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Chapter 497 Tang Bingsen

“Exactly, Im not going to watch it anyway!”

“Nobody cares whether youll watch it or not!

“Ill tell my friends, family, and everyone I know not to watch it!”

“Youre so mean!”

“Come on! Although theyre just B-list actors now, theyre really good actors.

Do you think all those A-list actors are good at acting I think all they have is fame! Id rather watch a film acted by skilled actors.”

“You must be their crazy, dumb fan that you defend those people like that!”

“Oh, and you must the crazy dumb fan of those actors who only know how to do publicity stunts!”

“Why cant we just wait till the film is out We can comment after watching it.”

“Exactly! Its too early to judge it now.”

The news of the film was followed by animated discussions, but there were more people who supported them than those who attacked them.

Although they were just B-list actors, people who had heard of their names were all aware that they were good actors.

As for those who didnt know them, most of them chose to wait until the film was out.

All in all, it was just a bunch of haters attacking them on the Internet.

Since nobody paid attention to the zombie anymore, Gu Ning and Lu Zhan relaxed, and they didnt care how many haters were attacking them on the Internet.

Anyway, Infinite Horror successfully gained a lot of publicity.

Tang Yunfan also cared a lot about Gu Nings career, and he was also relieved seeing that the news of the zombie was overshadowed by the news of the film.

In the Hengdian World Studios, Li Jiayue was wearing a blue ancient acting suit, and she looked quite beautiful.

Although Li Jiayue wasnt as pretty as Su Tongnuo, she was also a beauty since she was able to gain some fame in the entertainment industry.

After putting on make-up, Li Jiayue was stunning to some extent.

This time, Li Jiayue was acting as a supporting actress in a costume romantic drama.

Although her role was set as an evil woman, it wasnt the evilest role in the drama.

Right at that moment, Li Jiayue was acting with the leading male actor.

The leading male actor was a young but famous, good-looking actor, so Li Jiayue felt stressed to act with him, as a result, she made many mistakes in a simple scene.

The director was mad and swore at her a few times causing Li Jiayue to be in a bad mood.

“Jiayue, bad news!” her assistant said to her anxiously the moment that Li Jiayue went back to the place where she could rest.

“What happened” Li Jiayue said with impatience.

“Read this.” Her assistant gave the mobile phone to Li Jiayue and told her to read it herself.

Su Tongnuos Weibo page was on the


“What Su Tongnuo is the leading actress in a film” Li Jiayue couldnt believe her eyes and said in anger.

She almost smashed the phone on the ground.

Once Su Tongnuo left Feiteng Entertainment, she suddenly became the leading actress in a film, while Li Jiayue was still a supporting actress in a TV drama.

In addition, the director was Lu Zhan.

Li Jiayue wasnt dumb, and she soon realized that Lu Zhan must have someone who was influential be his support so that he had a chance to shoot movies again.

Just like Su Tongnuo was able to act again after someone had helped her end her contract.

Lu Zhan was a well-known and talented director, and he had won many accolades till now.

Why was Su Tongnuo so lucky

Li Jiayue was so mad that she would do everything to ruin Su Tongnuos reputation.

However, Su Tongnuo was a good, upright actress, and she failed to find any of Su Tongnuos dirty secrets.

Since she couldnt find any dirty secrets, Li Jiayue decided to create some.

In the capital, Tang Bingsen was sitting before his desk reading documents in the Chairmans Office.

He had no idea about the news of Lu Zhans new film yet.

All of a sudden, Tang Bingsens phone rang, and the callers name was Feifei.

“What” Tang Bingsen answered and said coldly.

“Chairman Tang, Lu Zhan is back in the film industry now!” the woman said in a hurry on the phone.

“What Lu Zhan is shooting film again” Tang Bingsen was surprised.

He had shut Lu Zhan out a long time ago, so who dared to act against him

“Exactly! Chairman Tang, it is Fenghua Entertainment, the company that Lu Zhan works for now.” the woman said angrily.

Two years ago, Lu Zhan had been shut out precisely because of her, and she, of course, didnt want to see him again.

Tian Feifei was also a B-list actress as well as Tang Bingsens mistress.

Although she wasnt good at acting, she was very pretty with hot body so she became a well-known actress and a supermodel.

She was sexy, but not slutty, and had never been involved in a scandal, so she had a relatively good reputation.

Of course, as Tang Bingsens mistress, there was no need for her to socialize with other investors or men.

Among all of Tang Bingsens mistresses, Tian Feifei was the one he had spent most of his time with, because she was quite good in bed and Tang Bingsen couldnt live without her now.

Moreover, Tian Feifei was smart.

What she wanted was a position in the entertainment industry and fortune as well as fame.

She knew that she could never be Tang Bingsens wife, and she never thought about it.

In her eyes, benefit was the most important thing

“Fenghua Entertainment” Tang Bingsen frowned a little.

He had never heard of it before.

“Yes, its a newly-established company,” Tian Feifei said.

“Alright, Ill figure it out.

Dont worry,” Tang Bingsen said.

He knew that Tian Feifei was displeased, and he also wouldnt allow anyone to challenge his authority.

He was curious about how Fenghua Entertainment was able to act against his order.

After hanging up the call with Tian Feifei, Tang Bingsen called his secretary and told him to investigate Fenghua Entertainment.

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