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Chapter 582 Lin Tianyou and Zhao Xiaoxuan

“Ningning, do you think your mother will accept your father” Tang Haifeng asked worriedly.

Although whatever would be would be, he still hoped that they could get back together again.

Otherwise, Tang Yunfan would be alone throughout this lifetime.

“I think she will,” Gu Ning said.

It was obvious that Gu Man still loved Tang Yunfan.

“Oh, Ningning, it was a domestic servant who leaked your mothers connection with us, and he already confessed to it.

I planned to punish him severely, but he did it under another persons threat.

He confessed to it when his son was still in danger and your mother is safe home now, so I let him go.

I know that its unfair to your mother, but Im a father too and I understand why he did it.

Im sorry,” Tang Haifeng said and felt sad.

Hearing that, Gu Ning had mixed emotions.

Although she hated the person who put her mother in danger, she understood that he did it to protect his own kid.

In addition, he confessed to it when his son was still in danger, and Gu Man was safe now, so there was no need to punish him.

Gu Man had been abducted because he had leaked the information, but he had not been involved in the crime, so he wouldnt be put in jail even if they sued him.

“Like you just said, he already confessed to it when his son was still in danger and my mom is safe now, so let it go,” Gu Ning said.

Hearing that, Tang Haifeng relaxed.

In fact, it wasnt a bad thing to be kind when it was necessary.

“Oh, grandpa, I have to leave now.

I dont know what time Ill be back today, but please dont let my mom go home before I come back,” Gu Ning said.

She said that not because she was afraid that the Tang family couldnt protect Gu Man, but because she was worried that something bad could happen to Gu Man if Gu Man was alone in the house.

After the abduction, the Tang family would, of course, increase its protection for Gu Man.

“Sure,” Tang Haifeng said.

Afterwards, Gu Ning left.

Tang Deming couldnt get through to Zhang Yongjian, so he sent some people out to find Zhang Yongjian.

However, Zhang Yongjian was nowhere to be found.

Tang Deming could only call Tang Weiyong and tell him what had happened.

Tang Weiyong said, “Stop tracking him, in case you expose yourself.

Leak the news that Gu Man and Gu Ning joined the Tang family to the woman called Feng Xueqin.

Shell help


“No problem,” Tang Deming said then arranged someone to do that without delay.

Gu Ning called Yu Zi when she left the Tang familys house.

She planned to visit the garment factory with Yu Zi.

Yu Zi was free, so Gu Ning told her to meet her outside of the shopping mall in 20 minutes.

Since Yu Zi worked for Gu Ning she, of course, wouldnt make Gu Ning wait for her, so she walked outside 10 minutes later.

Coincidentally, she met her ex-boyfriend once she walked out of the shopping mall.

Yu Zi pretended that she didnt see him, because she was unwilling to meet him again.

Her ex-boyfriend also felt embarrassed and turned his head away.

However, her ex-boyfriends girlfriend blocked her way.

“Hey, isnt this Yu Zi We havent seen you for a long time! How have you been recently” The woman who held the mans arm greeted Yu Zi.

It sounded polite, but she was just showing off.

Yu Zi was displeased, but pretended to be cool.

“Very well.”

“Do you have a boyfriend now” the woman asked.

“None of your business!” Yu Zi said in annoyance.

“Well, were good friends after all, and I should care about you,” the woman said, but it sounded very sarcastic.

“Really” Yu Zi couldnt stand it anymore.

“Were good friends Zhao Xiaoxuan, dont you have any sense of shame”

“What Are you mad at me just because I stole your boyfriend” Zhao Xiaoxuan seemed very proud.

“Yu Zi, who do you think you are Youre just a poor girl from a poor family, and you shouldnt stop Tianyou from becoming more successful.

You can never marry into a rich family.

Do you understand”

Zhao Xiaoxuan was humiliating Yu Zi in public.

Zhao Xiaoxuans father was a businessman who had dozens of millions of yuan in wealth.

Lin Tianyou was also born in a rich family, so Yu Zi was merely a poor girl in their eyes.

Moreover, Zhao Xiaoxuan was her fathers only child.

If Lin Tianyou married her, he would inherit her familys wealth too.Yu Zi had felt so hurt when they had cheated on her because one had been her boyfriend and the other had been her good friend.

However, since it was already history, Yu Zi also wanted to move on, but it seemed like Zhao Xiaoxun had a different idea.

“Xiaoxuan, enough,” Lin Tianyou said frowning with dissatisfaction.

Hearing that, Zhao Xiaoxuan questioned him in anger, “What Are you defending her”

“You…” Lin Tianyou felt quite embarrassed.

“Its a public place.

Couldnt you save me some face”

He had to admit that he couldnt forget Yu Zi and defended her subconsciously because Yu Zi was kind and gentle while Zhao Xiaoxuan was simply a spoiled rich girl.

Nevertheless, Yu Zi was born in a poor family and like Zhao Xiaoxuan had said, she would be a burden to him.

In order to be more successful, he had abandoned Yu Zi.

In fact, he had tried to sleep with Zhao Xiaoxuan in order to be her boyfriend.

Unexpectedly, Zhao Xiaoxuan had admired him from afar for a long time, and set a trap to sleep with him first, so he had sex with her after drinking a lot as both of them wanted.

“You…” Zhao Xiaoxuan was mad when Lin Tianyou criticized her, but she also noticed that people were staring at her, so she shut her mouth.

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