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Chapter 495 A Zombie and a Female Ghost

Especially when Jiang Bowen didnt allow anyone to delete the post, nor explain it, nor reply, the news went across the whole country within a short time.

Jiang Bowen said, “Since Ill be responsible for this problem, Ill handle it well.

If I cant, Ill bear the result.

If you dont believe me, or you want to handle it on your own, youre welcome to it, but you have to bear the result yourself!”

Jiang Bowen understood that the officials who blamed him were afraid to take the responsibility.

Once he said that, they immediately stopped criticizing him.

Before the trailer was out, Gu Ning took out the props.

As for the real antiques, Gu Ning prepared some that she had found at the ancient grave in City B.

“Wow! They look beautiful! Boss, where did you get these props They seem so real!” Chu Peihan weighed a piece of gold bullion.

“Its heavy.”

“Its real.

Of course its heavy,” Gu Ning said with a smile.

“What Its real” Everyone was shocked.

“Boss, are you kidding” Chu Peihan asked.

“Do you think Im kidding” Gu Ning replied.

They were struck dumb for a second, then took a long breath.

Those antiques before their eyes could be all real!

“How about the others”

Hao Ran planned to touch the antiques for fun, but once Gu Ning said that the gold bullion was real, he suddenly hesitated, in case he would break any one of them.

It had to cost a lot.

He couldnt believe that they were all real.

“Those in the suitcase are fake, while those in the mahogany box are real,” Gu Ning said airily, like it was nothing, but Chu Peihan and the others were totally shocked.

“Boss, how rich are you that you can use real antiques in the film!” Hao Ran lost control of his voice and exclaimed in excitement.

People around all turned to look at them in surprise.

What Use real antiques in the film Seriously A group of people surrounded them at once, including Lu Zhan and Zhao Qigang.

Lu Zhan was the director, so he naturally wanted to figure it out, while Zhao Qigang was an antique lover to some extent, so he was very curious.

“Are these antiques real” Lu Zhan asked Gu Ning.

“The jewelry in this small box and the antiques in the mahogany box are real, but those in the suitcase are fake,” Gu Ning said airily as usual.

Getting Gu Nings affirmative answer, everyone was astonished, especially Lu Zhan, because he felt so stressed.

“Miss Gu, may I have a closer look” Zhao Qigang asked with anticipation.

“Sure!” Gu Ning smiled.

Zhao Qigang then carefully took out a Sancai porcelain bottle which was placed on the top to appreciate it.

He was super nervous when he touched it, in case it would be broken, because he couldnt afford it at all.

Lu Zhan swallowed with great force and asked, “How-how can you use real antiques in a film Arent you afraid that theyll be broken”

“We can be cautious, and I think that its a great chance to publicize Xiangyun Antique-store which is our antique sponsor,” Gu Ning said.

“Xiangyun Antique-store Ive heard of it.

It was sold at an auction the other day, and the buyer is a young girl,” Zhao Qigang said, and suddenly stopped, then turned to Gu Ning in astonishment.

“Are you…”

“Yeah, its me.” Since he had already heard the news, Gu Ning directly admitted it.

Those who already knew that Gu Ning was the investor of this film werent very surprised, because the investment in a film was much higher than the price of Xiangyun Antique-store after all.

However, those who didnt know that Gu Ning was the investor were quite shocked.

Many of them started to guess at Gu Nings real identity.

Although they didnt know Gu Nings real identity, they sensed that she must be an important figure because of the actors and directors attitude towards her.

“We can use the fake antiques as accessories, while using the real ones for close-ups.

When the film is released, we can mark the source of the real antiques on the posters and at the beginning of the film,” Gu Ning said.

“No problem,” Lu Zhan said.

Half an hour later, K sent the posters back to Gu Ning.

Everyone was scared, including Lu Zhan, when they saw the posters.

The posters were so realistic! They seemed like things that happened in real life!

“Who made these posters Theyre so realistic!” Lu Zhan asked.

“A friend of mine,” Gu Ning said, but didnt tell Lu Zhan his name.

“Uncle Lu, if you dont mind, I can let my friend edit the film.” K had already agreed to do it and promised to do his best to make it a blockbuster.

However, they didnt know K so Gu Ning asked for Lu Zhans opinion first.

Lu Zhan agreed, because he trusted Gu Ning.

In addition, he knew that Gu Nings friend had to be a master according to the quality of those posters.


I think we can post some pictures on Weibo now!”

Although just one day had passed, the news of the zombie already went across the whole country.

If they still did nothing, it would cause widespread fear.

Gu Ning had already signed up for Weibo, and the name of the Weibo account was Fenghua Entertainment Official.

Lu Zhan posted the pictures first.

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