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Chapter 511 Stay Away

Gu Ning didnt move other parts of the car but immediately took out a power crystal and put it into Tang Yunfans mouth.

At the same time, she held his hand to put her power into his body.

Actually, if Gu Ning was able to put her power into Tang Yunfans body there was no need for him to take the power crystal.

However, there were so many people around.

If they noticed that Tang Yunfan recovered soon after Gu Ning held his hand for a while, it would cause unnecessary sensation and trouble.

Some people saw Gu Ning put something into the injured persons mouth, and they were worried that it might harm the injured person, but none of them said anything.

Quan Mingkai didnt cut the line with Tang Yunfan, so when he heard the sound of Gu Ning removing the car door, he raised his voice and asked, “Hey, can anybody there hear me”

Gu Ning had acute hearing and noticed the phone lying at the foot of the back seat.

She used her free hand to touch its screen, and saw Quan Mingkais name.


Quan, Im Gu Ning.

Uncle Tang had a car accident and Im rescuing him now.

I know that youre worried but hell be fine.

Ill call you back later,” Gu Ning picked the phone up and said.

“Great!” Hearing Gu Nings voice, Quan Mingkai was somewhat relieved.

He believed that Tang Yunfan would be fine as long as Gu Ning was by his side.

Of course, he was still slightly concerned about Tang Yunfans condition.

“Im heading to the airport right now and Ill be City F around 6:30 pm,” Quan Mingkai said.

“Great, please dont tell Grandpa Tang and the other family members in case theyll be too worried,” Gu Ning said.

Quan Mingkai agreed, then they both hung up.

Within two minutes an ambulance and the police arrived.

The leading man of the hospital crew was An Guangming, An Qians father, who was the director of the Central Hospital in City F, while the leading man who came here with the police was Yuan Jisong.

Seeing that someone damaged the accident scene, they were all displeased.

“Hey, what are you doing Dont you know that youve damaged the accident scene” a policeman shouted at Gu Ning and was about to pull her out.

However, before he could tough Gu Ning, Gu Ning opened her mouth.

“Stay away!”

She sounded cold and unstoppable and the policeman was struck dumb for a second, standing still.

Hearing her voice, Yuan Jisong recognized that she was Gu Ning, so he stopped the policeman

t hesitation.

“Lets stay away from her now; we can get the driver out first.”

The rest of the people then went to move the driver out of the car.

The policeman was still a little displeased, but he had to follow Yuan Jisongs order.

Hearing Yuan Jisongs voice, Gu Ning knew that he came here too, but she was still focused on putting her power into Tang Yunfans body.

Yuan Jisong understood that Gu Ning was rescuing the injured man, so he didnt go ahead or interrupt her.


Yuan…” An Guangming looked to Yuan Jisong with doubts.

He didnt understand why Yuan Jisong would allow a young girl to move the injured person in the car; it could be dangerous.

“Shes Gu Ning,” Yuan Jisong said in a quiet voice.

Hearing that, An Guangming was surprised.

He didnt expect that this young girl in his sight was Gu Ning, and he couldnt be more familiar with that name.

Although he hadnt attended Su Anyas birthday party, he had heard about what had happened that day, so Gu Ning left a good impression on him.

He was a famous doctor.

Although he didnt quite believe in Gu Nings special medicine, he was always curious about it.

He also wanted to contact Gu Ning and study her special medicine, but didnt know how.

He had asked Lan Yubin but Lan Yubin refused to give him Gu Nings phone number without her permission.

Since he met Gu Ning in person now, he was excited and curious to see whether she was able to cure the injured person.

An Guangming didnt know that An Qian and Gu Ning were close friends, and he had no idea about the relationship between his younger brother, An Guangyao, and Gu Ning.

If he had known that, he would have successfully contacted Gu Ning.

If An Guangming found it out later, he would be very upset because if he had found it out earlier, he wouldnt have been so fretful for these past days.

With Yuan Jisongs protection, nobody interrupted Gu Ning.

However, no matter how much power was put into Tang Yunfans body by Gu Ning, he was still unconscious even though he already stopped bleeding and his wounds were healed.

Gu Ning frowned.


Not knowing the reason, Gu Ning kept putting her power into Tang Yunfans body trying to wake him up.

However, she was losing her power in a large amount and her face turned pale, while Tang Yunfan was still unconscious.

Gu Ning had to draw her hand back and tried to move Tang Yunfans body out of the car.

Seeing that, Yuan Jisong walked ahead and said, “Girl Gu, let the police do it.”

Yuan Jisong didnt think that Gu Ning, who was just a young girl, would be able to move a grown-up man from a seriously-damaged car.


I can do it alone,” Gu Ning said.

Although she had consumed a lot of her power, she was still strong enough to move Tang Yunfan out of the car.

Yuan Jisong wanted to say something else but Tang Yunfan was moved out by Gu Ning at this moment, which shocked him.

Everyone around was also astonished by Gu Nings strength once more.

Gu Ning then picked Tang Yunfans mobile phone up and left the car.

“Girl Gu, hows the injured person” Yuan Jisong asked.

“The wounds are mostly healed, but hes still unconscious.

Lets send him to the hospital now!” Gu Ning said that to both Yuan Jisong and Quan Mingkai.

Hearing that Tang Yunfan was safe now, Quan Mingkai was relieved.

“Hurry up! Move this injured man to the ambulance right now!” Yuan Jisong gave an order, and a group of people immediately came to move Tang Yunfan to an ambulance.

In the meantime, Gu Ning talked to Quan Mingkai for a short while and hung up again.

Seeing that Gu Nings face was very pale, Yuan Jisong asked worriedly, “Girl Gu, are you alright You dont look very well.”

“Im fine.

I just lost a lot of strength.” Gu Ning smiled.

Hearing that, Yuan Jisong was relieved.

“Miss Gu, nice to meet you.

Im the director of the Central Hospital,” An Guangming came over saying to Gu Ning politely.

Gu Ning smiled and replied, “Nice to meet you too, Director An! I heard that youre An Qians father.”

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