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Chapter 538 A Naughty Child

“Nothing-nothing,” Bai Xueyan said, but it was obviously a perfunctory answer, especially when she did her best not to laugh out loud.

“You…” The woman was mad.

She wasnt an idiot, and she knew that Bai Xueyan was laughing at her.

“Please dont get mad, or your nose might move aside and your jaw could fall down and then youd have to spend more money to adjust them,” Bai Xueyan said, pretending to be considerate.

“You…” The woman was angrier now.

However, she was really worried that her nose would move aside and her jaw would fall down, so she didnt dare to move her facial muscles, but forced herself to calm down, which was quite amusing.

“Allan!” The woman turned to Allan for help.

“Miss Wu, Im so sorry.

Shes just a naughty child so please forgive her,” Allan apologized.

It was also a perfunctory apology, and he wasnt scolding Bai Xueyan for it at all.

The woman was in a rage now.

A naughty child She understood that Allan was on Bai Xueyans side and it was meaningless to argue with them, so she glared at Bai Xueyan before she turned around walking away.

Although Allan didnt scold Bai Xueyan for what she had done, he disagreed with her rude and impulsive behavior.

Bai Xueyan really was too young

Bai Xueyan probably didnt notice the dissatisfaction in Allans eyes, but Gu Ning did.

Bai Xueyan truly wasnt his type, because Allan liked a mature woman or partner while Bai Xueyan was simply an impulsive child.

Leng Shaoting also preferred to choose a mature girl to be his girlfriend.

Gu Ning knew that Leng Shaoting was attracted to her precisely because she was far more mature than her age.

If she was as impulsive as Bai Xueyan, Leng Shaoting probably wouldnt like her.

Even Gu Ning disliked immature men.

In fact, nobody wanted his or her partner to be a child forever, because it was very tiring.

Allan came to them then said, “Im sorry.

I have to leave now.

Please enjoy yourselves here.”

Hearing that, Bai Xueyan snorted with disdain, turning her head aside.

Although it seemed she didnt care about Allan now, she actually felt quite disappointed because Allan left soon after she finally got a chance to meet him.

However, she didnt understand that it was her own behavior that chased Allan away.

Leng Shaoting and Gu Ning said good-bye to Allan then.

After Allan was gone, Bai Xueyan lost her appetite.

Seeing that, Gu Ning could do nothing but act dumb.

Right at that moment, Mrs.

Bai called Bai Xueyan and urged her to go back home, so they left the café.

Bai Xueyan had her own car, so Leng Shaoting and Gu Ning didnt send her home.

On their way back to the hotel, Gu Ning discussed what had happened between Allan and Bai Xueyan with Leng Shaoting.

“Age isnt a problem, but they are totally different types of people so its hard for them to get along with one another,” Leng Shaoting said.

In fact, he had also noticed Bai Xueyans fondness towards Allan and Allans dissatisfaction towards Bai Xueyan just then.

“Then why do you like me” Gu Ning suddenly asked.

“Well,” Leng Shaoting thought for a while before he opened his mouth, “my heart skipped a beat when I saw you for the first time, but its undeniable that Im attracted to your maturity.

I think that were the same type of people.”

Gu Ning was right.

Actually, Gu Ning held the same opinion.

If Leng Shaoting had been an immature man, Gu Ning wouldnt have fallen in love with him either.

“Well, if I were as innocent or naive as my peers, would you still love me” Gu Ning asked.

“I dont know because youre not, but what I do know is that you already occupy my heart,” Leng Shaoting said.

“I know that youre a smart girl with morals, and I trust you.”

Leng Shaoting had been with Gu Ning for a long time but they had never argued with each other.

They loved each other a lot.

Most importantly, they understood one another deeply.

They were just talking about Bai Xueyan and Allan, but Gu Ning somehow felt touched by Leng Shaotings words.

Once they were back in the hotel, Leng Shaoting pressed Gu Ning on the bed.

“Wait a second! I need to book plane tickets first!” Gu Ning pushed him away.

Leng Shaoting was reluctant to move away from Gu Nings body but he knew that she had to book the plane tickets tonight, so he hugged her in his arms while she was booking plane tickets on the Internet.

However, Leng Shaoting didnt stop his hands, but kept touching and rubbing Gu Nings body, which annoyed Gu Ning.

“Couldnt you stop for a while Im checking the plane tickets right now!”

Leng Shaoting replied like he was innocent, “Go on.

I wont prevent you from doing so.”

Gu Ning felt like laughing.

The man must be tortured by his desire now.

Gu Ning then removed his hands from her body and warned him.

“Dont touch my body for now, or youll sleep alone.”

“Fine, Ill leave you to it and Ill go take a shower first.

Be quick.

I want you when I get back,” Leng Shaoting said.

Gu Ning flushed a little but didnt answer him.

Leng Shaoting then went into the bathroom.

Gu Ning booked plane tickets for 2:50 pm tomorrow, so that they could fly back after having lunch.

Gu Ning didnt book a plane ticket for Leng Shaoting because he couldnt go back with them on the same flight, but he would take the next flight.

Since Gu Ning already booked the plane tickets, Leng Shaoting didnt wait a second longer, and directly pressed her against the bed, kissing her wildly.

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