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Chapter 532 Select a New Chairman

Although they were just shareholders, not managers, they had the right to speak.

Black sheep were everywhere, and the Tanghuang Group was not excluded.

Under Tang Yunfans control, Tanghuang Group developed very well, but the bright future of a company lay on peace and harmony among its staff.

However, ambitious people wouldnt always stay quiet.

Therefore, once the news that Tang Yunfan was unconscious was leaked, those ambitious directors who always wanted to replace Tang Yunfan started to create chaos.

They believed that Tang Haifeng was too old to manage such a large business group and there was no one else, except Tang Yunfan, in the Tang family who knew how to do business, so the board of directors had to select a new chairman from among themselves.

Nevertheless, Tang Haifengs appearance shocked them.

To their astonishment, Tang Haifeng was still able to stay so healthy and strong.

They thought that he would be an aged, old man who could do nothing now! Besides, they had also heard that Tang Haifeng had heart disease, so most of them believed that he would be lying in bed sick after hearing what had happened to Tang Yunfan, which was the main reason those ambitious director dared create chaos.

Tang Haifeng had retired many years ago, but he was still an influential figure in the business group, and everyone still held great respect for him.

The moment Tang Haifeng appeared, those ambitious directors became quiet.

Of course, they just remained quiet for now and it was impossible for them to give up their plans.

In the broad meeting room, Tang Haifeng sat in the chairmans chair with a serious look, glancing at every director, which made them feel quite stressed.

“Master Tang, a country can never have an absent king, while a business group can never have an absent leader.

Chairman Tang has been unconscious for many days, and we think its time to select a new chairman for the sake of the company,” Tang Deming said.

He was the fourth principal shareholder of the Tanghuang Group, and was from the branch of the Tang family.

The Tang familys business was a family business, so there were some members from the branch of the Tang family in the shareholders.

Tang Haifeng had retired, so those directors called him Master Tang.

“I agree.

If our business opponents find out that our chairman is absent, theyll seize the chance to attack us,” Fu Kaiyu said.

He was the seventh director in the board.

“Who told you that our chairman is absent Master Tang is still healthy and strong, and I think that Master Tang can be the acting chairman till Chairman Tang is awake,” Tang Zhilin argued.

He was the fifth director in the board.

Tang Zhilin was also from a branch of the Tang Family but he was loyal to the Tang Family, so he was the first person who stood out and disagreed to select a new chairman.

“I agree with Zhilin,” the eighth director said.

Tang Yunhang and Tang Yunrong who were the second and third directors in the board, of course, stood by Tang Haifengs side.

In the end, among nine directors in the board, five disagreed to select a new chairman, two abstained, and two agreed to do so.

Since the majority disagreed, the proposal wouldnt stand.

Tang Deming and Fu Kaiyu who had the ambition to compete for the seat of chairman were upset and annoyed, but they could do nothing about it.

As long as Tang Haifeng was here, they could only wait for another good opportunity.

Anyway, Tang Haifeng was an old man and he couldnt manage the company for long.

If Tang Yunfan was unconscious forever or died, they would then have to select a new chairman.

In addition, when Tang Yunfan was the chairman, they had no chance to unseat him, because they were frightened by his ways of controlling the company.

Since Tang Yunfan was absent now, they could have enough time to prepare for their scheme!

Tang Haifeng warned them seriously later, “I dont know how you were able to hear the news that Yunfan is unconscious, but I dont want anyone else to hear about it.

No matter who leaks the news, hes fired!”

“Sure, Master Tang,” they replied.

Those who were loyal to Tanghuang Group, of course, wouldnt leak the news, while those ambitious directors also wanted to keep it a secret, in case their business opponents would seize the chance to attack Tanghuang Group, which could ruin their scheme.

However, some people had a different idea.

When the meeting was over, Tang Deming went back to his office and made a call.

“We need to adjust our plan.

Tang Haifeng is the acting chairman now,” Tang Deming said.

“What Tang Haifeng is the acting chairman now” The person on the other side of the phone was greatly surprised, but then said airily, “Hes too old to manage such a large business group.”

“No, he seems very healthy,” Tang Deming said.

“Its fine.

As long as Tang Yunfan stays unconscious there will be no one else in the Tang family that can take over the company.

The most important thing you need to do now is to bribe the two directors who have abstained, so that well have a better chance to win,” the person said.

“No problem.

I understand,” Tang Deming said, then hung up.

In a study on the second floor of a three-story villa at a suburb neared to City B, a middle-aged man in a black suit was sitting in front of a desk.

He stared at his phone, and looked evil.

Tang Yunfan, good for you.

Youve dodged the bullet again and again.

However, I wont allow it to happen again this time.

At that moment, someone knocked on the door of the study.

The man was cheered up at once.

“Come in.”

The door was pushed open by a young girl in her early twenties.

She was pretty and tall.

“Dad,” the girl called.

“Xinrui, welcome back.

How was your interview in the Tanghuang Group” the man asked.

Tang Xinrui smiled and said with confidence, “Dad, you know that Im an excellent economics graduate from the best college in Country M! So Ive been hired into the finance department.”

“Very well!” The man was satisfied.

“Your older brother is useless, so you must work hard.

I promise that youll be the heir of the Tanghuang Group once we get control of it.”

Hearing that, Tang Xinrui was excited with her eyes full of ambition.

“Dad, dont worry.

I wont let you down.”

“Oh, dad, I saw Master Tang today when I went for the interview in Tanghuang Group,” Tang Xinrui said.

She was slightly worried.

“He seems very healthy and Im afraid that Tanghuang Group wont be in chaos anytime soon.”

“I know, but its fine.

We can let him be the acting chairman for a few days,” the man said.

He didnt believe that Tang Haifeng had the ability to manage the business group for a long time.

“Great! Dad, I trust you.

May I leave now” Tang Xinrui said.

“Sure,” the man said then Tang Xinrui left.

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