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Chapter 501 The Food Street

Gu Ning drove the large bus back to Huangdeng Hotel but Lu Zhan would take care of the equipment.

Gu Ning also brought the real antiques back with her.

It wasnt because Gu Ning was unwilling to let Lu Zhan keep them, but Lu Zhan would have felt nervous if the real antiques stayed with him, so Gu Ning brought them back to the hotel with her.

Gu Ning wouldnt stay here for long; four or five days at the most.

Therefore, they would shoot the real antiques at an early stage before Gu Ning left with them.

“Boss, do you want to have a rest right now” Chu Peihan asked once they got out of the bus.

“Nope, why” Gu Ning asked, but she already had the answer.

Chu Peihand must want to hang out.

She was right.

“Since its still early, why dont we hang out together!” Chu Peihan proposed.

Chu Peihan, Hao Ran and Zhang Tianping all looked at her with anticipation.

Gu Ning sighed and agreed.

“Fine, lets put the luggage in the hotel first.”

It wasnt nine pm yet, and it really was quite early.

“Hooray! Boss, youre the best!” Chu Peihan, Hao Ran and Zhang Tianping exclaimed in excitement.

After that, a group of them pulled their suitcases going back to their rooms.

A while later, they walked out of the hotel together.

“Where are we going Im not familiar with City D,” Gu Ning said.

“Dont worry! I heard that theres a famous food street in City D.

It would be a shame if we leave here without having a feast there!” Chu Peihans eyes lit up in excitement.

“Exactly! Ive only been thinking of the food street since I came here!” Hao Ran said.

He couldnt wait to go there too.

“You two are foodies! Anyway, since were already here, lets go!” Zhang Tianping couldnt resist the allure of delicious food either.

“Lets go then!” Gu Ning laughed.

Afterwards, they took a taxi, heading straight to the food street.

The moment they arrived at the food street, their mouths were watering.

Chu Peihan couldnt wait a second longer, and urged them to walk faster.

Whether day or night, the food street was always crowded.

That being the case, people had to pay more attention to their purses, because it was super easy for thieves to steal something out of their pockets.

However, Gu Ning and her friends were an exception.

When a thief tried to steal Chu Peihans purse, Chu Peihan caught him and directly beat him down on the ground.

She looked at the thief saying with disdain, “Did you think that youd succeed”

The thief was shocked, because he had never met a young girl who was as strong and swift as Chu Peihan.

Because Chu Peihan didnt lose anything, they let the thief go after they warned him to not do it again.

Before long, they came to a BBQ stand and it smelled so good.

They bought several skewers without hesitation.

Once they held the skewers in their hands, they couldnt wait to have a bite and felt satisfied eating the delicious meat.

Although it was very delicious, they didnt eat a lot, because there were plenty of other snacks along the street and they planned to save room for them.

Stepping away from the BBQ stand, they kept walking along the street and bought whatever they wanted to eat.

Gu Ning had called them to come to City D, so she would pay the bill tonight.

They were close friends after all, and enjoyed each others


“Boss, can I take some pictures and send them to our WeChat group” Hao Ran suddenly asked.

He had an evil idea in mind.

Gu Ning had told them to keep it a secret that they came to City D to help her from their other friends, so the others didnt know that they were hanging out on the food street now either.

Gu Ning of course knew what was on Hao Rans mind, and she agreed by nodding.

“Oh! Im going to do the same thing!” Chu Peihan was excited as well, and took many photos of the food street and the four of them, then sent these photos to their WeChat group.

Right at that moment, the others were having a break between classes, so they immediately looked at the new messages.

Qin Zixun: What When did you go to City D How come I know nothing about it

Mu Ke: Exactly! How dare you send out those pictures of delicious food to entice us! Im mad now.

Zhang Tianping: @Qin Zixun, didnt you say that youre going to be a good student So we didnt tell you.

Qin Zixun: Um…

Mu Ke: How about me I didnt say that!

Chu Peihan: Come on! We all know that youre an excellent student, and youre busy attending classes all day.

Mu Ke: Thats your bias, not the real me!

Su Anya: How could you abandon me! I feel hurt now.

Yu Mixi: Im hungry now after seeing those pictures.

Chu Peihan: Mu Ke, take Mixi to have some night snack now! Shes hungry.

Chu Peihan was just joking, but Mu Ke was struck dumb for a second, then turned to Yu Mixi.

“Um, do you want to have some night snack”

“No, thanks, Im just saying it.

Im not actually hungry.” Yu Mixi flushed in embarrassment.

Actually, Yu Mixi wanted to hang out alone with Mu Ke, but she felt shy.

Qin Zixun: Im hungry too! Mu Ke, where are you right now Ill go with you.

Chu Peihan: @Qin Zixun, you can disappear please.

Chu Peihan rolled her eyes in front of the screen.

An Yi: Im late! What is going on now

Hao Ran: Were at the food street in City D now!

Hao Ran: Look at the pictures above!

Chu Peihan: Its so delicious!

Zhang Tianping: Exactly! Alright, we need to go back to enjoy our mouth-watering night snacks now! Bye.

After that, they ignored them and continued to eat the specialties.

Mu Ke and the others were very displeased, but they could do nothing about it.

In the end, Mu Ke still took Yu Mixi to have night snack, because he also wanted to spend some time alone with her.

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