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Chapter 498 Lu Xiao

When Tang Bingsen gave the order to investigate Fenghua Entertainment, several young men were playing cue sports in a high-end clubhouse in the capital.

They were all in designer brands, which showed that they werent ordinary people.

Sitting on a nearby sofa were several beautiful women surfing on the Internet.

All of a sudden, a woman said in surprise, “Wasnt Su Tongnuo shut out of the entertainment industry Why is she acting in a new film now”


Everyone was looking at the woman in surprise.

With a loud sound, a man threw the cue stick on the table, walking to the woman He seemed quite displeased, and grabbed the mobile phone from the womans hand.

When he was sure that Su Tongnuo was really back in the industry, he was mad.

This man was precisely the son of the director of the Cultural Affairs Bureau, Gong Lijun.

He had liked Su Tongnuo, but had been rejected by her, so he had shut Su Tongnuo out of the entertainment industry.

Gong Lijun was tall and strong but wasnt good-looking.

Even so, there were plenty of beautiful women by his side because of his family background.

However, Su Tongnuo was an exception.

In order to protect his image and save face, he had shut her out of the entertainment industry.

Gong Lijuns family wasnt very influential in the high society of the capital, so he could only play with the B-list actresses.

“Lijun, how dare Feiteng Entertainment ignore your order!” a young man said angrily.

They all followed Gong Lijuns lead, so they obviously stood by his side.

“Exactly!” the others all echoed.

Gong Lijun immediately pulled out his phone, calling Xia Zhihong.

Xia Zhihong was afraid of Gong Lijun, but he was more scared of Gu Ning, because Gu Ning had evidence in her hands which could easily unseat him.

“Im so sorry for this, but she has evidence of my dirty secrets in her hands.

Please forgive me and I think we both better let it go.

Otherwise, she can easily get evidence of your dirty secrets too.

Su Tongnuo is just an actress.

She isnt worth risking our fortune, reputation and life! You can get any kind of woman that you want after all,” Xia Zhihong said.

Gong Lijun was arrogant but not dumb, so he thought that Xia Zhihongs words made sense.

Since the person who had helped Su Tongnuo out was able to get evidence of Xia Zhihongs dirty secrets, it wouldnt be difficult if the person wanted to punish him.

Gong Lijun also believed that it wasnt a good deal if he lost everything just for an actress.

His father had warned him many times too.

If he was in big trouble which could affect the Gong Family, his father wouldnt help him because his father had more than one son, and the Gong Family wouldnt be willing to be unseated because of him.

Therefore, Gong Lijun had to give up although he was displeased.

Before long, Tang Bingsens secretary got the information about Fenghua Entertainment.

To Tang Bingsens astonishment, the boss of Fenghua was just an 18-year-old girl, and the company was newly-registered.

In addition, the young girl was from a third-tier city, not the capital.

A third-tier city was merely a small city in Tang Bingsens eyes, because he lived in a first-tier city.

In that case, Tang Bingsen believed that the young girl must be naive to act against him, or maybe she didnt actually know that Lu Zhan had been shut out by him.

Either way, Tang Bingsen decided to make her pay for the result.

Since they already shot the film, he would make a call when the film was going to be released and shut the film out of theaters.

Tang Bingsen didnt think that Gu Ning was an important figure, so he hadnt done a thorough investigation on her and missed the chance to find out even more shocking news.

At the same time, in the living room of a luxurious villa in the capital, a man who was around 27 was lying on the sofa listening to music.

He had charming features and looked sexy as well as elegant.

He was surfing on the Internet with his mobile phone.

All of a sudden, he seemed surprised by what he read and abruptly sat up to make a call.

Once his call was answered, he said in annoyance, “Boss, didnt you tell me to manage the Fenghua Entertainment for now.

They just shot a film, but I know nothing about it!”

This man was precisely the man that Leng Shaoting had hired to help Gu Ning manage Fenghua Entertainment for now.

His name was Lu Xiao, and he was now talking to Leng Shaoting on the phone.

Leng Shaoting was also surprised when he heard that Fenghua Entertainment had just shot a film.

After a while, Leng Shaoting said, “Oh, I forgot to tell her.

Ill call her right away.”

After that, he hung up.

Lu Xiao was struck dumb by Leng Shaotings answer.

What He forgot Since when has his memory becomes so bad Nevertheless, no matter how aggrieved he felt he couldnt and didnt dare argue with his boss.

In fact, not only had Leng Shaoting forgotten, but Gu Ning also completely forgot about Lu Xiao because she had been so busy recently.

When Gu Ning received Leng Shaotings call, she had just gone back to the large bus for a rest.

The film shooting was going quite well because they were all professional and hard-working.

Seeing that the caller was Leng Shaoting, Gu Ning smiled with happiness.

“Hi!” Gu Ning answered the call at once.

Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting didnt call each other often like other couples in love because they both had their own business to deal with.

If they were both free, they would have a date or share a meal.

If they were both at work, they would only call each other at night.

Gu Ning was still a student, and Leng Shaoting always sent her messages when she was in school.

Sometimes, they also called each other on alternate days.

However, they were both very busy these past few days, so they hadnt called each other for a few days.

However, even though they didnt contact each other often, they were still as deeply in love as usual.

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