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Chapter 552 Xia Yichu

Gu Ning knocked on the door of the storeroom.

“Hi, may I come in”

“Come on in please.

The door isnt locked,” Yu Zi said and Gu Ning pushed the door open walking inside.

The storeroom was around 10 square-meters and it was also Yu Zis design studio.

There were dresses hanging on a wall, and several mannequins dressed in gowns which werent finished yet.

On the other side, there was a sewing machine and a table on which various needles and tools such as scissors for making clothing was placed.

“Hi boss, welcome!” Yu Zi greeted Gu Ning with enthusiasm.

When Yu Zi saw Leng Shaoting, she was also stunned.

“Hi!” Yu Zi greeted Leng Shaoting.

“Hi,” Leng Shaoting said lightly.

“Boss, come on and have a look at the gowns.

I can finish the three pieces on the mannequins by tomorrow,” Yu Zi said.

Gu Ning had a look then said with satisfaction, “I love them!”

Hearing that, Yu Zi was finally relieved.

“I need to find an appropriate company and factory next,” Gu Ning said.

“I can help.

Im free anyway,” Leng Shaoting said at once.

He was complaining because Gu Ning didnt spend much time with him these days, and he was free and by himself all day.

Gu Ning understood that he had complaints, so she agreed, “That would be great!”

“We need workers to work in the factory too, but it takes time to hire people.

Please help me find some garment factories which can barely stay afloat and are about to be sold.

If its possible, we can directly acquire one,” Gu Ning


It wasnt easy to run a profitable business nowadays, so many companies went bankrupt every year, but Gu Ning would only acquire one if it was qualified.

“No problem,” Leng Shaoting said.

Gu Ning came to Charm store just to check on the gowns, so she left soon after that.

She had nothing else to do during the rest of the day, so she decided to have a walk with Leng Shaoting, and they would be back before dinner.

Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting went to a park.

They stopped the car in the parking lot then got out to take a walk.

There were many people in the park but the park was very large, so people didnt gather together at a certain place.

No matter where Leng Shaoting walked people would be attracted to his outstanding appearance.

Luckily, there werent many people around them, so it wasnt bothersome.

Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting walked to the woods and ambled on the forest path.

“Xia Yichu, whats wrong with you Why didnt you come to record yesterday Do you know that someone else bought the song before us, and we now have to pay liquidated damages which are over a million yuan Do you know…” Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting heard a mans angry criticisms.

“Enough!” Before the man could finish the sentence, a woman interrupted him in anger.

“Qiao Guanxiang, enough is enough! Stop lying to my face.

I already found out that you and Pei Hena are merely taking advantage of me…” At the end, the woman almost shouted, and burst into tears.

Pei Hena Gu Ning had heard the name.

She was a popular singer.

“You…” Qiao Guanxiang didnt expect that Xia Yichu would say it aloud, so he was struck dumb.

How is it possible that she found out

Xia Yichu looked at Qiao Guanxiang, who was still in shock, and said with a biting smile, “Qiao Guanxiang, I know that you actually dont like me at all, but approached me to help Pei Hena become popular.

You said that you wanted to help me become a popular singer, but you planned a car accident and disfigured my face so that I cant appear in front of the public anymore.

To realize my musical dream, I had no choice but to be a ghost singer for Pei Hena.”

“How-how did you find out” Qiao Guanxiang rounded his eyes in shock, but his question proved that what Xia Yichu had said was true.

Even Gu Ning felt greatly surprised hearing that.

Gu Ning didnt want to interfere in other peoples personal affairs, but now she was interested.

Pei Hena was a famous singer, which was affirmed by many experts.

She also enjoyed great popularity among the public, and her name often appeared on the rankings of varied music forums.

Unexpectedly, there was a ghost singer behind her.

An entertainment company needed actors as well as singers.

If Xia Yichu was really the ghost singer for Pei Hena, Gu Ning would love to have a talk with her.

Even though her face was disfigured, it was easy for Gu Ning to help her recover.

Gu Ning pulled Leng Shaoting to sit at a nearby bench, observing them.

There was still a distance between them, so they didnt find out that Leng Shaoting and Gu Ning were eavesdropping.

Although the position they were standing at was covered by dense branches, Gu Ning had Jade Eyes to help her.

Gu Nings sight fell on Xia Yichu, observing her carefully.

Xia Yichu was about 1.65 meter tall, medium build, not fat or thin, wearing a cap and a mask with only a pair of eyes exposed.

Even so, Gu Ning still clearly saw her features.

Xia Yichu was a beauty to some extent, if the scary scar could be removed from her right cheek.

Even in the entertainment industry, she would still be a noticeable beauty.

With her outstanding voice, singing skill, and beautiful face, it was unreasonable that she wouldnt be popular as long as she had support.

“Its not important how I found out.

Since I already know, I wont let you take advantage of me anymore.

Without me, Pei Henas career will be ruined.

And, as long as I expose this dirty secret, you and Pei Hena will have to live in the darkness forever!” Xia Yichu looked vicious, and said with strong hatred.

She wasnt a weak girl, and had her own principals, but she had lost herself in love.

Besides, ever since her face had been disfigured in an “accident”, Qiao Guanxiang always stayed by her side, so she had remained loyal to him, which was the reason why she had fallen into the trap they set for her.

“No, you cant do that!” Qiao Guanxiang panicked.

Once this dirty secret was exposed, their reputation would be completely ruined.

He had paid a lot to be successful and the last thing he wanted now was to fall from that high social status.

He was determined to be an outstanding agent.

“Why not Im the victim, and youre the initiators of the evil plan!” Xia Yichu shouted in anger.

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