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Chapter 516 Tang Yunfan Is Moved Back to City B

Gu Ning understood Gu Qings concern about Gu Man.

She smiled and said, “If my mother is willing to marry again I will, of course, be supportive! I have always hoped that my mother could find a reliable man to spend the rest of her life happily.

Im going to study in the capital soon after all and I wont have much time to keep my mother company.

I dont want her to be lonely.”

Hearing that, Gu Qing was relieved and felt comforted because Gu Ning was a considerate daughter.

When they were free, Gu Ning called Zhang Qiuhua and asked for another day off.

That night, Gu Man didnt have any sleep but was thinking about Tang Yunfan the entire time.

At the same time, Gu Ning didnt receive the news that Tang Yunfan woke up either, which was above and also below her expectations.

Although she had the strange feeling that Tang Yunfan wouldnt wake up easily she didnt know why, because she had already done her best to cure him.

Gu Ning was worried about him.

What they didnt know was that Tang Yunfan actually fell into a deep dream in which he went back to a certain day 19 years ago.

It was a summer vacation; Tang Yunfan along with his two friends came to City D for sightseeing.

However, to his astonishment, his two friends had a scheme to kill him here and he was badly injured during the fight.

He had no idea how long he had fled, and finally fell down on the ground when he was out of strength.

When he woke up again, he was in a hospital with a beautiful young woman by his side.

In addition, he didnt remember anything, so he followed the beautiful young woman all the time because he knew that she had saved his life and wouldnt hurt him.

The next day, Gu Man looked extremely haggard with dark circles under her eyes.

It was quite obvious that she had stayed up all night.

Gu Ning poured a glass of water for her as usual and secretly put a power crystal inside.

After drinking the water, Gu Man went back to normal.

Gu Ning didnt go to school today, but went to the hospital with Gu Man.

Tang Yunfan was still unconscious since yesterday afternoon so Quan Mingkai was deeply concerned.

“Its been a long time, but hes still unconscious! Its very weird, because the doctor said that his body is fine now,” Quan Mingkai said with concern when Gu Ning and Gu Man arrived.

Exactly because Tang Yunfan was still unconscious even though his body was fine already, everyone was worried about him.

If they couldnt figure out the reason, they had no idea how to wake him up.

Facing the problem, Gu Ning really didnt know what to do either.

“Lets wait for another day!” Gu Ning said.

That was all they could do now.

Nevertheless, another day passed but Tang Yunfan still didnt wake up and Quan Mingkai couldnt tolerate it anymore.

“Miss Gu, Im sorry.

I think its time to tell the Tang Family.”

They hadnt told the Tang Family before because they didnt want them to be worried, and thought that Tang Yunfan would wake up soon.

However, it had been two days but there was still no sign that he was going to wake up, so Quan Mingkai thought that it was time to tell the Tang Family right now.

If he still kept it a secret, he couldnt bear the result if anything terrible happened to Tang Yunfan again.

Gu Ning thought for a while then agreed.

“Well, of course, you should call them now but please dont tell Grandpa Tang right now.

Hes too old to accept such terrible news.

I dont want him to be in danger too.”

Quan Mingkai agreed, so he directly called Tang Yunhang

When Tang Yunhang heard the news, he was shocked and immediately sent a private jet to pick Tang Yunfan up.

He didnt send a helicopter because it was slower than a private


That being the case, they had to get to the airport in two and a half hours.

Since they hadnt accepted each other as family yet, Gu Ning and Gu Man could only see Tang Yunfan being taken away before their own eyes.

Before Tang Yunfan was moved back to City B, Gu Ning took out a bottle with 20 power crystals inside and gave it to Quan Mingkai.

She told Quan Mingkai to help Tang Yunfan take a pill every three days if Tang Yunfan still wouldnt wake up.

The pill would melt once it was put in his mouth, so it wouldnt cause any problems even if Tang Yunfan was still unconscious.

Gu Ning also reminded Quan Mingkai to call her if anything bad happened to Tang Yunfan and she would come to him as fast as she could.

Moreover, if Tang Haifeng felt uncomfortable after hearing the news about Tang Yunfan, he could take a pill too.

Quan Mingkai, of course, trusted Gu Ning, and he took the bottle right away.

Gu Ning turned to An Guangming for an ambulance to send Tang Yunfan to the airport.

An Guangming then told Yuan Jisong that Tang Yunfan was being moved back to City B now, so Yuan Jisong came to the hospital in a hurry.

When Yuan Jisong arrived, Quan Mingkais group hadnt left yet, because the private jet would only land at the airport after two and a half hours, so they had decided to wait at the hospital for now.


Quan, I heard that youre going back to City B” Yuan Jisong asked.


Hes still unconscious and itll be more convenient in City B,” Quan Mingkai said.

He didnt expose Tang Yunfans real identity.

Two hours later, Gu Ning and Gu Man along with Quan Mingkai sent Tang Yunfan to the airport in an ambulance arranged by the hospital.

Along the way, Gu Mans sight fell on Tang Yunfan all the time.

She felt so sad and hurt, but had to swallow her feelings because she didnt want others to find out.

However, Gu Ning and Quan Mingkai were still able to notice her unusual reactions.

Gu Ning didnt say anything because she could do nothing about it.

Quan Mingkai didnt say a word either.

Although he had deep sympathy for Gu Man, he was an outsider after all.

Twenty minutes later, they arrived at the airport.

It was all arranged well, so the ambulance went directly through the VIP passage heading to where the private jet landed.

The private jet had already landed a few minutes ago, so there were four people waiting for them when they arrived.

Gu Man didnt know that Tang Yunfan was being moved back to City B by a private jet, so she was very surprised when she saw it.

He must be an important figure to use a private jet! Gu Man thought to herself.

No matter what, Tang Yunfan left an unforgettable impression on her now.

The ambulance stopped in front of the private jet.

Once the car door was open, some people immediately walked forward and helped them push Tang Yunfan into the private jet.

Before the private jet took off, Quan Mingkai said to Gu Ning and Gu Man, “Thank you so much for your kindness! Keep in touch!”

“Of course!” Gu Ning said.

After that, Quan Mingkai turned around, getting aboard.

Gu Ning and Gu Man didnt walk away until the private jet disappeared from their sight.

However, when they went back to the ambulance, Gu Man suddenly collapsed to the ground.

Luckily, Gu Ning was by her side and supported her on time.

“Mom!” Gu Ning was a little scared and instantly put her power into Gu Mans body.

“Miss Gu, shall we take your mother back to the hospital for a check” the driver asked with concern.


Im fine.

Im just a little tired.

Lets go back home now!” Gu Man forced a smile.

“Thank you so much, but please send us to Fenghua Luxury Mansion,” Gu Ning said.

As long as she was there Gu Man would be fine.

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