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Chapter 506 Li Jiayue, Get Out of the Entertainment Industry!

However, she couldnt reject it because Li Jiayue promised to give her two hundred thousand yuan if she was willing to be the scapegoat, and she needed precisely two hundred thousand yuan for her mothers surgery.

Therefore, Li Jiayues assistant agreed.

Afterwards, Li Jiayues assistant sent out a post on Weibo saying that she was Miss Paparazzi and did it to help Li Jiayue attack Su Tongnuo without Li Jiayues permission.

Li Jiayue also responded that she had no idea that her assistant had done that behind her back, and she felt sorry for what Su Tongnuo had been through.

Li Jiayue even announced that she had already fired her assistant.

Tong Zhen sent the same post later.

They seemed sincere, but it was a lie after all and the majority of the Internet users refused to believe it.

Most people believed that her assistant was simply a scapegoat.

Only a small amount of Internet users showed sympathy for Li Jiayue and blamed her assistant.

Anyway, as long as someone was pushed out to take the responsibility, Li Jiayue was safe now.

Besides, there was a lot of news being created in the entertainment industry every day, so it would soon be overshadowed by other entertainment news.

Li Jiayue was just a B-list actress and not many people would pay much attention to her.

Unless she had done something unacceptable she could stay in the entertainment industry as usual.

However, once her dirty secrets were exposed, her career would be ruined.

Lin Xiaoxia was very mad at Li Jiayues behavior.

“Its so obvious that she used her assistant as the scapegoat! Shes so selfish!”

Su Tongnuo, on the other hand, accepted it, because it wasnt uncommon that the assistants were blamed for what the actors had done.

Su Tongnuo, however, hated it and would never do that.

“Dont worry.

The best is yet to come,” Gu Ning said to comfort them.

It was impossible that Li Jiayue would easily get away with it just like that.

What they needed to do now was still to clear Su Tongnuos name first.

Unexpectedly, Feiteng Entertainment responded to the news and gave an official explanation denying the accusation that Su Tongnuo had done anything amoral.

Although Feiteng didnt expose more details, Su Tongnuo was cleared after all.

After that, fewer and fewer people criticized Su Tongnuo on the Internet.

Seeing the satisfactory result, Tang Yunfan admired Gu Nings ability at solving problems and crisis management.

It was very important to run a company well and defend its reputation in business.

Leng Shaoting was very busy these days, and he would soon set out to fulfill his task.

He didnt know that Gu Ning encountered big trouble but checked the news about Fenghua once in a while.

With Lu Xiaos support, he believed that the company was under great management, but he was still concerned about Gu Ning.

A helicopter was buzzing on an empty grassland and Leng Shaotings team was setting out to fulfill a task.

Before they went aboard Leng Shaoting checked his phone.

Knowing that Fenghua Entertainment was fine now after the crisis, he was relieved and sent a message to Gu Ning telling her that he was leaving for a task.

Reading his message, Gu Ning felt worried because Leng Shaoting was risking his life fulfilling his tasks every time.

Even though he was outstanding and skillful, it was still possible that he could be injured.

However, it was his job and duty.

All Gu Ning could do was pray for him.

Be careful.

Ill wait for you till youre back.

After reading the message Gu Ning sent back to him, Leng Shaoting went aboard the helicopter and left.

Although Tang Bingsen had an entertainment company, he rarely read news about the entertainment industry, because he hired someone else to run his entertainment company for him.

Therefore, when he heard about what had happened to Su Tongnuo, it was already settled.

To his astonishment, Fenghua Entertainment was able to handle the crisis very well and even got Fang Tang and Lu Yizhes support.

Even so, Tang Bingsen didnt take it seriously.

Before long, more shocking news about Li Jiayue went viral on the Internet.

Lets Gossip Official: I dont believe that it was Li Jiayues assistant who attacked Su Tongnuo, and check out what Ive found about Li Jiayues big secrets! @Fenghua Entertainment Official @Li Jiayue @Su Tongnuo @Tong Zhen [Photos Attached]

The popular gossip account on Weibo posted several amorous photos of Li Jiayue.

Although the mens faces in the photos were all pixelated to hide their identities, it was still recognizable that the men werent the same person.

As for their actions in the photos, they were quite shocking.

Some parts of the men and Li Jiayue were pixelated, but it was still very clear to see their sexual positions in bed.

Lets Gossip Official had thirty million followers so once the post was out, it threw another bomb into the entertainment industry.

Within half an hour, it became the hottest topic on Weibo.

“OMG! Li Jiayue is the real slut here! Oh my eyes!”


“Its so disgusting!”

“She should be banned from the industry!”

“Where are the people who have supported her”

At this moment, nobody dared to support Li Jiayue now.

“Li Jiayue, get out of the entertainment industry!”

“Get out of the entertainment industry!”

A while later, Li Jiayue, Get Out of the Entertainment Industry! became the most searched topic throughout the Internet.

When Li Jiayue read the news she had a breakdown, and Tong Zhen was also affected.

Both of them were fired by Feiteng Entertainment.

From now on, it would be very difficult for Li Jiayue to stay in the entertainment industry.

Su Tongnuo and Lin Xiaoxia were quite excited and satisfied with the result.

Everyone in Fenghua admired Gu Ning more than ever after the crisis.

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