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Chapter 474 Gu Qing and Gu Man Are Attacked

Gu Ning added, “Since you showed up in City F and have followed my mother for a couple of days, I thought that you also accepted the fact and want to have the family reunion.”

Since Gu Ning had already laid her cards on the table, Tang Yunfan thought it was time to be honest with her.

“Yes, I do accept the fact that youre my biological daughter but I still cant regain my lost memory from that year, so I dont dare meet your mother right now.

I know that its irresponsible, but I still want to regain my memory before I go to meet your mother so that I can treat her with my real feelings.

I dont want to hurt her either, and I think that its better for all of us to maintain the status quo.”

“I agree, but arent you afraid that my mother might fall in love with another man before you regain your memory” Gu Ning asked.

Gu Nings words made Tang Yunfan think of what he had seen last night, and he panicked a lot.

“Does-does your mother has someone she likes now”

Seeing Tang Yunfan being so anxious, Gu Ning was satisfied.

“Not yet, but I plan to help her find a man.

She has stayed single for 18 years, and Im going to go study in the capital in half a year, so I dont want her to be alone any longer.

I hoped that there would be a reliable man to look after her, but since you appeared right now, I think that you two are a great match, and I hope that you can get back together.”

Hearing that, Tang Yunfan relaxed.

“Do you know why my mother named me Gu Ning” Gu Ning asked.

“Eighteen years ago, my mother was still a freshman.

She rescued an injured man by accident, but the man lost his memories and wouldnt leave my mother, so my mother called him Ning.”

Hearing the name, Ning, Tang Yunfans brain ached a little.

He felt a strange emotion, because he had a feeling that Ning was precisely him, but he couldnt remember any details.

Gu Ning added, “In the beginning, my mother helped him out of kindness, but they fell in love later.

Ning was an able man and soon became a supervisor after only half a year in a company.

He was then gradually promoted to be the manager of the planning department, but he was lost in a car accident on a business trip later.

In that accident, six people were lost, including Ning.”

Hearing the story told by Gu Ning, Pieces of memory flashed through Tang Yunfans mind.

He tried to grab them, but failed, and his brain was in great pain.

Gu Ning, however, didnt stop, because she wanted to see whether it was useful to stimulate him.

“Afterwards, my mother found out that she was pregnant, and quit school.”

In the following minutes, Gu Ning told Tang Yunfan about Gu Mans miserable life in the Gu Family, and what they had been through during the past 18 years.

“Im sorry.

I had no idea what you had been through.

Im so sorry.

Im sorry…” Tang Yunfan repeatedly apologized.

He was blaming himself.

Seeing that Tang Yunfan still couldnt remember anything after the stimulation, Gu Ning stopped telling the story and stood up walking towards him.

She gently pressed his temples and put her power into his body.

When Tang Yunfan calmed down again, Gu Ning asked, “What do you plan to do next Do you want to meet my mom right now, or wait until you regain your memory”

The moment Gu Ning finished her sentences and before Tang Yunfan could say a word, her phone rang, and the caller was Mrs.



Fu was the owner of a maternal and child supplies store which was next to Kamei Beauty Salon.

She was also one of their members.

Gu Ning had exchanged phone numbers with Mrs.

Fu earlier on in case anything bad happened to Gu Qing and Gu Man and they couldnt call her on their own.

Therefore, when Gu Ning saw the caller was Mrs.

Fu, she had a bad feeling.

“Hi, Mrs.


“Miss Gu, come here right now! A group of people just damaged your familys store, but I dont know exactly what they did in the store!” Mrs.

Fu said in great anxiety.

“What Please call the police, and Ill be right there!” Gu Ning panicked.

“Ill go with you!” Tang Yunfan had also heard what Mrs.

Fu said on the phone.

Gu Ning didnt reject and they ran out together.

Tang Yunfans car was stopped downstairs, so they drove to the shopping mall without delay.

On the way, Gu Ning was thinking about who the group of people could be, and she was really worried about Gu Qing and Gu Man.

It took around 15 minutes to get there normally, but Tang Yunfan and Gu Ning arrived within seven minutes.

The beauty salon was already in a mess when they finally arrived.

Even though the police were here, those who had damaged the store were gone.

“Miss, you cant come in here.” When Gu Ning walked inside, a policeman stopped her.

“Im the daughter of the owner,” Gu Ning said.

And then Gu Ning, followed by Tang Yunfan, walked inside.

In order to not let Gu Man recognize him, Tang Yunfan put on his mask.

There were many injured people in the store, including Gu Qing and Gu Man.

Gu Man was the most seriously injured one among them, because her head was bleeding and she had already passed out.

The ambulance hadnt arrived yet, so Gu Man could only lie on the sofa.

Gu Qing stood by her side but was crying anxiously.

Gu Qings arm was hit by a steel stick and the other staff were all injured to different degrees.

Luckily, they were still alive.

“Mom, aunt!” Gu Ning ran to them, followed by Tang Yunfan.

Seeing Gu Man in danger, Tang Yunfans heart ached for her, and he was extremely worried that Gu Man would die.

Knowing that Tang Yunfan was scared, Gu Ning comforted him.

“Itll be fine.” Gu Ning wasnt only comforting Tang Yunfan, but also Gu Qing, because Gu Qing kept crying the entire time.

Even so, Tang Yunfan was still concerned about Gu Mans life.

They were in public, so it wasnt convenient for Gu Ning to put her power into them directly.

She then took out the power crystals and told them to take the pills.

As for Gu Man who was the most seriously injured, Gu Ning had to save her life as soon as possible.

The other injured people took the pills that Gu Ning gave them without thinking further.

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