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In Gu Xiaoxiaos eyes, Gu Ning could never be better than her.

Gu Xiaoxiao wanted to bully and make fun of Gu Ning forever.

Now Gu Ning dared to stand up against her, which was unacceptable to Gu Xiaoxiao.

“Gu Xiaoxiao, stop it.

Hao Ran and his bros along with me wont let our boss be homeless.” Mu Ke couldnt tolerate it any longer.

He criticized Gu Xiaoxiao at once.

“You…” Gu Xiaoxiao was annoyed.

She didnt expect Mu Ke and other boys would treat Gu Ning so well.

Why Why was Gu Ning so lucky

No, she couldnt accept it.

Gu Xiaoxiaos eyes were full of jealousy.

She deliberately raised her voice.

“Gu Ning, how could you be so shameless and behave like a mistress who relies on a man to support her…”

Gu Xiaoxiaos voice immediately attracted lots of attention.

At the same time, Gu Ning became mad.

Before Gu Xiaoxiao could finish, Gu Ning raised her hand and slapped Gu Xiaoxiao with a snap sound.

Gu Xiaoxiao shouted in pain.

Gu Xiaoxiao was struck dumb.

She was surprised that Gu Ning dared to hit her, even though it wasnt the first time.

Gu Ning looked at Gu Xiaoxiao coldly.

Her sight was like a sharp icy knife.

Gu Xiaoxiao was frightened at once.

Moreover, the intense cold which spread from Gu Ning surrounded Gu Xiaoxiao making her tremble.

Gu Ning said with solemnity, “Gu Xiaoxiao, who told you I rely on a man to support me Dont spread that rumor, or Ill sue you for slander.”

“You…” Gu Xiaoxiao tried to retort, but Gu Ning raised her hand again.

Two palms fell heavily on Gu Xiaoxiaos face with two snapping sounds.

This time, Gu Ning used even more strength than the last time.

Gu Xiaoxiaos cheeks swelled at once.

She screamed in pain, “Gu Ning, why did you hit me”

Gu Xiaoxiaos scream was heard by all the students on the third floor.

The morning class hadnt begun yet, and the students all ran out to see what was going on.

Gu Xiaoxiao was a beautiful girl who was from a rich family.

She was also a student in the top classroom.

Many students had heard of her name.

As for Gu Ning, after what had happened yesterday, she gained great fame among her schoolmates.

Everyone knew who these two girls were.

Following Gu Xiaoxiaos question, the crowd looked to Gu Ning, wanting to know the reason why Gu Ning hit Gu Xiaoxiao.

Gu Ning ignored the attention from the onlookers.

She coldly said to Gu Xiaoxiao instead, “Because you sent photos of me in a fight to my mother yesterday.

My mother had been scared and fell down the stairs.

Youre lucky that my mother wasnt hurt seriously, or it would cost more than two palms.”

Hearing that, everyone knew the context.

Since Gu Xiaoxiao deserved this, no one felt sympathy for her.

“You…” Gu Xiaoxiao was shocked by Gu Nings explanation.

She didnt expect it would end up like that.

She merely wanted Gu Man to criticize Gu Ning.

Meanwhile, she didnt feel guilty at all.

She only felt a little upset because she had hurt someone.

“Gu Xiaoxiao, stop crossing the line.

I will not feel sorry about what I do to you from now on,” Gu Ning warned her at the end.

Then she walked away directly.

Mu Ke and Yu Mixi glared at Gu Xiaoxiao, then left too.

After Gu Ning was gone, the crowd started to discuss immediately.

“How could Gu Xiaoxiao be so vicious! Its none of her business that Gu Ning fought with others.

How could she send Gu Nings mother a message to terrify her! Gu Nings mother even fell down the stairs.”

“Exactly! She even said Gu Ning relies on a boy to support her.

She deserved to be hit.”

Most of the student chose to believe Gu Ning, because Gu Ning seemed so angry.

“Why would Qin Zheng like such a vicious girl” an admirer of Qin Zheng said with dissatisfaction.

“He probably just likes her appearance!”

“Birds of a feather flock together! Ive seen Qin Zheng pick on Gu Ning.”

“Yeah, yeah.

Ive seen that too!”

This time, Qin Zheng was also criticized by the crowd.

He deserved it too.

“You people…” Gu Xiaoxiao was so mad, and she couldnt tolerate herself being criticized before everyone.

She ran downstairs crying.

She had been slapped three times by Gu Ning.

Her cheeks were red and swollen.

She felt too embarrassed to go back to her classroom, so she went back home afterwards.

When Gu Xiaoxiao ran away, the bell rang.

Everyone immediately went inside their classrooms.

Gu Xiaoxiao met the head teacher of the first classroom on her way out of the teaching building.

The head teacher was named Wang Chengqi.

He was a serious man with glasses, in his early forties.

Wang Chengqi was about to question Gu Xiaoxiao about where she was going when the morning classes began, but he noticed the red marks on her cheeks.

He was a little surprised.

“Gu Xiaoxiao, what happened to your face”

Seeing Wang Chengqi, Gu Xiaoxiao was slightly unwilling to tell the truth at first, but then she still explained, “Its Gu Ning from the forth classroom.

I had an argument with her, and she slapped me three times.

I feel too embarrassed to go back to my classroom.”

The reason why Gu Xiaoxiao wasnt willing to tell Wang Chengqi the truth was that she knew Wang Chengqi was a upright person.

Gu Xiaoxiao wasnt hopeful that Wang Chengqi would stand up for her.

Although Gu Xiaoxiao was selfish and didnt feel guilty at all about what she had done to Gu Ning, she wasnt dumb.

She knew this time was her fault.

Thus Gu Xiaoxiao knew clearly that it wouldnt be helpful even though she told the teacher.

That was also the reason why she had turned to her family instead of her teacher for help when Gu Ning had hit her with a plate last time.

Her family would always protect her no matter what she had done.

Indeed, Wang Chengqi and Zhang Qiuhua were the same kind of teacher.

They both were honest and never yield to power or wealth.

Accordingly, though feeling displeased, Wang Chengqi didnt criticize Gu Ning at once.

Gu Xiaoxiao had said herself that Gu Ning had slapped her because of an argument.

Either because Gu Ning was bad-tempered or because Gu Xiaoxiao had irritated her, Gu Ning had slapped Gu Xiaoxiao.

Wang Chengqi got to know about Gu Ning on the schools forum yesterday as well.

Although he didnt like students who fought, he had to admit Gu Ning was powerful to be able to defeat three boys.

“Do you think youve done anything wrong in this argument” Wang Chengqi asked.

If Gu Xiaoxiao had not done anything wrong, he would help her, otherwise he would not get involved.


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