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Chapter 575 Zhang Yongjians Confession

Zhang Yongjian thought that they were just a man and a young girl who seemed weak, so they could easily be controlled.

The two bulky men immediately ran to Gu Ning and Hong Fen.

Gu Ning, however, stayed calm, because that was exactly what she wanted.

Zhang Yongjian exposed himself.

Hong Fen had witnessed how Gu Ning alone beat several men down within seconds, so he wasnt worried about her safety.

As for himself, he was confident that he could handle one man.

When the two bulky men got near, Gu Ning attacked them, so did Hong Fen.

Gu Ning threw one of them over her shoulder to the ground, and he hit the ground with a loud sound then screamed in pain.

After that, Gu Ning dislocated his arms without hesitation, which tortured the bulky man.

Hong Fen, however, was still in a fierce fight with the other bulky man, and he was stunned that Gu Ning did it so smoothly.

Zhang Yongjian was also terrified, because he thought that Gu Ning was just an ordinary girl.

Zhang Yongjun was surprised too.

Zhang Yongjian instinctively turned and ran, but Gu Ning wouldnt let him escape! Within a blink, Gu Ning came to Zhang Yongjian, then grabbed his arm, kicking him in the hollow behind his knee, which caused him to suffer great pain.

Zhang Yongjian lost his balance, and knelt down at once.

Afterwards, Gu Ning dislocated his arms as well making it impossible for him to run again.

Gu Ning had dislocated two mens arms, but Hong Fen was still in the fight with the last man, so Gu Ning helped him without delay and kicked the man to the ground.

Hong Fen flushed with embarrassment.

Gu Ning wasnt in the mood to care about his feelings, and ordered, “Gag their mouths!”

“Sure.” Hong Fen went to gag the two bulky mens mouths at once, while Gu Ning walked to Zhang Yongjian and asked him with a serious look on her face, “Tell me, who told you to abduct my mother and me”

Gu Nings sharp eyes and serious look along with her powerful air made Zhang Yongjian feel utterly stressed.

“You dont want to say” Gu Ning frowned.

“I think youve lived long enough.”

Zhang Yongjian panicked.

“You cant kill me.

Its illegal.”

“Illegal” Gu Ning laughed, like she had just heard a funny joke.

“You do know that there is a thing called the law Dont you know that its illegal that youve abducted my mother I bet you wanted to kill my mother too, right”

Zhang Yongjian didnt know what to say, because he did plan to kill Gu Man and let Zhang Yongjun be the scapegoat.

“Tell me, or not” Gu Ning asked.

Zhang Yongjian still remained silent.

Gu Ning was displeased.

She then raised one foot to step on Zhang Yongjians leg which wasnt injured yet.

With a clear snap, his bone was broken and he shouted from the severe pain.

“Tell me, or not” Gu Ning asked again.

“Yes, I-Ill tell you.” Zhang Yongjian knew that if he refused to tell Gu Ning, he would be dead today.

If he told her, he would live at least.

“Its Tang Deming,” Zhang Yongjian said.

Tang Deming A director of the Tanghuang Group Gu Ning had heard of that name, and it seemed to be an abduction caused by business conflict.

Gu Ning didnt believe his words right away, but took out his phone and read through the call records then she sent K the information she found and told K to find out who the callers were.

While K was investigating, Gu Ning asked again, “Whats your aim”

Zhang Yongjian then told her everything.

When Tang Yunfan was unconscious, Gu Man and Gu Ning appeared, which attracted Tang Demings attention, and he thought that Gu Ning could be Tang Yunfans biological daughter.

If Tang Yunfan didnt wake up, Gu Ning would be the heir of the Tanghuang Group, which was the last thing Tang Deming, who was ambitious, wanted to see so he had schemed against Gu Ning.

Hearing that, Zhang Yongjun was shocked.

To his astonishment, Zhang Yongjian was involved in such an unbelievable conspiracy! The Tang family was the top family in the City B!

Gu Ning, on the other hand, thought that it was ridiculous.

“Even if I didnt appear, there are many other choices in the Tang family.

I dont think that Tang Deming who is merely a member of a branch of the Tang family can inherit its wealth.”

“He, of course, wont allow anyone to stand in his way,” Zhang Yongjian said.

“Do you mean that hes going to kill all the members of the Tang family” Gu Ning was mad.

“I dont know the details,” Zhang Yongjian said.

Before long, K had the result.

Tang Deming had contacted Zhang Yongjian frequently.

It seemed very likely that Tang Deming had planned everything.

“Why did you make Zhang Yongjun the scapegoat” Gu Ning asked.

Actually, Zhang Yongjian had already bribed a policeman in the police team that was sent out to search for Gu Man.

Once he killed Gu Man and Gu Ning, he would tell the policeman where to find their bodies, and the policeman would kill Zhang Yongjun claiming that Zhang Yongjun was the murderer.

In that case, nobody would know what Zhang Yongjian had done.

Although Zhang Yongjun already felt heart-broken after what he had been through today, he still couldnt accept it when he heard his older brothers scheme.

Gu Ning sighed.

Evil peoples actions were beyond normal peoples imagination.

Right at that moment, Zhang Yongjians phone rang; the callers name was Wang Qing.

“Whos Wang Qing” Gu Ning asked.

“Hes the policeman that I bribed,” Zhang Yongjian said.

Gu Ning answered the call, and put it on speaker.

“Hi, Yongjian, weve found the woman, and we have to leave now,” Wang Qing said.

Hearing that, Gu Ning hung up without saying a word.

Wang Qing didnt know what was going on, but didnt call back either.

“Hong Fen, unfasten him,” Gu Ning said.

Hong Fen unfastened Zhang Yongjun at once.

Gu Ning turned to Zhang Yongjun and warned him coldly, “Dont tell anyone else what youve been through tonight.

If anyone else finds out, youll pay for it.”

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