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Chapter 503 Another Piece of Big News Goes Viral

However, in the early morning, a shocking piece of news suddenly appeared everywhere on the Internet.

The real reason why S actress has been shut out for a year!

S actress who worked for Feiteng Entertainment tried to ride on an important figures coattails in vain, then she drugged his wine! Thats the real reason why S actress was shut out of the entertainment industry for a year! Now, whos the man who is supporting her behind the scenes so that she got the chance to be the leading actress in Infinite Horror An Internet user named “Miss Paparazzi” posted on Weibo, and it soon went viral.

Although it didnt mention the full name of the actress, people immediately figured out that the actress had to be Su Tongnuo who had worked for Feiteng Entertainment and was now the leading actress in Infinite Horror.

Because of the promotion of Infinite Horror Su Tongnuo gained a lot of attention, so once the post was out, she was heavily criticised.

Even though it was early in the morning many Internet users who were still awake reposted it quickly.

“What Su Tongnuo had been shut out of the industry I wondered why she disappeared for a year!”

“Hey, thats not the point! The point is why she had been shut out for a whole year.”

“Its slander! Tongnuo is an actress with morals, she would never do that!”

“She drugged the man Oh my, she must have been very eager to have a sexual relationship with the man!”

“Dont you think the timing is weird Su Tongnuo has just announced that shes the leading actress in the new film and suddenly this news appears!”

“Exactly! It must be a haters work!”

“I think this blogger is insane! There is no evidence at all.”

“I have different opinions.

I dont think Su Tongnuo is as innocent as she looks.

Maybe she is a slut and what she has done in front of the cameras is totally an act.”

“I agree! I think Su Tongnuo must have a sexual relationship with the owner of Fenghua Entertainment or Lu Zhan.

Otherwise, she wouldnt have gotten the chance!”

“You people are crazy!”

“I have decided not to follow her from now on! Im so disappointed.”

“Mind your language! She is not a slut!”

“None of your business! I think that she is a slut!”

“How dare you say that!”

Internet users were arguing fiercely on the Internet.

Because Infinite Horror was still a popular topic, the shocking news about Su Tongnuo soon went abroad.

When Gu Ning heard the news, she had just gotten out of bed and it was Tang Yunfan who called her.

“Ningning, do you need me to handle it” Although Tang Yunfan knew that Gu Ning was able to deal with it alone he subconsciously thought of himself as Gu Nings father now, and would do anything for his daughter.

“Thanks, I can deal with it by myself.” Gu Ning declined.

“Its my company, and I should learn how to run a company well by solving the problems by myself, right”

Hearing that, Tang Yunfan didnt insist.

“Well, if you need anything, just call me.”

“I will,” Gu Ning said, then hung up.

“Ningning, it must be slander!” Chu Peihan wasnt familiar with Su Tongnuo, but after they had spent a day together she believed that Su Tongnuo would never do such a thing.

Anyway, she believed Gu Nings answer more.

“Of course it is,” Gu Ning said with certainty.

She seemed quite calm and wasnt worried about its negative impact at all.

Others probably didnt know the real reason, but Gu Ning knew it clearly.

She was curious to see who the hater that kept attacking Su Tongnuo on the Internet was.

Gu Ning bet that the person had to be, either the man that Su Tongnuo had annoyed, or her enemy in the entertainment industry.

No matter who it was, Gu Ning could easily find out with Ks help.

Therefore, Gu Ning called K without hesitation and told him to find as much information about the Miss Paparazzi as he could.

After that, Gu Ning called Lu Xiao too, because he was the general manager of Fenghua Entertainment after all.

Lu Xiao had also just heard the news and was about to call Gu Ning.

Unexpectedly, Gu Ning called him first, and told him that she would let him handle it after she collected the evidence.

Then, Gu Ning drove the large bus, taking Chu Peihan, Hao Ran and Zhang Tianping to the hotel where Lu Zhan and the others stayed.

The actors felt a little embarrassed that the boss or investor of the film drove to pick them up in person but the news about Su Tongnuo was the most important thing to be dealt with now.

“Boss, Im sorry.” Su Tongnuo apologized.

The last thing an actor wanted to be involved in was a scandal.

Although it really was slander, her reputation could be ruined if they didnt handle it well.

“Its fine.

I know that its not your fault.” Gu Ning didnt blame Su Tongnuo at all because she was a victim.

“However, what should we do now” Su Tongnuo panicked a little.

Gu Nings entertainment company was still very new without a PR department, so Su Tongnuo could only ask Gu Ning for her opinion.

Lu Zhan had the same idea, because he believed that there was nothing that they couldnt handle once Gu Ning was here.

He was right.

“Dont worry.

Im collecting evidence now and well have the result soon.

Let the post go viral on the Internet! Itll help you gain a lot of fame and publicity.

Youre under attack now, but once the evidence is out youll be famous,” Gu Ning said.

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