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Chapter 475 Mr.

Tang, Do You Have a Cold

After taking the pills, the other injured people soon recovered, and they were all surprised by the great effect of the medicine.

However, they were still in the aftermath of the terrible attack.

Before long, Gu Man also stopped bleeding and regained her consciousness.

“Ningning!” Gu Man hugged Gu Ning tightly in excitement.

When she hit her head, she had thought that she would die and would never see Gu Ning again.

“Mom, its fine, and youre fine now,” Gu Ning said.

Seeing that Gu Man was safe, Tang Yunfan relaxed.

After that, Gu Ning asked Gu Qing, “Aunt, what happened”

“I dont really know.

When we had just opened the store, a group of people suddenly ran inside with steel sticks in their hands and damaged everything in their sight without saying a word!” Gu Qing said.

Her voice was still trembling.

Obviously, she was very scared.

“Have you had any conflict with anyone recently” Gu Ning asked.

“No!” Gu Qing and Gu Man said affirmatively.

“I heard them say that theyre from the Qing Gang!” the manager said.

“The Qing Gang” Hearing that, everyone was shocked.

Gu Ning, on the other hand, was displeased.

She realized that someone must have hired a bunch of people to damage her familys store, but she didnt know whether they did it because of her or Gu Qing and Gu Man.

If they did it aiming to hurt Gu Ning, Gu Ning thought that it was probably because she had rescued Situ Ye the other night.

The person who had planned to murder Situ Ye was mad at her, so he revenged himself on her using the name of the Qing Gang, or the person could be one of the Qing Gang too.

If they did it aiming to hurt Gu Qing and Gu Man, it could be a business competitor because Kamei Beauty Salon was the most popular salon in the area.

Especially after the annual event, their membership had dramatically increased, and they had even hired five new workers within half a month.

Of course, there could be more than those two reasons, but Gu Ning thought that they were the most likely.

“The Qing Gang I think they must have been hired by someone to damage your store,” Tang Yunfan said.

In his eyes, he didnt think that the Qing Gang would bother to cause a beauty salon trouble unless they were hired by someone.

Gu Man didnt notice Tang Yunfan until she heard his voice.

“Its you!” She was surprised.

Gu Ning was struck dumb for a second, looking at Tang Yunfan for answer.

Tang Yunfan immediately explained.

“I saw several hoodlums grab your mothers handbag the other day, and I helped her get it back.”

Hearing that, Gu Ning understood how her mother got to know Tang Yunfan.

“Mom, aunt, this gentleman is Tang Yunfan,” Gu Ning said to Gu Qing and Gu Man.

“Nice to meet you, Mr.

Tang,” Gu Qing and Gu Man said.

“Thank you so much for helping me the other day!” Gu Man added.

“Youre welcome,” Tang Yunfan said.

Facing Gu Man, Tang Yunfan didnt seem cold or aloof at all but behaved gently.

In fact, he was quite nervous, because he wanted to leave a good impression on Gu Man.

At this moment, the ambulance arrived.

Although they were all fine now, Gu Ning still told them to go get checked in the hospital.

“Uncle Tang, would you mind accompanying my mom and aunt to the hospital and bringing them home later I need to deal with this mess,” Gu Ning said.

“Sure,” Tang Yunfan said, but he was worried that Gu Ning couldnt handle it alone, because the Qing Gang was involved.

“Do you need my help here”

“Its fine.

I can handle it,” Gu Ning said.

“If you need me, just call me,” Tang Yunfan said with concern.

Actually, he should take care of his wife and daughter and help them solve this trouble, but it wasnt the right time for him to do so because his identity hadnt been revealed yet.

“Thanks,” Gu Ning replied.

“Thank you so much, Mr.

Tang,” Gu Man said.

Afterwards, everyone left, except for Gu Ning.

Although the police told Gu Ning that they would catch the gangsters as soon as possible, Gu Ning thought that it would be much faster if she did it herself.

When they all left, Gu Ning immediately checked the surveillance cameras, and made a copy on the USB flash disk, then she called Chu Xuanfeng.

“Hey, whats up,” Chu Xuanfeng answered her call within a second.

“Hi, can we meet I need your help,” Gu Ning said.

“No problem.

Where are you now” Chu Xuanfeng agreed without hesitation, since it was Gu Ning who needed his help.

His boss liked Gu Ning, and Gu Ning had also rescued his boss once, so he would spare no effort to help her.

Gu Ning then told him to meet her right in the beauty salon.


Tang, do you have a cold” Seeing Tang Yunfan wearing a mask all the time, Gu Man asked him with concern.

“Yeah, and I have allergies so I have to wear a mask,” Tang Yunfan lied.

Twenty minutes later, Chu Xuanfeng arrived.

Noticing that the beauty salon was in a mess, he was surprised.

“Who did this”

“They said that theyre from the Qing Gang,” Gu Ning said.

“What” Chu Xuanfeng was astonished and furious.

Who dared to hurt Gu Ning Theyre digging their own graves!

Chu Xuanfeng never doubted Gu Nings words.

“Dont worry.

Ill find out who it was as soon as possible.”

“Im not sure whether theyre really members of the Qing Gang, so please investigate it thoroughly; this is the surveillance video,” saying that, Gu Ning took out the USB flash disk and gave it to Chu Xuanfeng.

“Please just tell me whos behind this when you find out.

I want to deal with it myself.”

“Sure, Ill give you the answer today.” Chu Xuanfeng took the USB flash disk from Gu Ning and promised.

Since it was about Gu Ning, he would do his best.

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