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Chapter 584 The Woman Who Admires Tang Yunfan

“Who else could she be” the man said.

All of a sudden, a woman who was sitting at the next table stood up at once and walked to them questioning in an unkind voice, “How do you know that”

Seeing that, Gu Ning realized that the two men did it on purpose so that the woman could hear the news.

However, who was this woman Why did she seem to overreact when she heard the news about Tang Yunfan Why did the two men leak the news to her

“My friend works for the Tang family and he told me,” the man said.

Gu Ning sensed that it must be Tang Demings scheme.

Hearing that, the woman seemed more upset, but she didnt ask further before she walked back to her seat.

“Xueqin, could it be fake news If the girl is really Tang Yunfans daughter, why has nobody heard of her during so many years Why did she suddenly appear” another woman said and remained doubtful.

“If not, how come the news went abroad!” It was obvious that the woman who was called Xueqin believed it.

She was Feng Xueqin, who was born in another super-rich family in City B.

When Master Tangs wife was still alive, she was a good friend with Feng Xueqins mother.

In her early years, she often joked about setting Feng Xueqin and Tang Yunfan up, so Feng Xueqin bore it in mind.

When Feng Xueqin was young, she always claimed that she was Tang Yunfans fiancée.

However, Tang Yunfan kept a distance away from her, and never mentioned marrying her.

After a long time, she still couldnt marry into the Tang family, so she stopped claiming that she was Tang Yunfans fiancée.

Nevertheless, Feng Xueqin was reluctant to give up.

Even though she couldnt win Tang Yunfans heart, she wouldnt leave him alone, and remained single till now when she was 36 years old.

During the past years, if any woman dared approach Tang Yunfan, she would interfere in his personal affairs.

If the woman didnt aim to sleep with Tang Yunfan, she wouldnt punish the woman severely, but if the woman aimed to sleep with Tang Yunfan or even to be his girlfriend, she would do everything to ruin the woman.

Feng Xueqins love for Tang Yunfan was very twisted, so she was furious and almost lost control of herself when she heard that Tang Yunfan had a woman and a daughter in secret.

“If I cant get him, nobody can.

Even if the mother and daughter are truly Tang Yunfans woman and daughter, they wont be soon,” Feng Xueqin said with an evil expression.

Hearing that, Gu Ning squinted at her.

Very well, lets see! Feng Xueqin, if you dare hurt Gu Man, I promise that youll regret.

“Boss, whats wrong” Seeing Gu Ning being so angry Yu Zi was scared.

“Oh, nothing,” Gu Ning said and gave her a smile.

Since Gu Ning said nothing, Yu Zi stopped asking further.

The dishes were soon placed on the table, and they started to enjoy their lunch.

Feng Xueqin, however, lost her appetite after hearing the news about Gu Man and Gu Ning.

When she stood up, walking away, her friends sight fell on Gu Ning and thought that Gu Ning looked very familiar.

Her friend couldnt help but give Gu Ning a few more glances, and Gu Ning didnt avoid her look at all, because that was exactly what Gu Ning wanted.

“Xueqin, look at that girl!” Feng Xueqins friend pulled her back and pointed at Gu Ning.

Feng Xueqin turned to look at Gu Ning and was stunned at once.

Feng Xueqin was more familiar with Tang Yunfan than her friend, so she recognized Gu Nings face when Gu Ning appeared in her sight.

Although Tang Yunfan wasnt young anymore, it was still easy to notice that Gu Ning closely resembled him.

Is she the girl that the two men just discussed Feng Xueqin thought to herself.

No matter what, Feng Xueqin wouldnt let Gu Ning go, so she strode to the table where Gu Ning sat and asked Gu Ning very impolitely, “Whats your relationship with Tang Yunfan”

Although she already had the answer, she still wanted to hear it from Gu Nings mouth.

At the same time, the two men were also surprised when Feng Xueqin asked Gu Ning that question.

They hadnt noticed Gu Ning until now.

Although they hadnt met Tang Yunfan in person and they only saw his picture, they had to admit that this young girl in front of them did greatly resemble Tang Yunfan.

Jesus! Is she the girl Did she hear everything

The two men escaped without delay, in case they would expose themselves.

Gu Ning saw them leaving, but didnt stop them, because she was very eager to teach Feng Xueqin a lesson now.

Yu Zi was frightened by Feng Xueqins aggressive attitude, but she didnt know Tang Yunfan, so she had no idea what was going on.

Gu Ning, on the other hand, calmly enjoyed her meal and ignored Feng Xueqin.

Seeing that she was being ignored, Feng Xueqin was in a rage.

“Are you deaf Didnt you hear my question”

Gu Ning still didnt give her a glance but coldly asked, “Who are you Why should I answer your question”

“You…” Feng Xueqin was irritated by Gu Nings arrogant attitude, especially when Gu Ning said that with a face which strongly resembled Tang Yunfan.

At short notice, Feng Xueqin turned the plates on the table upside down in anger.

Yu Zi moved backwards in fear and avoided the disaster.

Gu Ning, however, didnt move at all, and the food stained her clothes everywhere.

Gu Ning did that for the purpose of using that as a reasonable excuse to teach Feng Xueqin a lesson.

“Boss, are you alright” Yu Zi wanted to wipe the stains off for Gu Ning, but Gu Ning raised her hand to stop her.

The big noise attracted attention from other customers in the restaurant, and the manager came to them at once.

“What happened”

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