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Chapter 471 Who Is Your Brother-in-law

If they had conflicts, it would be difficult for Cao Wenjun to achieve his goal.

“If you dare criticize me again, Ill tell Ningning, and my brother-in-law will help me punish you!” Cao Wenxin threatened.

“You…” Xin Bei was stunned this time.

“Alright, stop arguing now,” Xin Chen said to Xin Bei.

Although Cao Wenxin was being a little aggressive, she was a girl after all.

“Do you think that Im the one who is wrong I didnt say anything in the beginning.

It was her who started to blame me!” Xin Bei said in annoyance.

Xin Chen opened his mouth, but didnt know what to say.

Xin Bei also closed his mouth.

He would stay quiet as long as Cao Wenxin stopped picking on him.

“Oh, Wenxin, who is your brother-in-law” Cao Wenjun asked with curiosity.

“Since when do you have a brother-in-law”

“Ningnings boyfriend of course!” Cao Wenxin said.

“Gu Ning” Cao Wenjun was surprised.

“Isnt she just 18-years-old She already has a boyfriend” Although Cao Wenjun hadnt met Gu Ning yet, he had heard a lot about her, and he admired her very much.


Hes extraordinarily handsome and outstanding!” Cao Wenxin complimented.

“Ningning made a good choice.”

Xin Bei thought to himself that his boss was, of course, extraordinarily outstanding, and there were few people who were comparable to his boss in this world.

Cao Wenjun also believed that Gu Nings boyfriend had to be very excellent, but she was only 18-years-old.

“Does grandpa know that Gu Ning has a boyfriend”

“Of course! They already met each other,” Cao Wenxin said.

Since their grandfather was already aware of it, Cao Wenjun wasnt worried anymore.

After that, they arrived at an ancient street with many old buildings.

Although the buildings had been repaired and rebuilt many years ago, they still kept the historical style.

It was the Lantern Festival, so the street was already full of activity, and was ablaze with exquisite lanterns hanging on both sides.

If the visitors hadnt been wearing modern clothing, they would have thought that they had transmigrated to the past!

There were Lantern shows everywhere in different sizes, so Gu Ning along with Gu Man and Gu Qings family went to appreciate the lanterns tonight.

The lantern show in City F was set at Qingjiang Square, which was the same place that the firework show had taken place.

Hao Ran and his friends came here too.

Except for Zhang Tianping and Chu Peihan who were alone, the rest came here with their families.

Gu Qing and Gu Man were friends of Hao Rans mother, and they already had an appointment to appreciate lanterns together, so Gu Man called Hao Rans mother once they arrived at Qingjiang Square.

They were also in the parking lot, so they met each other soon.


Lus family also came here with Hao Rans family.


Lus husband was Lu Zejin, and they had a 13-year-old daughter named Lu Yixiao.


Hao introduced them to each other, and they were busy greeting one another in the following minutes.

After that, Hao Zhonglong purposely introduced Gu Ning to Lu Zejin, “Zejin, this is the real boss of the most popular jewelry store in City F, Gu Ning!”

Hao Zhonglong respected and appreciated Gu Ning very much, because she had achieved a lot at such a young age.

Hearing that, Lu Zejin was greatly surprised.

He had, of course, heard the story of Gu Ning, but he had been busy that day when Miss Su had held her birthday party, so he hadnt met Gu Ning until now.

“Miss Gu, so nice to meet you!” Lu Zejin said politely.

He didnt show any disdain just because she was young.

Instead, he treated her like she was one of his peers and also complimented her right in front of others.

“Miss Gu is really an outstandingly successful young businesswoman!”

“Thank you so much for your compliment, Mr.

Lu,” Gu Ning said politely.

She wasnt proud, nor was she self-abased but had a natural air of an achiever, which impressed Lu Zejin more.

“Im so envious of Gu Man that she has such an outstanding daughter.

I wish my son could be half as successful as Gu Ning!” Mrs.

Hao said.

“Mom, do you have to show your dislike towards your own son in front of everyone” Hao Ran complained.

“Show me your ability and I wont do it again,” Mrs.

Hao said.

“Fine,” Hao Ran said with a sad face.

“Alright, lets go inside!” Hao Zhonglong said, and a group of them walked inside.

Tang Yunfan was following them along the way.

Seeing that other families were so happy together, while Gu Man was alone and Gu Nings father was absent, Tang Yunfans heart ached, and he had an impulse to run forward and have a reunion with them, but it would be irresponsible if he suddenly showed up like that before he regained his memory.

He didnt want Gu Man to face a man who had completely forgotten her, because she would be hurt deeply.

At the same time, he was also afraid that he would never regain his memory.

In that case, he wouldnt be able to have a family reunion even though his wife and daughter were right in front of his eyes, which was torture for him too.

Therefore, Tang Yunfan gave himself a deadline.

If he failed to gain his memory back within a month, he would directly show up in front of Gu Man and Gu Ning to take the duty of a husband as well as a father.

Gu Man also felt sad that she couldnt give Gu Ning a complete family.

Gu Ning sensed Gu Mans sadness, so she held her hand to comfort her.

Gu Man soon relaxed because of Gu Nings comfort.

She had lived her life like that for the past 18 years, and it was meaningless to think about it right now.

After a while, they met An Guangyao and An Yi.

An Guangyao stood by Gu Nings left side, and Gu Ning was introducing him to Gu Man.

They were chatting happily, but Tang Yunfan couldnt hear their talk from where he was.

He suddenly felt a sense of crisis, because they looked so harmonious together.

Who is the man Whats his relationship with them Tang Yunfan didnt know what he should do if Gu Man already had a man that she liked.

Although he hadnt regained his memory yet, he knew that Gu Man and Gu Ning were his wife and daughter, and he was reluctant to see Gu Man being with another man.

However, if Gu Man felt happy with the man, he had no right to interfere, because he had been absent for the past 18 years, and hadnt taken care of Gu Ning for a single day.

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