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Chapter 539 The Tang Family Learns the Shocking Secret

The next morning.

Gu Ning would go back first after taking a shower and putting clothes on, while Leng Shaoting would wait in the hotel for her call.

All of a sudden, Gu Ning felt they were like having an affair.

Even though they were boyfriend and girlfriend it wasnt the right time to reveal their real relationship yet.

Before Gu Ning left, Leng Shaoting kissed Gu Ning for a long time and didnt let her go until she was out of breath.

Gu Ning glared at him afterwards.

“Ningning, dont you know that your glare isnt threatening at all, but is quite alluring instead.” Leng Shaoting breathed deeply to calm himself down in case he would lose control of himself and press her against the bed again.

“You…” Gu Ning flushed, then ran away.

When she had just walked out of the hotel she received Master Bais call.

Gu Ning wore a wry smile when she saw the callers name.

Bai Xueyan must have told Master Bai that she was in City G.

“Hi, Master Bai!”

“Hi! Why didnt you tell me that you came to City G” Master Bai raised his voice on the phone.

Gu Ning immediately explained, “I just came here with my mother and aunt for a short trip, so I didnt call you.”

“Are you free today” Master Bai asked.

Gu Ning understood that if she said yes, Master Bai would arrange a meal to meet her.

Gu Ning didnt want him to bother, so she said, “Im sorry, Master Bai, Ive already booked the plane tickets and well be going back to City F soon.”

“Fine, but you have to spare some time to meet us the next time you come here,” Master Bai said.

He was a considerate old man.

“Sure!” Gu Ning replied.

In the Tang familys house, City B.

That afternoon, Zhao Yiru, a college professor who just came back from a foreign country visited Tang Haifeng.

After hearing what had happened to Tang Yunfan an idea dawned on Zhao Yiru.

“Well, I can probably explain it, but Im afraid that you wont believe me.”

“Just tell us!” Tang Haifeng urged him.

Everyone in the Tang familys house looked at Zhao Yiru with anticipation.

Zhao Yiru then opened his mouth.

“I heard that when someone is healthy but stays unconscious it is because he isnt willing to wake up.

Normally, the person may have an obsession and he cant get rid of it, so hes trapped by his dream and wont wake up.”

“Isnt this superstition” Tang Yunhang looked doubtful.

“Well, it sounds like it could be true!” Tang Haifeng, on the other hand, thought that it was possible.

Anyway, there was no reasonable explanation till now.

Quan Mingkai, at this time, frowned tightly because he knew Tang Yunfan very well and he understood that Tang Yunfans obsession must be the memory dating back to 18 years ago.

Tang Yunfan had lost control of himself because of it many times.


Zhao, how can we wake him up in that case” Quan Mingkai asked.

“If his obsession is a specific thing, we can help him finish it, then repeatedly tell him by his ears that its already done and hell relax and wake up.

If his obsession is a person, then we need the person to talk to him and he might wake up then,” Zhao Yiru said.

“If its real, we have to find out what Yunfans obsession is!” Cao Ruihua said.

Although he was doubtful as well, he didnt want to miss any chance to wake Tang Yunfan up.

“Exactly! However, none of us know what it is.”

Tang Yunfan had kept a distance from everyone in the Tang family, so nobody knew him that well.

“If we cant figure out his obsession, will he stay unconscious forever” Tang Yunrong was worried.

“Not really, we can have someone talk to him all the time.

Say something important to him, and he will probably wake up, but it isnt very effective compared with the way of figuring out his obsession.

All in all, its just a rough guess,” Zhao Yiru said.

Although it was just a rough guess, he thought that it was highly possible.

In the beginning, Quan Mingkai hesitated to tell the Tang family the shocking secret but it seemed like he had to do it right now for Tang Yunfans safety, so he opened his mouth.

“Um, I think that I probably know what Lord Tangs obsession is.”

Quan Mingkai believed that it had to be Tang Yunfans obsession, but he remained cautious.

“What Really” Everyone looked to Quan Mingkai, shocked.

Quan Mingkai nodded, then said seriously, “Although Im not 100% sure, I think that its highly possible.

In fact, Lord Tang went to City F to do a specific thing, which is also his obsession.”

“What is it Tell us now!” Tang Haifeng was very excited.

“Tell us!” Everyone urged Quan Mingkai.

“To meet Gu Ning and her mother,” Quan Mingkai said.

“Doesnt everyone think that Gu Ning closely resembles Lord Tang In fact, Gu Ning is Lord Tangs biological daughter.”

“What” Hearing that, everyone rounded his or her eyes in shock.

After the shock, they were all excited and delighted.

Gu Ning had already left a great impression on them, and they also had accepted her as a member of their family, so it was actually good news if Gu Ning was Tang Yunfans biological daughter.

Most importantly, Tang Yunfan finally had his own child.

Tang Yunfans family was always worried that he would stay alone forever.

In addition, they didnt care whether Gu Ning would compete against them for their family property.

Money was just a string of numbers in their eyes and they valued family far above wealth.

Even if Gu Ning became the sole heiress nobody would disagree, because Tang Yunfan alone had built the Tang Familys family business to be so successful, and it was totally reasonable if he wanted to leave his business to his daughter.

“Really” Tang Haifeng was excited as well as nervous.

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