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Gu Ning left the shop, then walked in another one.

She luckily found another high-level jade and a medium-level jade.

The high-level jade was as big as an apple, while the medium-level jade was a little bigger, and the size of half a football.

Gu Ning did not plan to cut the high-level jade out now.

She had just cut out two high-level emeralds, and didnt want to cause a sensation.

Thus she decided to cut out the medium-level one.

The medium-level jade was sold out at the price of eight million yuan.

Gu Ning continued to visit those shops.

After six stores, she had collected another seven or eight high-level jade in different sizes.

Their value varied of course.

The biggest one was as big as a football, while the smallest one was as small as an apple.

Other than those high-level jade, she also accumulated five medium-level jade.

As for the low-level jade, Gu Ning ignored them directly.

On her way, Gu Ning cut out two medium-level jade, and earned 23 million yuan.

And the rest, Gu Ning didnt want to cut them out now.

She had no intention to be famous.

Till now, Gu Ning had made eighty-six million yuan in total by cutting out jade.

The price of those raw materials varied from high to low levels.

The expensive one cost dozens of thousands of yuan a pound, while the cheap one cost merely hundreds of yuan a pound.

Thus Gu Ning had spent three million yuan on her raw materials in all.

But if she cut out all her raw materials, she could earn six hundred to seven hundred million yuan.

Gu Ning decided to collect more raw materials with jade in them before she sold some to Master Fu and Zhao Yuefeng.

Every time Gu Ning bought a raw material, she would secretly put it into the telepathic eye space, so that she was able to carry a light backpack along the way.

Gu Ning stepped in a shop again.

This shop was much bigger than those she had visited.

There were a lot more customers as well as raw materials in it too.

Hearing the talks among others, Gu Ning then found out the shop just had a new group of high-level raw materials in.

Those high-level raw materials were more likely to have jade in them.

Of course, even though the green rate was higher, one needed to rely on his or her luck!

Gu Ning immediately used her Jade Eyes to scan over those raw materials.

There were indeed emeralds in them; one was even red.

There were two raw materials with jade in them.

One was a little smaller than a football, while the other was as big as two apples.

The raw material with a red jade inside was as big as half a football.

The minute Gu Ning found out there was a red jade in it, she liked it.

Thus she pulled the cart ahead to it at once.

However, when Gu Ning moved near to it, a woman around 30 years old in a fashionable suit picked it up before her.

Gu Ning felt nervous.

She knew the rules.

You couldnt grab the raw material from others.

You could only take it if others abandoned it.

Gu Ning didnt want to lose the other two raw materials with green jade inside as well so she picked them up without further delay.

Meanwhile, she fixed her eyes on the raw material with a red jade inside.

As long as the woman put it down, she would pick it up.

“I dont think there is jade in this one.

It looks ugly,” a young man, who was standing beside the woman, said.

“Nonsense! You can never judge from its appearance.

Just because it looks ugly doesnt mean there isnt jade in it,” the woman retort.

Hearing that, Gu Nings heart skipped a heartbeat. The woman must like this raw material too.

Then the woman added, “But, I need to consider whether to buy it.”

After that, the woman put the raw material down, secretly remembering its number.

She liked this raw material, but hadnt made up her mind to buy it yet.

The second the woman left, Gu Ning picked the raw material up.

She was greatly relieved.

Fortunately, the woman hadnt decided to buy it yet, or Gu Ning would have to miss this rare jade.

It must be priceless!

Gu Ning continued to scan the raw materials with her Jade Eyes.

She got another two with jade inside.

Both were as big as two-thirds of a football.

Those emeralds werent enough, but Gu Ning decided to pay her bill putting them into the telepathic eye space first.

It wouldnt be convenient if she carried lots of raw materials with her.

The raw materials were the latest group, so they were expensive.

The small ones cost ten thousand yuan a pound, while the big ones cost twenty thousand yuan a pound.

Gu Ning bought five raw materials, which weighed 93 pounds.

They cost 1.5 million yuan in all.

Gu Ning put those raw materials into the telepathic eye space, then went back to shopping.

Before long, Gu Ning found another one with a green jade inside.

This time, the jade was much bigger.

It was as big as two footballs.

Gu Ning immediately moved it to her cart.

It weighed at least 50 pounds, and it cost twenty thousand yuan a pound.

That was to say, this raw material cost around one million yuan.

Of course, Gu Ning wouldnt care its cost at all.

As long as there was jade in it, she would buy it even if it cost ten million.

The jade inside was worth far more than ten million.

Gu Ning could figure out the types of the raw materials from its power.

The thicker the power was, the more valuable the jade was.

However, Gu Ning still didnt know the exact price of the jade.

The price depended on the buyer.

“Gu Ning”

Right when Gu Ning put the raw material into her cart, she heard someone call her name.

The voice sounded familiar, so she knew who he was before she saw the person.

Gu Ning looked over.

It was Qin Yifan, who seemed surprised.

She smiled kindly.

“Nice to meet you.

What a coincidence! Are you here to buy some raw materials too”

Qin Yifan was accompanied by Li Zhenzhen and a young man who was around 27 years old.

Li Zhenzhen became upset when she saw Gu Ning here.

She hated Gu Ning and didnt want to meet her again.

On the other side, Gu Ning didnt care at all.

“Yes! One of my old friends runs this shop.

There is a new group of high-level raw materials, and Ive been informed to have a look.

Actually I came to City G to check the raw materials here, but I didnt expect youre here for the same reason,” Qin Yifan said.

He looked delighted.

No one knew whether he was so happy because he had met Gu Ning, or because he had met an acquaintance.

“Im interested in stone gambling too, but Im a new comer.

I dont know much about it,” Gu Ning said.

“You can ask me if you have any questions,” Qin Yifan said with kindness.

“Sure!” Gu Ning didnt reject, but it was another thing whether she would really turn to him for help.

Li Zhenzhen couldnt stand that Qin Yifan was so kind to Gu Ning.

She immediately walked over, “There is a weathered leather shell on the surface of the raw materials, which makes people unable to see the jade inside.

Thus many people think that the stone gambling completely relies on luck, which is actually a wrong idea.”


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