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Chapter 488 Shoot a Movie I

Jiang Bowen told Gu Ning that if she encountered any troubles in City D she could turn to him for help.

As long as it was legal, he would spare no effort to help her.

Tong Chengdian and An Wanli also said the same thing

While they were enjoying the meal, a post went viral on the Internet.

It is proved to be true! A zombie was dug out of a mine site at Changyang Mountain.


The video was only five seconds long, but was very clear.

The zombie was being burned with strong flames, screaming in pain.

Although the video was shot from afar the scream was still very frightening.

Within a short time, the video and the post caused a huge sensation.

“Jesus! Is the zombie real”

“Im so scared even though I just hear it from my phone!”

“Didnt they say that it was a terrorist What is that in the flames”

“They lied!”

“Is it true that it is a zombie instead of a terrorist”

“OMG! Its so scary!”


“Can anyone explain what really happened”

“I think the zombie is real, and the official line is simply a lie!”

“Why did they lie to us”

When Jiang Bowen heard the news he was furious, because the person who had posted the article on the Internet was obviously acting against the government.

Gu Ning also read the news on her phone.

The government had posted an official explanation to allay citizens anxiety, and lied that they had found a terrorist, not a zombie.

However, the governments authority was being challenged now.

More and more people were mad at the official line and it wasnt easy to calm them down.

Jiang Bowen then told Tong Chengdian and An Wanli about the second post about the zombie on the Internet.

Both of them were extremely angry too.

“Damn it! Who the hell dared to ignore our warming and post it on the Internet!” An Wanli was mad.

Tong Chengdian was also displeased.

“The video makes the government an idiot!”

If the citizens believed that the zombie was real, they really had no idea how to explain it, because it was completely beyond ordinary peoples knowledge.

Zombies only appeared in horror stories or movies and nobody believed in them, but now it suddenly showed up in real life, people were, of course, scared.

“Ill call someone to delete the post as soon as possible, in case itll attract more attention,” Jiang Bowen said, but was stopped by Gu Ning.

“If you do that, people will think that the government is panicking, which will make them believe it more,” Gu Ning said.

“Then what should we do If we dont deal with it right now, it could cause widespread fear!” Jiang Bowen said.

“I have an idea.” Gu Ning squinted a little.

Since she was already involved, she wouldnt quit halfway.

“What idea”

After what they had been through today, they subconsciously trusted Gu Ning very much.

Once she said that she had an idea, they all believed that she could handle it.

“I think we can leave the post on the Internet, so dont respond to it for now.

Afterwards, we can shoot a horror movie using the zombie plot.

In that case, the post will be a way of publicizing,” Gu Ning said.

Although it cost a lot, it was worth trying.

At the same time, Gu Ning could also seize the chance to help her entertainment company attract publicity.

“What Shoot a movie Its much easier said than done! We cant wait that long,” Jiang Bowen said.

The video was already out and they couldnt wait.

“I can manage it within a short time.

All you need to do now, is lock Changyang Mountain down and forbid others to go inside.

Tell the soldiers who controlled the zombie this afternoon to meet me at Changyang Mountain in three hours.

And I need several cars to pick some people up at the airport,” Gu Ning said.

She was the leader at the moment.

The others were silent for a while, then agreed with Gu Ning, because they couldnt think of a better idea.

Gu Ning then called Tang Yunfan at once.

“Hi, Ningning!” Tang Yunfan was a little excited to receive Gu Nings call.

“Uncle Tang, I need your help.

Would you please lend me a set of equipment for filming and deliver it to Changyang Mountain in City D by helicopter as soon as possible I need it right now, and Ill explain it to you later,” Gu Ning said.

“Oh, I also need an acting suit for an ancient soldier.

Please help me get one.”

The Tang Family was the richest family in City B, so they naturally had helicopters.

Hearing that, Tang Yunfan understood that Gu Ning was going to shoot a movie, so he answered at once, “No problem!”

However, when Jiang Bowen and the other two heard the word “helicopter” they were all surprised, because people who could afford a helicopter had to be either super-rich or powerful.

Either way, they completely trusted that Gu Ning could handle the trouble that they were faced with now.

After hanging up the call with Tang Yunfan, Gu Ning called Lu Zhan without delay.

“Uncle Lu, how is your crew now”

They needed many people, other than actors and directors, to shoot a film.

Director Team: Director, Assistant Director, Executive Director, Clapper-Loader.

Production Team: Producer, Production Manager, On-site Producer, Associate Producer, Co-Producer.

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