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The old lady was actually so mad that she had blurted out what Gu Xiaoxiao wanted.

She didnt really want to kick Gu Man and Gu Ning out.

She just wanted to threaten them.

Gu Xiaoxiao, who stood aside, was gloating over her victory.

“Mom…” Gu Man called helplessly.

She wanted to argue back, but burst into tears and could barely say a word.

Gu Ning immediately grabbed the phone from Gu Man.

She said coldly, “You old bitch, let me tell you something.

I will not apologize.

Do you want to kick us out of this old house Fine, well move out, but remember what youve said today.

Im not your granddaughter.

No matter what happens to you all in the future, its none of my business!”

Then, Gu Ning hung up with great force.

Gu Man didnt stop or blame Gu Ning.

Her heart was completely broken due to her mothers attitude towards them.

On the other side, the old lady was trembling in anger, swearing at Gu Ning loudly.

“Lijuan, if Gu Man and Gu Ning wont move out tomorrow, you can find someone to kick them out!” The old lady had intended to threaten Gu Man so that Gu Ning would apologize to Gu Xiaoxiao.

But now that Gu Ning had yelled at her, the old lady decided to kick them out of the old house.

Meanwhile, both Gu Xiaoxiao and Lin Lijuan were excited.

They had no sympathy for Gu Man and Gu Ning at all.

In the hospital.

“Mom, lets stay in the hospital these days.

Ill go to the old house and bring our important stuff back tomorrow.

And Ill buy a new house as soon as possible, then we can move in,” Gu Ning said.

Although Gu Ning had already decided to buy a house in Fenghua Luxury Mansion, she needed to go to City G to earn more money first.

“Great.” Gu Man listened to Gu Ning on everything now.

Since Gu Man stayed in a VIP patient room, nurses would take good care of her.

Moreover, An Qian also accorded special attention to Gu Man.

Gu Ning didnt need to worry about her mother.

The next morning, Gu Ning went back to her school.

Gu Xiaoxiao went to school early too.

She couldnt wait to make fun of Gu Ning.

Although Gu Ning was still mad about what had happened yesterday, she continued to finish her daily routine.

She, along with Mu Ke and Yu Mixi were running in the early morning.

This time Hao Ran, Qin Zixun and Zhang Tianping also joined them.

Gu Ning didnt specifically tell them how many circles to run because they were all active in training.

Hao Ran and his bros even performed better than Mu Ke.

This morning, Yu Mixi followed them running at the same pace for a circle.

She slowed down obviously in the second circle.

By the third circle, she was jogging.

At last, Yu Mixi still finished five circles, which amounted to 2,000 meters.

Mu Ke finished eight circles while Hao Ran together with his bros followed Gu Ning and finished 10 circles.

After the running, Hao Ran and his bros were all exhausted.

They sank down to the ground immediately.

Gu Ning was in a better condition than them.

She was a little tired, but not worn out.

Her body was still in her control.

At the beginning, Gu Nings speed and steps stayed steady, but after seven or eight circles, she obviously slowed down.

She wasnt physically strong after all.

In her last lifetime, she could still catch her breath after dozens of kilometres.

She had trained herself day by day to get a strong body in her last lifetime.

In this lifetime, she was determined to train herself continuously to have a strong body.

After a long break, Hao Ran and his bros were able to utter a word.


How-how come you-you dont seem exhausted” Hao Ran asked with great admiration.

“Exactly!” Qin Zixun and Zhang Tianping agreed.

“As long as you keep on exercising, youll get stronger and stronger.

You can all do it easily in the future,” Gu Ning encouraged them.

Yes, as long as you kept on exercising, you would get stronger and stronger.

Dozens of kilometres wouldnt be a difficult task to finish.

Anyone with determination could do that.

Hearing that, all the boys were excited.

“I will keep on training, and be stronger!”

“Me too.”

“Me too.”

“Alright, I have something to deal with this afternoon.

You can do whatever you want,” Gu Ning said.

She needed to go to the old house to take some important stuff, then she would never walk into it again.

“Boss, are you going to the hospital to visit your mother Well go with you.” The boys all believed Gu Ning was going to visit Gu Man.

“No thanks.

Im not going to the hospital,” Gu Ning refused.

She didnt want to say anything further.

Hao Ran and his bros then closed their mouth.

Gu Ning and her friends went back to their classrooms several minutes before the morning class began.

The seventh classroom was on the second floor.

Hao Ran and his bros went to their classroom when they arrived at the second floor.

Gu Ning and the other two went straight to the third floor.

The minute they went upstairs, they saw Gu Xiaoxiao leaning against the railings alone.

The three of them were all angry, because they knew Gu Xiaoxiao was the cause of Gu Mans fall.

Gu Ning immediately knew they reason why Gu Xiaoxiao was here.

She wanted to make fun of Gu Ning.

But to Gu Nings surprise Chen Ziyao, Qin Zheng and their friends were absent.

In fact, Chen Ziyao hadnt come to school yet and Qin Zheng and his friends seemed to be a little afraid of Gu Ning, so they didnt come either.

Gu Xiaoxiao enjoyed her victory so much that she even ignored the anger of Mu Ke along with others.

She laughed when she saw Gu Ning.

“Gu Ning.

I told you to apologize to me, and you wouldnt listen to me.

How dare you yell at our grandma! Well, grandma demands that you and your mother move out of the old house today or youll be kicked out.”

Hearing that, Mu Ke and Yu Mixi rounded their eyes in shock.

What If Gu Ning didnt apologize, she would be kicked out

At the beginning they had thought Gu Xiaoxiao must be bragging.

The Gu Family wouldnt kick Gu Ning and her mother out because of such a small disagreement.

Unexpectedly, the Gu Family did.

That was so vicious!

“I will move out before tomorrow,” Gu Ning said calmly.

“You…” Gu Xiaoxiao didnt expect Gu Ning could still remain calm now.

She was disappointed that she failed to see Gu Ning being nervous and terrified.

Gu Xiaoxiao believed Gu Ning must be pretending, and she wanted to tear Gu Nings disguise apart.

Thus, even though Gu Ning had promised she would move out, Gu Xiaoxiao still didnt want to leave Gu Ning alone.

“Gu Ning, even though you dont care about yourself, how can you not care about your mother The rent outside is so high.

Can you afford it If you apologize to me till Im satisfied, I can ask grandma to let you stay,” Gu Xiaoxiao continued.

She was eager to let Gu Ning beg her.

She wanted to stay proud before Gu Ning.


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