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Chapter 490 Shoot a Movie III

Jiang Bowen left after he sent Gu Ning to the Huangdeng Hotel, and went to arrange cars to pick Gu Nings friends up.

Gu Ning directly walked to the reception desk and took out the Black Card to book a room.

She had to finish the script before the film crew arrived.

When the receptionist saw the Black Card, she was surprised and helped Gu Ning book the best room at once.

A middle-aged woman who stood at the other end of the reception desk was mad when she noticed that the receptionist was helping Gu Ning book a room.

“Didnt you say that you dont have vacant rooms Why can she book a room Why are you treating her differently Are you afraid that I cant afford the rooms here”

“Madam, Im sorry, but this miss has the Black Card.” The receptionist explained politely.

“I dont care whether she has a black card or white card.

Im a VIP of Huangdeng Hotel!” The woman apparently didnt understand what the Black Card was.

She thought that she was more important than others just because she was a VIP of Huangdeng Hotel.

After all, Huangdeng Hotel was an international five-star hotel, and not many people could afford a membership card.

“Im sorry, the Black card is the top VIP card of Huangdeng Hotel.

Anyone who has a Black Card can enjoy a lifetime of free service at the Huangdeng Hotel domestically or abroad.

Huangdeng Hotel always and only reserves a room for our top VIPs,” the receptionist said politely.

After hearing that, the woman flushed in embarrassment.

She intended to laugh at Gu Ning but unexpectedly, Gu Ning was more important than she was in this hotel.

At this time, another two women walked over, and one of them said, “Shulan, its fine.

If they dont have vacant rooms, we can stay elsewhere.

And it costs a lot staying here.

You dont need to spend so much on us.”

“Its just a five-star hotel.

I dont lack money at all.

Since they dont have vacant rooms, we can stay in another five-star hotel! Ive invited you to have fun today, so Im determined to let you enjoy yourself!” the woman called Shulan said proudly.

It was quite obvious that she was simply showing off.

The other two women felt embarrassed, but didnt say anything.

After that, the three of them left, while Gu Ning walked to an elevator.

Jiang Bowen relaxed a little after he settled everything well, but the problem hadnt been solved yet, so he still felt uneasy.

At that time, Jiang Bowen received Xiao Changchuns call.

Xiao Changchun wasnt in City D so he hadnt heard the news until now.

Jiang Bowen had to admit that the news was true and also told him about what Gu Ning had done today.

Xiao Changchun was scared and shocked when Jiang Bowen told him that the zombie was real,

outstanding courage and ability.

He wasnt in City D now, so he could only remind Jiang Bowen to cooperate with Gu Ning in anything she wanted to do.

When Gu Ning got to her room she took out a piece of paper and a pen to write down what she needed to buy later.

Two hours later, it was already 9 pm.

Gu Ning went outside and borrowed a bus from the hotel.

Gu Ning was their top VIP, so the hotel lent the bus to her at once without asking further.

The bus would be a great place for people to have a rest.

Although it was already spring, it was still very cold outside, and it was warm in the car with the air conditioner on.

Before setting off, Gu Ning went to the supermarket to buy 10 boxes of mineral water, a small printer, a pack of A4 paper, banners, glue, red cloth, incense, which was needed for the movie opening ceremony.

She wasnt shooting a movie for fun, she did it seriously.

Therefore, an opening ceremony was something they had to do.

When Gu Ning arrived at Changyang Mountain, the 10 soldiers were resting in the small bus that they came in.

When they saw that the person in the drivers seat was Gu Ning, they rounded their eyes in shock.

None of them had ever seen a young girl like Gu Ning, who dared to drive such a large bus.

They got out of their small bus one by one, walking to Gu Ning.

“Hi, Miss Gu!” they said with respect.

After what had happened today, they admired Gu Ning very much, not just because Gu Ning was very outstanding, but also because of an order from their leader.

Their leader had given an order that they had to follow Gu Nings lead to solve this tricky problem, so Gu Ning was their leader now and they had to obey her orders.

“Hi! Please get on the bus and have a rest now.

Its cold outside,” Gu Ning said with concern.

The soldiers felt touched by Gu Nings kindness, but nobody moved.

“Miss Gu, we dont feel cold at all,” they said with one accord.

As soldiers, they were much stronger than ordinary people.

If they couldnt tolerate the cold in the spring, they werent qualified soldiers.

Since they said so, Gu Ning didnt insist, but opened a box of water to share with them.

“Thanks! Miss Gu,” they said.

“Miss Gu, Im the leader of this team.

My names Mo Chenyi.

If you have any orders or tasks, you can tell me and Ill inform the rest,” Mo Chenyi said.

Mo Chenyi was young, around 27-years-old.

Actually, all the soldiers were around 25 to 28-years-old.

They had to be the young elites in the military region, otherwise, they wouldnt have come here to deal with the zombie.

Except for them, only a few senior managers in the military region were aware of the zombie.

“Sure, thanks,” Gu Ning said.

“Miss Gu, Ive noticed that you were very agile when you were destroying the zombie today.

I bet you must be very good at kung fu.

Can we have a competition” a soldier asked.

However, before Gu Ning could respond, Mo Chenyi kicked him and criticized.

“Do you think its the right time to have fun now”

“Its fine.

Were free now after all, and we can have fun for a while,” Gu Ning said.

She was a positive girl and never lost interest in life.

In addition, she was confident that she would be able to solve the problem well.

Actually, more than one soldier was interested in having a competition with Gu Ning, so once Gu Ning agreed, they were all excited.

There was a large empty space at the mine site, which was a great area for them to fight.

“Wholl be the first” Gu Ning asked.

“Me!” A man stood up at once.

He was the one who had proposed to have a competition.

Once he stood up, the others were displeased, because he replied so fast and they lost a chance.

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