City G tomorrow to deliver the jade jewelry here.

May I use the private jet in our family It’ll be safer and more convenient.” In the beginning, Gu Ning planned to borrow it, but she changed her mind and decided to directly use it after she called Tang Yunfan her dad now.

“No problem!” Tang Yunfan agreed without second thought.

Let alone a private jet, even if Gu Ning wanted a star in the sky, he would go get it for her.

“Oh, who’s the spokesperson of your jewelry brand” Tang Yunfan asked.

“Su Tongnuo, a B-list actress,” Gu Ning said.


“A B-list actress” Tang Yunfan frowned with dissatisfaction.

“Do you think she’s suitable for it”

“I know she doesn’t have much fame now, but she works for my company so I must give her a chance.

As long as my jewelry brand becomes popular, she’ll be a household name too,” Gu Ning said.

“And I have the support of our family, so I don’t think it’ll be a problem.”

“You signed an actress Do you plan to be involved in the entertainment industry” Tang Yunfan was astonished.

“Yes,” Gu Ning answered.

“Don’t you feel overburdened to run so many businesses at such an early age” Tang Yunfan felt very protective of Gu Ning.

He was impressed when he heard about Gu Ning’s achievements before he knew that she was his biological daughter, but his heart ached for her after he found out the truth.

He thought that Gu Ning, who was just a young girl, should live a relaxed life instead of being occupied by business.

“I run the businesses according to my ability and I am basically just a boss behind the scenes, so it isn’t tiring at all,” Gu Ning said.

“In addition, I have a strong sense of satisfaction and achievement when I’m doing what I want.

I think I’m living a meaningful life.”

Hearing that, Tang Yunfan was quite gratified.

Although he didn’t want to see Gu Ning being so busy at such an early age he knew that was what she wanted.

Moreover, he had been an absent father for so many years of her life, so he didn’t have the right to judge her decisions now.

Therefore, Tang Yunfan decided to be Gu Ning’s support behind her back.

“Feel free to tell me whenever you need my help.”

“I need your help now, dad,” Gu Ning suddenly said with a serious look on her face.

“I need the dining hall of the Huangdeng Hotel as well as 10 models to do the opening show.

Although you’re my father it’s business after all, so I’ll arrange someone to discuss it with your company later.”

“Do we have to be so serious We’re family anyway,” Tang Yunfan said.

He was unwilling to charge his own daughter.

“Of course we do! If you really want to help me, you should give me enough space to grow up myself.

I don’t want to rely on you to be successful.

No pain, no gain,” Gu Ning said seriously.


Tang Yunfan was amused by Gu Ning’s serious face, and also felt happy for his daughter.

He knew that he wasn’t a good father because he had been absent during her childhood and adolescence.

However, it was what it was and he had to accept it as a failure.

All in all, he still felt very proud of his daughter.

Gu Ning didn’t tell Tang Yunfan that she had encountered Feng Xueqin today because Gu Man was there.

Today was a special day.

Although Gu Man hadn’t accepted Tang Yunfan yet, the Tang family had already accepted her as a family member, so it was a big day that they gathered together.

Around 5 pm, Cao Wenxin arrived.

“Hi, good afternoon everyone!” Cao Wenxin said happily once she walked inside.

“Um, should I call you Aunt Man now” Cao Wenxin asked Gu Man.

“Not yet,” Gu Man said.

Tang Yunfan was a little disappointed but didn’t say anything, because he understood that it would take time for Gu Man to accept him.

“Fine.” Since Gu Man said so, Cao Wenxin didn’t insist, in case Gu Man would feel embarrassed.

Around 6 pm, Tang Yunhang and his wife and Cao Ruihua and his wife along with Cao Wenjun also got home.

Except for Cao Wenjun, the rest had all met Gu Ning and Gu Man before.

“Nice to meet you!” Cao Wenjun greeted Gu Ning and Gu Man politely.

“Nice to meet you too, Wenjun,”


“Nice to meet you too, Cousin Wenjun,” Gu Man and Gu Ning greeted Cao Wenjun politely.

Finally, Tang Jiakai also got home, and only Tang Jiayang was absent now, because he was still studying abroad.

When Tang Jiakai saw Gu Man, he was struck dumb for a second and Tang Yunhang introduced Gu Man to him at once, “This is Ningning’s mother.”

“Nice to meet you,” Tang Jiakai said politely.

He didn’t know Gu Man’s relationship with Tang Yunfan yet.

“Nice to meet you too, Jiakai,” Gu Man said with a smile.

After that, they sat in the living room chatting with each other, while two domestic servants were preparing dinner in the kitchen.

While they were chatting, Tang Yunhang said to Tang Jiakai, “Jiakai, if anyone asks you about your Uncle Yunfan’s condition, you can tell them that your Uncle Yunfan is still unconscious.

Do you understand”

Hearing that, Tang Jiakai sensed that something bad must have happened, so he asked seriously, “What happened”

Since the majority in the Tang family was aware of it, Tang Yunhang told Tang Jiakai the secret.

“Your Uncle Yunfan had a car accident last week, and he fell into unconsciousness for a couple of days afterwards.

He didn’t wake up until yesterday.

Once your Uncle Yunfan was in danger some directors in the company started to take action to unseat us.

In order to turn their trick to our own use, your Uncle Yunfan will pretend to still be unconscious.”

“What Why didn’t you tell me earlier” Tang Jiakai complained.

He blamed himself because he had been absent last weekend and didn’t know that his family had just been through a serious crisis.

Although he might not be helpful, he wanted to do something.


Tang Jiakai felt regretful and guilty that he had been out having fun while his family had been in danger.


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