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Chapter 481 A New Semester Begins

“Alright, its fine now.

Dont worry.

Ive handled it all well,” Gu Ning said.

She felt touched that she had real friends who cared about her.

“No, boss, Im going to tell Hao Ran and the others, and well visit you later.

Dont reject us because were good friends,” Mu Ke said with determination.

Although Gu Ning thought that it wasnt necessary, she didnt want to hurt their feelings, so she agreed.

“Fine!” Gu Ning answered, and told him the address of her home.

After hanging up the call with Gu Ning, Mu Ke called every one of their friends, and they were all mad at Qin Zhengs aunt.

Gu Ning also told Gu Man that her friends would visit her later.

Gu Man was touched by Gu Nings friends kind behavior.

And Gu Man was happy to see them.

She immediately told Gu Qing to go grocery shopping with her.

Around three pm, Mu Ke and the others, including Su Anya arrived.

They all came with different kinds of gifts.

Even though Gu Ning told them not to bring gifts, they werent willing to visit her with empty hands.

Gu Man also told them not to buy gifts but they had already come with many packages in different sizes.

In addition, they all cared about Gu Mans and Gu Qings health, which made Gu Qing and Gu Man feel deeply touched.

Gu Qing and Gu Man went to cook in the kitchen, while Gu Ning was chatting with them in the living room.

Although it was a little noisy, they all enjoyed themselves, and Gu Man had no time to think about Tang Yunfan.

Before she made her decision, Gu Man wouldnt tell Gu Qing.

“Boss, do you still remember that the new semester will begin tomorrow” Mu Ke asked, because Gu Ning was busy all the time.

Hearing that, Gu Ning was struck dumb for a second.

She had indeed forgotten.

Actually, the seniors in high school had already started to attend classes, but Gu Ning was always busy, so she didnt go back to her school yet.

However, she did so well academically that her teachers were willing to turn a blind eye.

“Oh, I almost forgot!” Gu Ning said.

“Im so envious of you.

Weve already been attending classes for days,” Su Anya said.

“You should study hard and be the No.

1 student in your grade like our boss, then you can be absent from classes too!” Chu Peihan said.

“I wish! However, I cant do it!” Su Anya said.

“No big deal.

Only Mu Ke, Mixi and Anyi are good students among us, and they go to school every day, not like the rest of us,” Mu Ke said.

“Not me! Ive gone to school these past few days,” Qin Zixun retorted.

“Ha, I dont think you can continue,” Zhang Tianping said with disdain.

He didnt believe that Qin Zixun would start to study hard all of a sudden.

“Me either!” An Yi agreed with Zhang Tianping.

“You dont believe me Then lets see!” Qin Zixun said with confidence.

“Qin Zixun, are you insane or something Why did you suddenly become so studious” Hao Ran stared at Qin Zixun.

He thought that Qin Zixun was being very abnormal.

“Because I want to attend a good university, I need to study hard!” Qin Zixun argued.

“Hey, what do you all want to study in university” Chu Peihan interrupted them.

“To be honest, I have no interest in studying, so Ive decided to work in the entertainment industry after my graduation.”

There was an entertainment company under the Qing Gang, so Chu Peihan had plenty of chances at acting.

“Im going to study law, and be a lawyer in the future,” Su Anya said.

“Im choosing Management Science,” Hao Ran said, because he was going to take over his family business, so it was something he had to do.

“Me too,” An Yi said.

Although Shenghua Real Estate wasnt his family business anymore, the An Family was still managing it, so it was necessary for him to learn Management Science too.

“Im going to learn finance,” Yu Mixi said.

“Politics!” Qin Zixun said.

Both of his parents were politicians, so it was highly likely that he would work in politics.

“I love playing on the computer, so Im going to major in Computer Science,” Zhang Tianping said.

When it was about 4 pm, Gu Ning received Yuan Jisongs call.

He told her that Qin Lilin was sentenced to two years in jail and that she had to pay two million yuan as compensation.

After that, Gu Qing and Gu Man could begin to repair and redecorate their store, while each of those injured staff could have fifty thousand yuan of mental damage compensation.

Around 6 pm, the dishes were on the table, and they went to enjoy the meal together.

After dinner, the others left and Gu Ning stayed home to keep her mothers company.

The next day, when Gu Ning went to school, she encountered Qin Zheng at the gate.

Or to be specific, Qin Zheng was intentionally waiting for her there.

Seeing Gu Ning coming, Qin Zheng walked to her at once.

“Gu Ning, can we talk”

“We have nothing to talk about.” Gu Ning ignored him and walked away.

“Gu Ning!” Qin Zheng tried to stop her.

“If you dont want to be punched, stay away from me!” Gu Ning warned, then left.

Qin Zheng didnt dare to stop her again, because he was truly afraid of her now.

In fact, even if Gu Ning agreed to talk with him, he didnt know what to talk to her about, because his aunt had already been put in jail.

Nevertheless, he was reluctant to give up.

Qin Zheng still refused to accept the fact that the girl who had been despised by him was now so outstanding and stunning.

Gu Ning went to meet her friends when she got to school.

And they walked to their classrooms together.

There were many students in the fourth classroom already.

However, Gu Nings appearance didnt attract much attention from them, because only the high society knew that she was the real boss of Jade Beauty Jewelry.

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