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Chapter 483 Chen Cangyi

“What She asked for a leave” The principal was surprised because the new semester had just begun.

The principal was about to criticize Gu Ning, but he soon realized that Gu Ning wasnt an ordinary student now.

She was a successful businesswoman, and it was understandable that she was busy.

“She said that her friend was in a car accident and his leg has to be amputated, so she went to visit him.” Zhang Qiuhua explained, in case the principal would be mad at Gu Ning.

Hearing that, the principal remembered that he had heard that Gu Ning had a special medicine at Su Anyas birthday party, so he assumed that Gu Ning went to rescue her friend.


Forget it,” the principal said.

After the principal was gone, Zhang Qiuhua still sat on her chair in shock.

She didnt get her mind back until the bell rang and the other teachers came into the office.

Zhang Qiuhua took a long breath and calmed herself down.

She didnt spread the news abroad, neither did the principal.

They didnt know whether Gu Ning was willing to let others in her school know the shocking news, so they decided to keep it a secret for now.

When it was 10:20 am, Gu Ning arrived at the airport of City D.

Outside of the airport, a shiny red Lamborghini was stopped by the road and there was a good-looking young man leaning against it.

He attracted a lot of attention from people around him, especially girls.

Many also struck up a conversation with him.

He wasnt as cold as Leng Shaoting, and gently responded to all the girls who talked to him.

When Gu Ning walked out and noticed the scene, she was displeased.

She didnt think that it was appropriate that he came to pick her up in such a noticeable way.

The good-looking young man who drove the shiny red Lamborghini to pick Gu Ning up was precisely K.

Seeing that people were taking pictures of K and the shiny red Lamborghini, Gu Ning immediately put on a mask, in case they posted photos with her face in them on the Internet.

After putting on the mask, Gu Ning walked to


K didnt recognize her face because she was wearing a mask, but he recognized her voice.

Gu Ning glared at K and said in annoyance, “Lets go now! Are you a monkey in the zoo”

Hearing that, K was mad because the metaphor sounded so humiliating.

He thought that Gu Ning should compliment his attractive appearance instead of making fun of him.

Anyway, K had already picked Gu Ning up, so he also wanted to leave right now.

Seeing that the good-looking man drove here to pick up a girl, others were very jealous.

Many girls wished that they could be Gu Ning.

When Gu Ning got in the car, K drove ahead at


“What do you usually do” Gu Ning asked K and took off her mask.

“Have fun!” K said.

“Im willing to rescue your friend, but both of you have to do something for me too,” Gu Ning said.

“What is it” K asked.

He didnt seem displeased at all.

“You know that Im still a student, and I dont have much time to run my companies, so you two can help me with that,” Gu Ning said.

Although she hadnt met Ks friend yet, she trusted K.

“What about the annual package” K directly asked about the salary.

“Each of you can have 5% shares, which is worth at least dozens of millions of yuan,” Gu Ning said.


Deal!” K answered with alacrity.

Before long, they arrived at the hospital and went to a VIP patient room.

Standing outside of the patient room were two men.

One was Guo Hao whom Gu Ning had met before, while the other was a stranger.

“Hi, boss, Miss Gu,” Guo Hao said with respect.

“Boss, Miss Gu,” the other man also greeted them with great respect.

His name was Zhou Qun and he was also Ks bodyguard.

Guo Hao opened the door for Gu Ning and Kat once.

A man who was around 30-years-old was lying on the hospital bed.

He had great features, but looked quite pale.

“Hi,” the man said in a weak voice when Gu Ning and K walked up to him.

K had already told him about Gu Ning, so the man wasnt surprised when Gu Ning showed up.

He also didnt doubt Gu Nings ability because he knew that she had cured Ks legs.

Although he was still shocked by the fact that K was able to walk again, he chose to believe Gu Ning.

In addition, he knew that there were many things which were unknown to him in this world.

“This is my close friend, Chen Cangyi,” K said to Gu Ning, then turned to Chen Cangyi.

“Cangyi, this is Miss Gu.”

“Nice to meet you,” Gu Ning said.

“Miss Gu, nice to meet you too, and thank you so much for your help,” Chen Cangyi said

Afterwards, Gu Ning took out a power crystal and told Chen Cangyi to take it.

The pill melted the second it was put into Chen Cangyis mouth, and he felt a flow of coldness in his body, which was quite comfortable.

However, Chen Cangyi was badly injured, so a pill wasnt enough.

Gu Ning also had to put her power into his legs in person to help him recover.

Chen Cangyis injures were extremely painful, and he felt great pain when Gu Ning touched them, but when Gu Ning put her power into his legs, the pain was replaced by a gentle chill.

Although he had heard about the incredible effect of the medicine from K, he was still amazed when he experienced it himself.

Gu Ning didnt cure Chen Cangyi completely, but he was almost fully recovered.

All he needed to do now was to have a good rest.

It would be too unrealistic if she cured him completely right away, so Gu Ning decided to give him some time to recover by himself.

Therefore, Chen Cangyis injures still ached, and he wasnt able to move yet, but he would be fully recovered in a week.

It cost Gu Ning a lot of power to help him recover, so her face turned a little pale after that.

In the end, Gu Ning took out a porcelain bottle with two power crystals inside.

“Take a pill every three days, and hell be fine after a week,” she said to K.

“Thanks!” K took the porcelain bottle.

“Once Cangyi is recovered, well come meet you!”

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