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Chapter 531 Tanghuang Group is in Turmoil

“I know, but I just want to see how are you doing right now, since you were so proud and thought lightly of me.” Zhang Shunlin smiled with pride, then looked to Wen Yulan with obvious disdain.

“Look at you! What are you wearing You must live a poor life now.

If you had been my girlfriend, you could be living a much better life right now.”

Hearing that, Gu Ning understood what had happened.

The man must have chased Wen Yulan in vain, and now he was showing off his wealth.

It had been so many years, but he still wouldnt let it go.

He couldnt be a quality man, and it was totally a miracle that he could make so much money.

“Its none of your business!” Wen Yulan was furious and shouted at him, “I dont care about your money!”

“You dont care about money Ive never seen a woman who dislikes money yet.

You just cant afford luxurious things, so you pretend that you dont like them.

Poor you,” Zhang Shunlin said.

In his eyes, women were all gold-diggers.

Like those beautiful young girls.

They all chased him now precisely because he was rich.

And he enjoyed his life very much now.

“Zhang Shunlin, enough is enough! We were just common classmates and what youve said has already damaged my reputation!” Wen Yulan felt aggrieved and mad.

She hadnt hurt him at all.

She had just rejected him when he had chased her before.

Why did he suddenly believe that she had rejected him because he had been poor

“You rejected me because I was poor!” Zhang Shunlin insisted.

“You…” Wen Yulan was speechless in rage.

The man was so unreasonable.

Wen Yulan disliked him because the man had so many shortcomings.

Even though he was rich now, she was still unwilling to talk to him.

Of course, she didnt say that aloud, otherwise, Zhang Shunlin could go crazy.

“Interesting!” Gu Ning laughed at Zhang Shunlin.

“Why dont you look at yourself in the mirror before you claim that women disliked you because you were poor.

Dont you know that youre short, fat, ugly and unreasonable You dont deserve others respect or admiration, and all those young beautiful women come to you now just for your money.

And, do you know how many people have dozens of millions of yuan in wealth in City D Even a businessman with over a hundred million yuan in wealth wouldnt be as arrogant as you! Who do you think you are”

Normally, Gu Ning didnt like attacking people, but she had to teach the man a lesson right now.

“You…” The mans face turned red in anger.

At the same time, onlookers standing around them started to defend Wen Yulan after Gu Nings criticism towards Zhang Shunlin.

“Exactly! Hes not the richest man in City D after all.”

“He also doesnt have a good personality.”

“Hes merely showing off his wealth!”

“Hes so selfish.

No one would like him!”

“Its normal that women would reject men that they dislike, and thats not a reason for him to be so mean!”

“You…” Zhang Shunlin was furious, glaring at Gu Ning like he couldnt wait to tear her into pieces.

However, at this moment, he met Leng Shaotings cold sharp eyes, which was quite threatening, and he was suddenly out of breath because of fear.

“Lets go!” Gu Ning didnt want to waste time arguing with Zhang Shunlin, so she walked away with the others.

Zhang Shunlin was scared by Leng Shaotings look, so he didnt dare to chase them.

Nevertheless, when they were all gone, Zhang Shunlin wore an evil expression.

Wen Yulan, lets see! I promise that youll regret.

In the Tang familys house, City B.

It was Saturday, so the members of the Tang Family were all home.

Everyone was upset because of Tang Yunfans condition.

“Its been four days.

Why is Yunfan still unconscious” Tang Haifeng sighed.

He had already sighed countless times today.

Luckily, Tang Yunfan was only unconscious and his body was fine, while he was breathing normally.

Otherwise, the Tang Family would have been more worried.

When the lunch was just over, Quan Mingkai quickly walked into the house.

“Master Tang, the board of directors somehow heard the news that Lord Tang is unconscious, so some of them are arguing to select a new chairman,” said Quan Mingkai to Tang Haifeng.

Hearing that, Tang Haifeng was displeased.

He wasnt surprised that they would hear the terrible news, because the truth always came out, but he was

Tang Yunhang had warned everyone who knew the news not to leak it, but the news was still leaked out.

Apparently, the person was scheming against them.

Therefore, Tang Haifeng was furious.

“Whoever leaked the news, chase him or her out of the Tang family!”

There were only a few people who knew that Tang Yunfan was still unconscious so it wasnt hard to find out who leaked the news.

“Sure, Master Tang!” Quan Mingkai said.

“As for the board of directors, Ill go talk to them in person,” Tang Haifeng said standing up.

Although Tang Haifeng was already in his early seventies, he was able to stay strong with the help of Gu Nings pills, and he looked like a man around 50.

He hadnt slept well these days because of Tang Yunfans body condition but he still had the ability to control the turmoil.

All the members of the Tang family were worried about Tang Haifengs health, but only he could resolve the crisis now.

Tang Yunhang and Tang Yunrong were also shareholders of the Tanghuang Group, so they went to their company building along with Tang Haifeng.

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