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Chapter 528 My Heart Aches!

He had made it clear to Ou Nianyin and Ou Nianyin kept a polite distance away from him.

However, because of him, she had stayed single until she was 30, which made him feel a little guilty.

Even so, he couldnt accept her, because he knew that it wasnt a healthy relationship.

“Oh, will Shaoting be coming alone” Zhao Lang asked Ai Weishun.

“No idea.

He didnt mention it,” Ai Weishun replied.

“I want to meet Shaotings girlfriend.

Im curious about what kind of girl can attract Leng Shaoting, who is famous for his coldness to women! I even thought that Shaoting would be single throughout his lifetime!” Zhao Lang said.

They had all heard from Si Ming that Leng Shaoting had a girlfriend, but none of them had met the girl yet.

They, of course, didnt dare to ask Leng Shaoting, so they turned to Si Ming and Xu Jinchen for more details.

However, neither Xu Jinchen nor Si Ming told them much but just said that the girl was very beautiful.

They didnt believe that Leng Shaoting would be attracted to a girl who was only pretty, because Leng Shaoting wasnt shallow.

“Im curious too!” Ai Weishun said.

Actually, everyone in the Red Flame was curious about Leng Shaotings girlfriend.

It wasnt a secret among them that Leng Shaoting didnt have much interest in women.

Although Ai Weishun was still unmarried at the age of 30, he was different from Leng Shaoting, and there was also a woman he loved and wanted to marry.

Unfortunately, the woman hadnt agreed yet.

Thinking of that, Ai Weishun felt very sad.

At that moment, someone knocked on the door.

Ai Weishun said, “Come in.” And the door was pushed open.

The first one that came inside was a waiter then Leng Shaoting showed up.

In the beginning, they all believed that Leng Shaoting would come alone.

However, to their surprise, he was followed by a young girl.

Leng Shaoting would never stay alone with a woman unless the woman was his girlfriend.

Like what Si Ming had told them, the girl really was very beautiful.

Ai Weichen and Ou Nianyin had already met Gu Ning before and both of them believed that she had to be Leng Shaotings girlfriend.

Since they showed up together now, Ai Weichen and Ou Nianyin were sure about their relationship.

Ai Ruixue didnt know Leng Shaoting or Gu Ning, but was stunned by their outstanding appearances, especially Leng Shaoting, who was even more handsome that any man that she had ever met before.

In addition, he had a natural air of nobility, which caught peoples attention the moment he appeared.

Leng Shaoting guided Gu Ning to sit on the sofa next to Ai Weishun and Zhao Lang.

“Hi!” Ai Weishun and Zhao Lang greeted them.

“And this is” Ai Weishun asked.

“Shes Gu Ning.

My girlfriend,” Leng Shaoting said with pride.

Ai Weishun and Zhao Lang were amused by Leng Shaotings unusual attitude.

“Nice to meet you, Miss Gu!” Ai Weishun and Zhao Lang greeted her.

It was the first time that they had met each other.

“This is Ai Weishun and this is Zhao Lang,” Leng Shaoting introduced them to Gu Ning.

“Nice to meet you too!” Gu Ning greeted them.

“And theyre Ai Weichen and Ou Nianyin.

Youve met them before,” Leng Shaoting said.

Leng Shaoting didnt know Ai Ruixue so he didnt introduce her.

Besides, she was a woman and Leng Shaoting subconsciously disliked strange women.

Ou Nianyin, on the other hand, was different, because she was very close to Leng Shaoting.

She followed Leng Shaotings lead and Leng Shaoting regarded her as his younger sister.

There was also a story between them.

Three years ago, the Ou Family had been in a period of fighting about heirs.

Ou Nianyin was a talented businesswoman so the leader of the Ou Family had planned to make Ou Nianyin the sole heir of the Ou Family.

However, her uncle had been dissatisfied with that decision, so her uncle had hired a killer to kill Ou Nianyin.

At that time, Ai Weichen had been in the same place as Ou Nianyin, so they had fallen into danger together.

It was Leng Shaoting who had rescued them.

Because of that, Ou Nianyin had followed Leng Shaotings lead since then.

As long as Leng Shaoting needed her help, she would spare no effort to help him.

Ai Weichen followed Leng Shaotings lead as well.

Although Leng Shaoting was a man of few words, he understood that a network was very important, so he accepted it.

Afterwards, it turned out that their families all knew each other well.

In the following years, the Ai family and the Ou Family did business with Shengshi Group often, which boosted each others companies.

“Hi, Miss Gu!” Ai Weichen and Ou Nianyin greeted her politely.

“Nice to meet you, Mr.

Ai and Miss Ou!” Gu Ning said.

“This is my cousin, Ai Ruixue,” Ai Weichen introduced.

Gu Ning and Ai Ruixue greeted each other, but Leng Shaoting directly ignored Ai Ruixue.

After that, they chatted, drank and played games together.

“Miss Gu, since youre Shaotings girlfriend, youre our friend too.

Do you mind if I directly called your name” Ai Weishun asked.

Gu Ning was Leng Shaotings girlfriend after all, and they would love to be friendly to her.

Moreover, as long as Leng Shaoting accepted her as his girl, he would be loyal to her throughout his lifetime.

“Of course not,” Gu Ning said.

“Gu Ning, where are you from” Ai Weishun asked.

“City F,” Gu Ning said.

“How old are you” Zhao Lang asked.

“Eighteen,” Gu Ning replied.

“What” Shes only 18 Ai Weishun and Zhao Lang were shocked.

They didnt expect that Leng Shaotings girlfriend would be so young.

Even Ai Ruixue was greatly surprised because she was still single at the age of 25, but Gu Ning already had a boyfriend when she was just 18.

Ai Weichen and Ou Nianyin, on the other hand, remained calm, because they already knew Gu Nings age.

Ai Weishun and Zhao Lang soon changed the topic.

A while later, Ai Weishun challenged Leng Shaoting to play Sic Bo (1.

Sic bo, also known as tai sai, dai siu, big and small or hi-lo, is an unequal game of chance of ancient Chinese origin played with three dice.

) and the loser had to drink a cup of alcohol.

They played six rounds in all, and Leng Shaoting had lost three times, so he had to drink three cups of alcohol.

Gu Nings heart ached for Leng Shaoting, so she said to Ai Weishun, “I challenge you!”

“What Does your heart ache for him” Ai Weishun teased.

“Yes, my heart aches for him so I will win it back!” Gu Ning said plainly.

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