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Chapter 476 Beat Me Then You Can Leave

Gu Ning closed the door and left.

She called Gu Man and asked her whether she was still in the hospital or at home.

Gu Man told Gu Ning that she was on her way home, so Gu Ning went directly home.

When they were in the parking lot, Gu Man invited Tang Yunfan to have lunch together at her home.

Tang Yunfan wanted to join them, but still rejected, because he wasnt willing to expose his identity right now.

Tang Yunfan said that he was busy, so Gu Man didnt insist.

When Tang Yunfan left, he called Gu Ning and told her that Gu Man and Gu Qing got home safely.

Gu Ning asked Tang Yunfan again, “Do you plan to tell my mom the truth now or are you going to wait until you regain your memory”

Tang Yunfan was silent for a while.

He knew that it wasnt good to let Gu Man wait, but he was still hesitating over whether to tell her the truth or not right now.

“Im afraid that your mother wouldnt accept me after so many


Gu Ning agreed, and said, “I can ask her opinion first, and help her prepare mentally.”

“Great!” Tang Yunfan said.

When Gu Ning got home, she decided to talk with Gu Man after lunch when Gu Qing was


When they were about to eat, Gu Ning received Chu Xuanfengs call, and she went to her room to answer it.

Chu Xuanfeng was really efficient so he already had the result.

And he had to be efficient, because it was about Gu Ning.

The group of people was indeed from the Qing Gang, but they were nobodies in the Qing Gang.

Chu Xuanfeng had gotten control of them and they told Chu Xuanfeng that it was the owner of Meiyan Beauty Salon who had hired them to damage the Kamei Beauty Salon.

Many VIPs of Meiyan Beauty Salon had abandoned it for Kamei Beauty Salon, so the owner of Meiyan hired a group of hoodlums to damage Kamei to vent her anger.

The reason why the owner of Meiyan Beauty Salon dared do that was because her older brother was the director of the Tourism Administration.

The director of Tourism Administration was precisely Qin Zhengs father.

It seemed that Gu Nings family couldnt get along with Qin Zhengs family, because Gu Ning had been hurt by Qin Zheng, and Gu Man had been hurt by Qin Zhengs aunt.

“I have them in my hands right now, and you can do whatever you like to them,” Chu Xuanfeng said.

In gangs, a life wasnt worth much, and there were plenty of ways to hide the death.

The group of hoodlums had not only damaged Gu Mans store, but had also injured Gu Man and Gu Qing.

So they had to pay for what they had done.

“I wont bother to kill them, but theyll be disabled for sure!” Although Gu Ning was in a rage, she didnt bother to kill them since Gu Man was fine now.

“No problem.

Whatever you want,” Chu Xuanfeng said.

“Ill meet you after lunch,” Gu Ning said.

“Sure,” Chu Xuanfeng replied.

Meanwhile, Gu Xiaoxiaos case went to court today.

Gu Qinyang and Wen Yulan also showed up with Gu Qinxiangs family but Gu Qinxiang didnt inform Gu Qing and Gu Man.

Coincidentally, the hoodlums dashed into Gu Mans store today.

Both Gu Qing and Gu Man were injured as well as scared, so they rested at home.

However, when Gu Qinyang called Gu Qing and told her that they were in City F, Gu Qing kindly invited them to have a meal together when they were free.

Gu Qing planned to have the meal outside, but Gu Ning thought that it was better to have the meal at home, since they regarded Gu Qinyangs family as relatives now.

Normally, they would only invite close friends or relatives to dine at home.

Hearing that, Gu Qinyang was touched and relaxed, because he understood that Gu Ning had really forgiven them.

In order to not ruin Gu Mans mood, Gu Ning decided not to talk to her about Tang Yunfan for now.

Gu Qing and Gu Man were both a little tired, so they took a nap before they went to go grocery shopping

Gu Ning, on the other hand, left to meet Chu Xuanfeng.

When she was leaving her home, she received Tang Yunfans call.

Tang Yunfan told her that he had to leave for City B, because he had something important to deal with in his company and that he would be back as soon as possible.

Gu Ning understood and said, “Youve stayed in City F for many days, so you should, of course, go back to your company to deal with your business as the chairman.”

Tang Yunfan left his business behind and came to City F for Gu Man.

He hadnt even gone back for the Lantern Festival, which was enough to show his concern towards Gu Man.

Chu Xuanfeng told Gu Ning to meet him at the Qing Gangs base in City F.

She could do whatever she wanted there, and Chu Xuanfeng also wanted other members in the Qing Gang to remember Gu Nings face so that such an attack wouldnt happen again.

Gu Ning took a taxi heading to the Qinghua Security Company which was the base of the Qing Gang in City F.

Members of the Qing Gang would work here if they had no tasks to fulfill, because the Qing Gang wouldnt support them for free.

When Chu Xuanfeng went to the gate and welcomed Gu Ning in person, others in the company were all surprised.

They were all curious about the girls identity, because their leader never welcomed ordinary people in person.

Chu Xuanfeng guided Gu Ning walking to an elevator, and went down to a basement where the group of hoodlums were kept.

There were six men locked in an iron room.

Seeing Chu Xuanfeng walking inside, they started to beg him, “Please forgive us this time! Well never do it again!”

“Please forgive us!”


Chu Xuanfeng didnt say a word, so Gu Ning was obviously the real boss.

Seeing those who had injured Gu Qing and Gu Man, Gu Ning was mad.

She said coldly, “Do you want us to forgive you No problem.

If you can beat me, you can leave.”

They had no idea how excellent Gu Ning was at fighting, but Chu Xuanfeng did.

Even though it seemed like Gu Ning gave them a chance, they actually had no hope to win.

The six men didnt know who Gu Ning was, but since she dared to give an order in front of Chu Xuanfeng, she had to be someone important.

They also knew that the girl couldnt be simple, since she dared to challenge them.

Nonetheless, they were eager to leave so they agreed.

In fact, even if they disagreed, they had nowhere to hide.

“Please open the door and let me in,” Gu Ning said to Chu Xuanfeng.

Chu Xuanfeng then opened the door for Gu Ning, and she walked in without hesitation.

Seeing Gu Ning coming inside, those men stepped back subconsciously.

“Lets begin!” Gu Ning stared straight at them.

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