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Chapter 479 I Need Some Time

Gu Man started to tremble a little with tears in her eyes.

“Are you sure that hes still alive but just forgot the year we were together”

“I met an old man the other day and he told me that I closely resembled his son.

He also told me that his son disappeared for a year 18 years ago, and when his son came back, his son had completely changed but lost his memory of the year he was gone.

I thought that it couldnt just be a coincidence, so I did my investigation,” Gu Ning said.

“Whats the result” Gu Man asked in anxiety.

“Although we havent done a DNA test yet, Im sure that hes my biological father,” Gu Ning said.

Hearing that, Gu Man burst into tears and breathed hard.

Gu Ning immediately put her power into Gu Mans body to help her calm down.

“Does he have his own family now” Gu Man asked.

She believed that he must be married and have children by now.

“No, he doesnt,” Gu Ning said.

“What” Gu Man was astonished.

“Although he lost his memory, he had a strange feeling in his mind, and refused to get married,” Gu Ning said.

Gu Man remained silent, thinking back to the past.

She had a deep and abiding love for Ning, which was the reason she never got married again.

However, they hadnt seen each other for 18 years, so she honestly had no idea how to face him again.

“Whats your opinion” Gu Man asked Gu Ning.

If Gu Ning wanted a happy family, Gu Man would do it for her, but if Gu Ning didnt want to change their life now, Gu Man would also agree.

After all, Gu Ning was the most important person in Gu Mans life and Gu Man wouldnt hurt Gu Ning just for a man, even though she had loved the man very deeply.

Although the man was her daughters father, he had been absent for the past 18 years.

During the past 18 years, they had lived a good life without him anyway.

Gu Ning understood that Gu Man wanted to meet him but was worried about her feelings.

“Mom, youve stayed alone for my sake for so many years.

You dont feel very lonely because Ive been with you the entire time, but Im going to attend my university soon.

I dont want you to be alone at home, so I think that its better if there is a reliable man to keep your company.

Ive always had that idea in my mind even before I found out that my biological father is still alive.

Mom, actually, Ive already met him and hes a good man.” Gu Ning held Gu Mans hand.

Knowing that, Gu Man was deeply touched.

“However, if he lost the memory of that year, will he accept me” Gu Man asked.

“He will.

Hes just afraid that you wont accept him, who already forgot you,” Gu Ning said seriously.

Hearing that, Gu Man rounded her eyes in shock.

“He knows about our existence” At the same time, she was a little displeased.

If the man knew about their existence, why didnt he come to meet them Gu Man wasnt sure whether she should meet him, but she cared about the mans attitude too.

Gu Ning understood what was on Gu Mans mind.

“In fact, he is Tang Yunfan.

He just found out a couple of days ago too and hes worried that you wont accept him, so he was wearing a mask secretly staring at you these past few days,” Gu Ning said.

“What” Gu Man was totally shocked.

Ning is Tang Yunfan She had been robbed the other day, and he had suddenly showed up to help her.

She had had the feeling that they must have met before, but she was surprised that he was Ning! Gu Man was so astonished that she had no idea how to react to the shocking news now.

“I-I need some time,” Gu Man said, walking to her bedroom.

Gu Ning didnt force her either, and let her have a rest, while she went out to deal with Qin Lilin.

Gu Ning didnt go to Meiyan Beauty Salon, but the police station.

Coincidentally, when Gu Ning arrived at the police station, she met Yuan Jisong who had just walked out of it.

“Hi, Girl Gu, what happened that you came here” Yuan Jisong was surprised to see Gu Ning.

People came to the police station for a reason, so Yuan Jisong was concerned about her.

“Nice to meet you, Mr.

Yuan!” Gu Ning greeted him with respect.

“Well, someone hired a group of hoodlums to damage my mothers beauty salon yesterday, so I came here with the evidence.”

“What How dare they! Come on, I can take you to meet the director!” Yuan Jisong said.

“Thank you so much, Mr.

Yuan!” Since Yuan Jisong was willing to help her, it would be much better.

“You can call me Uncle Yuan,” Yuan Jisong said.

Gu Ning had saved his life and Su Anyas life, so he appreciated Gu Ning very much and would love to make friends with her.

Gu Ning really was an outstanding young girl.

“Sure, Uncle Yuan,” Gu Ning said.

It was a good thing that she could maintain a good relationship with Yuan Jisong.

“Oh, hi, can I help, Mr.

Yuan” Liang Youbo, who was the director of the Public Security Bureau, was a little confused when Yuan Jisong walked back in.

And when he noticed Gu Ning, who was walking behind Yuan Jisong he was surprised.

“Miss Gu!”

When Gu Ning had been arrested last time because she had beaten several female students in a school, Liang Youbo had directly received his leaders call and order to release her.

Therefore, Gu Ning had left a deep impression on him.

Liang Youbo had even remembered Gu Nings face in his mind, because he didnt dare annoy her again.

Although Gu Ning was from an ordinary family, she had support from powerful people.

In addition, ever since Liang Youbo had met Gu Ning at Su Anyas birthday party, he knew that she wasnt simple and she had a powerful network.

In that case, Liang Youbo treated Gu Ning with great respect.

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