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Chapter 496 Film Promotion

Lu Zhan posted photos of their boot ceremony, leading roles, the actor in zombies clothing and Su Tongnuo in a female ghosts clothes, film equipment, posters, and the last photo showed a fake man that was surrounded by 10 soldiers.

He also showed the location which was Changyang Mountain, City D.

Afterwards, those who were @ by him reposted his Weibo with one accord.

Han Lengxuan: Zombie, female ghost, and a horror story! Do you want to know more All in Infinite Horror! (Repost from Lu Zhan]

Bai Lin: Im very honored to join Infinite Horror! Im Ding Tong! (Repost from Lu Zhan]

Su Tongnuo: Im the female ghost! (Repost from Lu Zhan]

Duan Lixin: Im so glad that @Lu Zhan and @Fenghua Entertainment Official like my story, and Im the scriptwriter of this film.

[Repost from Lu Zhan]

Fenghua Entertainment Official: The very first film produced by Fenghua, Infinite Horror! [Repost from Lu Zhan]

Infinite Horror Official: (Repost from Lu Zhan]

While they were reposting on Weibo, they also showed the location of Changyang Mountain.

Except for Fenghua Entertainments official Weibo account, because it was located in the capital, Gu Ning told Zhang Shunjie to do it for her.

Zhang Shunjie didnt know about the zombie yet, he was only aware that Gu Ning was going to shoot a film, and he was impressed by her efficiency.

Although Lu Zhan had been shut out of the entertainment industry, and Su Tongnuo hadnt gotten any chances to show her face in front of cameras in a long time, they still had many followers on Weibo.

Han Lengxuan and Bai Lin, however, had millions of fans.

Therefore, once they sent out the post, it caused a great sensation among their fans.

“Jesus! The zombie is from a film”

“Oh, its just a publicity stunt! I thought it was real, and I lost sleep last night!”

“Oh my! Director Lu is finally back!”

“Director Lu is my favorite director! Ive been waiting for your new work for a long time!”

“OMG! Lengxuan is the leading actor! I love you forever!”

“Bai Lin is the leading actress!”

“Bai Lin, I love you!”

“Wow! Tongnuo is finally out to shoot.

She looks so beautiful in those clothes!”

“Im Tongnuos fan and I think shes so pretty too!”

“Hey, do you want to come out and have a meeting, since were both Tongnuos fans”

“Hey, dont change the topic! But I support the idea of having a date, ha-ha!”

Fans were busy showing their love towards their idols, but those who disliked them also left many negative comments.

“Theyre all actors and director without much fame! That explains why they used the zombie to gain publicity!

“Exactly! I dont think that they can succeed.”

“Arent they afraid that the movie wont be released because the director is Lu Zhan”

“Interesting! Since they dare to shoot the film, they must be confident that itll be released! Are you dumb”

“I agree.

Nobody is willing to waste that much money if its a doomed failure.”

It was true that since someone dared to invest money in Lu Zhans film, they had to be confident that the film would be successfully released.

Those haters sometimes attacked others for no reason.

No matter how many people supported them or disliked them, Gu Ning and Lu Zhan didnt care.

As long as they gained enough publicity, the audience would see its quality when it was in the theaters.

Of course, some people also expressed their doubts.

“Since its just a film, what about the terrorist Dont tell me that it was just a coincidence.

If it was why didnt they explain it clearly yesterday”

“Exactly! The police of City D said that they caught a terrorist, but didnt mention the film at all!”

Luckily, the police quickly replied that it really was a coincidence.

They had chased a terrorist to the Changyang Mountain then accidentally found out they were shooting a film there.

The film crew had refused to expose their work at that time, so the police hadnt mentioned it.

Some people believed the official line.

It wasnt uncommon that some films would only start to promote when it was almost finished.

Peoples attention was limited, and if they did the promotion too early, people would be tired of it later.

Although the quality of the TV series or film mattered most, it was understandable that the Infinite Horror crew had kept it a secret.

Some people still doubted it, but more and more people began to believe it, because it was so hard for them to accept that the zombie truly existed.

And the film crew seemed to be well-prepared for the film, which was also persuasive.

In addition, the time on the photos of the boot ceremony showed that they were taken two days ago.

Of course, no one would know that the time on the camera had been adjusted.

Because Infinite Horror was connected with the hottest news of a zombie, many people paid attention to it.

However, the actors in the film werent very famous with only a limited number of fans, so Gu Ning told K to help them.

With the help of K who was an ace international hacker, Infinite Horror soon became the hottest topic on Weibo.

And finally, some people noticed the posters.

“Wow, the posters are so good!”

“Indeed, they look so real!”

“They must be a masters work!”

“So what They hired a bunch of B-list actors.

I dont think the film will be as good as its posters.”

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